Kapoor Wala – The Long Night – Episode 11

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Hi all!!!Sorry for a long gap!!!!Recap: The wedding of the couples….Episode 11 – The Long NightScene 1Priya gives milk to Sandhya. She throws it away which shocks Priya. Bhabo and Neha winks.Sandhya: Now why are you giving this after ruining my life?Priya: Sandhya, it’s not like that. Sandhya: Shut up. I trusted you more than my mom. I considered you as my own sister. But you betrayed me. If you don’t like me, then you could have told directly to me nah? Why did you cheat me like this? You just fulfilled your revenge on my mom.Priya is shocked to hear this from Sandhya.Priya: Sandhya, please listen to me once. I always considered you as my own sister. Please, don’t take me wrong.Sandhya ignores her and goes to her room.Bhabo: Now she understood your real face Priya.Bhabo and Neha go to Sandhya…Priya is broken. She sits on the floor and cries….Bhabo: Sandhya, atleast now you understood her.Neha: Bua, let’s leave. It’s already late.Bhabo: Yes, we are leaving Sandhya. You take care. Call us whenever needed.Neha: Be careful with that new girl.Sandhya hugs Bhabo and cries…Bhabo, Neha and Arun leaves. Just Arun greets everyone and leave. Bhabo and Neha leave without telling to anyone.Scene 2Sonakshi comes to Dev’s room. He sist sadly on the bed. Sona enters the room with beautiful dreams. Dev makes her sit on the bed.Sona: Dev, I’m too happy.Dev gets up and stands silently.Sona: Why are you not telling anything?Dev: Sona, I’m happy that we got married but this home’s peace has broken. Everyone has faced a lot of accusations and problems.Dev continues to tell about his family.Sona: Stop it Dev. You are speaking as if only you have a family. Even I have a family. Atleast you are living here with your family. But I came from there. You know right about my dad. For him, I’m his everything. He always regards me as his mom. But today, I broke his heart.Sona cries …. Dev console her…. They both hug!!!!!Scene 3Priya comes worried and searches for Sooraj in Sandhya’s room. Sandhya doesn’t answer her. Meanwhile, Ram and Sameer are in hall discussing about the day.Ram: Sameer, go and sleep. Tomorrow you have college, right?Sameer looks dull.Sameer: Bhai, will you all sleep?Ram sits sadly.Ram: Sameer, everything happens in a family. We should not downfall for these happenings.Just then Priya come running…Ram: Priya why are you tensed?Priya: Sooraj is not seen anywhere.Ram: What???Priya: Do you know where he went?Sameer: Bhabi, I saw bhai going out before long time.Priya: I’m worried. He must be undergoing so much pain. Please go and get him back.Ram: Don’t worry Priya, I’ll go and search for him.Sameer: Bhai, even I’ll also come with you.Ram: No Sameer, you be here with your bhabi. I’ll go.Ram goes in search of Sooraj. He sees Sooraj sitting alone in the roadside. Ram: Sooraj, what are you doing here? Everyone are worried about you.Sooraj: Bhai, I couldn’t face her.Ram: Sooraj, I understand. This happened in all of a sudden without even asking your permission. We just ordered you. But please forgive us. Come home now.Sooraj: Bhai….Ram: Come home…They both go home….Priya and Sameer gets happy in seeing Sooraj. Priya hugs Sooraj and cries.Priya: Where did you went? I was scared.Sooraj: Nothing happened bhabi.Priya: Ok, let’s talk in the morning. Now, go to the room. Sandhya must be waiting for you.Sooraj: Bhabi, I’ll sleep here itself.Ram: No Sooraj, you need to go to room. Go…Sooraj then goes to the room.Sandhya gets shocked seeing Sooraj there.Sandhya: Wait, where did you come?Sooraj silently takes the mat and spreads on the floor.Sandhya: Look, I’m asking you right?Sooraj: See, I don’t want to talk to you ok.Sandhya: Even no one is waiting here to speak with you.Sooraj: Then why are you shouting? Sleep silently.Sandhya: Who are you to order me. Are you taking advantage of being husband?Sooraj: Listen, I don’t like you ever. And I don’t want to be your husband too. I married you just because bhai and bhabi told. And also, to save the honour and reputation of our family.Sandhya: Stop acting good. I know how you will see me. You always hate and hurt me with your look and words. I didn’t forget anything.Sooraj: No one needs to forget anything. And yes, I hate you and you won’t become my wife in this birth. Again, I’m repeating, I