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Hello guys, after a long time. This is the longest episode I have ever uploaded. Hope u will like it.In Mehra mansionAryan fumes looking at Disha and Purab. He thinks “ what is she doing here? Is dad really having an extra marital affair?”He shouts “ Dad?”Purab and Disha gets shocked seeing  Aryan.“ Dad, what are u doing here?”Purab stammers and says “ nothing , she came to meet Pragya di….. so,…….”Pragya comes there and hugs Disha. She takes her in. Purab also leaves with them.Aryan thinks “ I should find out the truth as soon as possible. Or else this will go out of my hands. I will never let anyone to destroy my mother’s life. I should find Sunny first as he is the link between her and dad.”In office quartersPrachi sleeps after crying a lot. Shahana gets a call from her friend.“ Shahana, u should come to studio to night for the program.”“ But why ?”“ Did u forget today is our boss’s birthday? So we decided to celebrate and we want u also to attend. If u do the program here to night then it will be easy for u to manage.”“ But Naina…..”Shanana looks at Prachi. Naina requests her a lot.“ Naina, I will let u know as soon as I decide.”In Srinivasans officeRhea meets Sunny and gets a warmly feeing towards him. Sunny feels the same towards her.“ Rhea he is Sunny, my friend and Sunny she is Rhea, my dad’s friend’s daughter.”Rhea and Sunny get so close within no time.Sunny thinks “ I don’t know why I am getting a weird feeling towards which I get only towards Abhigya and Shahana.”Rhea thinks “ why do I feel so good with him. I am feeling protected.”Ishaan sees their closeness and gets jealous. He gets a call from his friend and  speaks to him and cuts the call.“Rhea, my friend has called me just now. He got married recently in Italy. But as we were unable to attend he is throwing a party tonight for all our friends. Would u care to join?”Rhea happily nods which makes Ishaan happy and then he suddenly thinks “ why did I ask her? I have met her just one day back and I feel so nice with her. And I should invite Abhigya for the party but why did I invite Rhea? ”“ Why did I agree to Ishaan that I will go with him? It’s been long time since I have attended any parties. Maybe that’s the reason.” She looks at Ishaan.Ishaan leaves from there and calls Prachi. Prachi picks the call.“ Ishaan, what happened? Why did u call me now? Oh I am sorry I left the office abruptly without informing u . I am sorry Ishaan.”“ Abhigya relax….. I just called u to invite to the party tonight. My friend is throwing a post-wedding party. So…”“ No Ishaan I can’t come . I am sorry.”Ishaan feels sad with her reply.Shahana hears this and forces her to agree as it will lift her mood and informs that she won’t be here tonight. So Prachi agrees and informs that she will attend the party to Ishaan. But Ishaan doesn’t feel happy as he felt for Rhea’s reply. He thinks “ what is happening to me?”Ishaan calls Shashank and informs about the party and asks him to come with Mishti. He also informs Ranbhir and Aryan about the party to which everyone agrees to attend.At nightDisha is leaving Mehra mansion. Aryan comes to her.Disha gets shocked seeing Aryan stopping her to leave.“ Aryan, what happened?”“ Do u have a son?”“ what?”“ I don’t think u do. And I don’t think u have a husband too. So u are trying to steal my dad from me.”Disha gets shocked hearing his statement and tears start rolling from her eyes.“ I don’t know what relationship u had with my dad or u are having now? But remember one thing he is my dad and my mother’s husband. I am warning u. Stay away from him.”Saying this he leaves from there leaving Disha in tears. Disha runs from there.Aryan comes inside and meets Ranbhir.“ Ranbhir, when did u come?”“ Aryan, aren’t u ready yet? Did u forget Ishaan invited us for the party? It’s almost time. I came to pick u and Rhea. Mishti wasn’t ready yet. So she will come with Shashank. We should leave.”Aryan just then remembers about the party.“ sorry Ranbhir, my mind was pre-occupied with other things that the party has almost slipped out of my mind. U leave I will join u guys in the party.”Rhea also comes there and both Ranbhir and Rhea leave to the party.At office quarters“ Ishaan has come I am leaving . Lock the doors before u leave.”Shahana nods in agreement. Both Shahana and Prachi get a weird feeling that something big is gonna happen in their lives today. Prachi leaves with Ishaan.“ Abhigya, why did u shift from Sunny’s house to office quarters?”Prachi gets baffled not knowing what to answer.“”o……o…..….. for work. These days we have loads of work to do. And bhai’s house is far from here. If I stay here then I will be able to work more and it is not safe to travel alone long distance at night. Bhai will also get worried.”Ishaan nods. They reach the venue. They find everyone wearing masks as it is a masquerade party. Prachi and Ishaan also wear a mask and goes inside. Ishaan’s friend comes there and meets them. He asks Ishaan whether Prachi is his gf. Before Ishaan could answer he makes them to do couple dance. Prachi feels uncomfortable in his arms and breaks their dance and runs into the lawn. Ishaan gets angry and follows her.“ Abhigya, did u take me for a fool? U said u will give our relationship a chance. But giving chance is too far, u are ignoring me.”Prachi tries to defend herself.“ No Ishaan. It’s not like that. I was …..”