Kishwer Merchant trolled for questioning Kangana Ranaut ‘mask kahan hai madam’ she said

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Recently Kishwer Merchant shared a post of Kangana Ranaut stepping out of her car without a face mask. Kishwer captioned the image as, “Mask kahan hai madam?” Kishwer also posted a video of specially-abled people wearing masks and wrote, “What’s Kangana Ranaut’s excuse I wonder!!!”Kanagana’s fan got irked by her post and started trolling her. Kishwer recorded a video and shared that she is being massively trolled for questioning Kangana Ranaut. She said, “I questioned Kangana why she did not wear a mask. So her fans are messaging me and saying that she has won four national awards, first you go, win and come at least 1 award. Guys, the point here is not whether she’s a good actor or not. Everybody knows that she is a fantastic actor and she must have won whatever awards but where is her mask?”Kishwer was even called out for her behavior in Bigg Boss Season 9. Kishwer replied and said, “You guys want to judge someone on the basis of a reality show about how cheap their behavior was. Fair enough, no problems. You judge me, that’s fine but that was six years back. This is not even six hours back that she’s not wearing a mask. How about judging her guys.” was later also accused of bullying Kangana. She replied to it as well and said, “Yaar, you guys are messaging me and asking me to stop bullying Kangana and harassing her (laughs) Who’s bullying her and who’s harassing her. I just asked, where is the mask? There were many others who asked her where her mask was but nobody trolled them but they all attacked me. So, who is bullying whom? Am I or you guys are bullying me? What the hell is wrong with you’ll and are you’ll out of your mind? Get a life guys.”Along with the haters, there were many others who also supported Kishwer and praised her. She shared those comments on her Instagram story too.

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