married you for my bhai and bhabi’s sake. They faced many accusations today. Let them be at peace atleast for some time. Don’t shout and make them hear everything.Sandhya: You married me for their sake. Be at that limit itself. Don’t take advantage saying that bhai and bhabi told. If you come near me, I’ll kill you.Sooraj: I’m not that cheap and I don’t have any such desire. He sleeps. Sandhya cries and looks him in anger.Scene 4Dev and Sona are in their room. Sona sees Ram-Priya’s portrait hanging in the wall…Sona: Dev, why their photo is here?Dev: This room is theirs. So, it is here.Sona: You don’t even have an own room?Dev: No sona.Sona: Then where will you sleep?Dev: At hall only. I have told you before, right?Sona: I thought you were joking. But Dev, this house is very small.Dev: Sona, this house may be small in size but large in happiness and peace. Let this misunderstandings and problems get cleared, then all the happiness will be back. You will enjoy all the fun and happiness.Sona: Oh, Ok Dev…Sona slightly touches Dev’s hands. He get shocked. She also tends to open his shirt button. He gets up in a hurry.Dev: Sona, what are you doing?Sona: Today is our first night Dev.Dev: Sona, I’m not in a mood to celebrate this.Sona gets angry.Sona: What happened?Dev: Today lot of things happened. No one will sleep today. Everyone will be thinking of that only. And also, I couldn’t face Sooraj. He did a lot for this family. He sacrificed his studies for this family at his young age and what he did today was great. He hates Sandhya and even fighted with me for marrying her but today he married her. I don’t know what he will be going through. So…Sona: So??Dev: Let’s postpone these things after settling his life. Orelse I’ll be in guilt.Sona: Listen Dev, you didn’t ask Sooraj to marry Sandhya. So, it’s not your fault. But don’t postpone this.She tends to hug him but he breaks her hug. Dev: Please understand me Sona.Sona gets angry and sleeps on floor.Dev: What are you doing?Sona: Till we consummate, I’ll sleep on floor. Dev: It’s ok. You come and sleep on the bed itself. Come Sona.They both sleep on bed. Sona tried to romance but Dev ignores her. Sona then gets disappointed and sleeps.Meanwhile, everyone in the house except Sona are awaken and are in thoughts!!!!Scene 5The next day!!!!Priya gives tea to Ram and Sameer.Priya: Sameer, here is the money. You eat in the canteen.Sameer: Ok bhabi.Sandhya comes after bathing.Priya gives her tea.Sandhya: I don’t want. No one need to do anything for me.Hearing her, Ram, Priya and Sameer are shocked.Priya: I didn’t make it separately for you. Sandhya: I don’t need. If I want something, I’ll make it by myself. I’m not in a state to trust others.Priya gets hurt.Sooraj comes….Sooraj: Bhai, I’m leaving for the shop.Sandhya stares at him.Priya: Sooraj, you got married yesterday only. Why are you going today itself?Sooraj: Bhabi….Ram: Sooraj you go.Sooraj leaves….Priya: What is this???Ram: Let him go. Leave him.Sandhya goes in!!!Ram: Ok, I’m too leaving. Where is Dev?Priya: He is in the backyard.Ram: Let him be alone for sometime. I’ll talk to him at evening. Ram leaves and Sameer too leave for college.Priya goes to kitchen to do work!!!!Sandhya too joins her after some time. But she doesn’t talk with her.Lakshmi is too in kitchen in wheel chair.Priya: Sandhya, you leave it. I’ll take care.Sandhya: No need. Please don’t talk to me. You need to feel happy as I didn’t make separate food. I know, two cooking is not good for a family.  Priya and Lakshmi smile looking at each other.Lakshmi: Priya, what is the time?Priya: It’s 10am.Lakshmi: Did she come out of her room?Priya: No ma.Lakshmi: The bahu is sleeping even after the sun rise. This is not good for a home.Priya: Leave it ma.Meanwhile, Sona wake up. She sees time…Sona: It’s just 10 am. Let me sleep for a while. But where is this Dev go? Let me go and check on him.She then sees herself. Sona: If I go this way, they will understand that nothing has happened yesterday night. That won’t be good.She then removes her jasmine flowers in her hair and collapses it and again keeps it. She half wipe her sindhoor and also, she crushes her saree and goes out to kitchen.Seeing her Sandhya gets hurt…Priya and Lakshmi looks her in an uncomfortable way!!!!!!!To be Continued!!!             

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