“ It was just a dance Abhigya. A normal dance which even friends do. But u felt uncomfortable to dance with me. I don’t think we both stand a chance. He leaves from there.”Prachi tries to explain him but stops herself remembering Shahana’s words .“ U were right Shahana, I shouldn’t have agreed to give chance to this relationship. Whether the boy is our friend or someone close to us, it is always painful to get rejected. She sees someone coming there and goes inside.”Rhea and Ranbhir just reach the party. Rhea holds Ranbhir’s hands tightly which he shrugs off. But she tries to come close to him. Ranbhir understands what she is trying to do. So he takes her aside.“ Rhea, I know what u are trying to do. But let me be clear. I still love Prachi and I strongly feel she is alive and I will find her. So stay away from me.”Rhea gets tears in her eyes “ but Ranbhir….”“ If u want to attend the party behave decently or else leave.”Saying this Ranbhir goes inside. Rhea runs away from there.In Mehra mansionAryan gets ready and comes to the living room. As he is about to leave he sees one of the servants feeling heavy to carry the things. So he helps him out. He goes with him to the store room. The servant thank Aryan for helping him. As Aryan is about to leave he finds an album. He takes it to his room. He sees the picks of Pragya and Abhi and other family memebers and feels happy but gets shocked at one page. He sees Purab and Bulbul reception photos. He gets shocked. He thinks ” who is this woman with dad?”He runs into  store room and asks the servant to leave and searches for some more pics. He finds Bulbul and Pragya’s pics too. And he gets a shock of his life seeing Purab and Disha’s wedding pic. He sees Sunny’s young age photos too. He feels giddy. He doesn’t understand what to do. He goes to dasi with the pics. Dasi gets shocked seeing those photos in Aryan’s hands. Dasi understands that it’s time for Aryan to know the truth. She makes Aryan to sit beside him. She takes Bulbul and Purab’s pic and tells their love story to him and tells him that Bulbul is Pragya’s biological sister. And then she takes Disha’s pic and tells everything to Aryan till Disha and Purab’s separation(without revealing any of Aliya’s deeds as dasi knows Aryan will be unable to handle his mother’s deeds). Aryan gets shocked listening to dasi. He leaves in trance.“ Dad loves her to the core. Then why would he cheat on her? Dad’s and mom’s wedding is just a compromise? I always used to think they loves each other. But they have never been in love.”He remebers scolding Disha and feels bad about it.” No doubt, she too loves dad still.”He walks on the road devastated.At partyPrachi and Ranbhir are in the party. Prachi is searching for Ishaan to explain him. Suddenly an announcement is made:Dear friends,  I feel this party is little boring. So to enlighten everyone’s moods I have decided something. So the thing is after this announcement lights will be switched off. And you all should push the people next to u in different directions. And as soon as the light gets on u should dance with the partner next to u until the music stops. As soon as the music stops u should exchange the partners until  9:00pm and then u should all throw the masks in air. And at 9:00 there is a meteor shower so we will all have dinner in the lawn watching the meteor shower.As soon as he finishes his speech the lights go off. Some one pushes Prachi into the crowd and suddenly light flashes on her face. She starts dancing with someone and Ranbhir is also dancing with some girl. Ranbhir thinks “ why am I having a feeling that something good is gonna happen today.”At Shahana’s officeParty is over at the office and everyone are about to leave except Shahana as she is gonna work there tonight. She feels someone is eyeing on her. But gets distracted due to her work. Everyone leaves the office . Shahana is preparing for her show. Just then two hands gets wrapped around her waist. She gets scared and tries to shout but her mouth gets cupped with the lecher’s hands. She bites his palm leading him to free her. She gets shocked seeing her boss.“ Sir, u?”“ yes me. I had an eye son u since day 1. Finally my wish is getting fulfilled today. ”He tries to rape her but she escapes from there. In that process she breaks the window glass. Aryan who is walking on the road comes out of the trance hearing the breaking sound. He sees a man forcing himself on a girl. He runs into the building. Shahana’s boss slaps her. She falls down facing the ground. Just when her boss was about to rape her, Aryan comes there and beats the boss back and blue.In the partyIt’s almost 8:55. Song stops. Everyone exchanges their partners. Ranbhir and P rachi gets paired. Both their hearts start beating fastly and and  gets drowned in an unknown feeling.After beating Shahana’s boss, Aryan moves towards Shahana. Lights starts flickering. Shahana stands up but she feels weak.She slips and falls in Aryan’s hands but Aryan was unable to see her face due to the darkness.It’s 8:59……9:00.Everyone throws their marks. Both Prachi and Ranbhir gets petrified seeing each other.Suddenly lights gets on. Aryan sees Shahana and gets shocked. Shahana who was feeling weak gains complete consciousness seeing Aryan. She feels chill down her spine.Author’s note:As I was busy lately I couldn’t upload. Hope u can forgive me. I hope u loved the episode as many of u wanted Praanbhir and Arhana to meet. Plz let me know your opinion through comments.

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