KAIRAT KAIRAT-Hatred to love…(character sketch and introduction)

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hi friends😊😊. Iam sorry for not uploading my FFS.. actually i have heavy fever and also internal exam in my college so I couldn’t write my FFS…I made you all to wait for long time and iam sooo sorry for that🥺🥺. hereafter I have decided to upload daily..each day 2 of my FFS will be uploaded😊😊..now iam going to start a new FF…this FF lead is sirat.. because naira story ended in reality and so in 1 FF atleast sirat should be the lead..so I have decided to bring sirat here..here in my FF also naira will die but in different timing and different situation😊😊..okay let’s go for a short character sketch and storyline…singhania family..rajshri as naira’s grandmother.naksh and Keerthi:Bhai and bhabhi of naira. Parents of Krish. They share as bhai and bhabhi for sirat.both hates Goenka family and they never gone or spoken to them for past 8 years from the time when naira was ousted from Goenka house.krish and kairav:Krish is son of naksh and Keerthi. Kairav is son of kartik and naira.adopted son of sirat as naira is dead. Kairav doesn’t know about his father as he is separated from his father and lives in Singhania house along with sirat. Krish and kairav share great bond..sirat:Adopted mother of kairav.before 8 years sirat and naira had great bond when naira was ousted from Goenka house due to certain problem and she adopted kairav when naira was dying on the same day when she gave birth to kairav as naira took promise from sirat to be kairav’s mother. She lives in Singhania house along with sheela Mukesh and maudi. Everyone treats her as their own daughter and always calls her as naira’s twin. She is disliked by sheela and mukesh.sirat  Hates Goenka family as they misunderstanding lead to naira’s death but doesn’t know their identity and names as naira never mentioned about about it …sirat is possessive for kairav and takes care of him so much.shubham(new face):Shubham got his face changed when he drunk over and went into coma but was declared dead by one enemy to avenge Goenka family .he hates Goenka family to core as he knows that they all were responsible for naira’s death. Loves sirat as brother and lives in Singhania family for past 8 years which is not known to Goenka family.old Shubham face:He drank more and went into coma and was declared dead by one enemy to avenge Goenka family. He had changed his face due to internal injuries. Goenka family doesn’t know that he is alive.naitik is also there but I dint add his photo..he too hates Goenka family as they misunderstanding of naira lead to her death. mukesh and sheela:Sheela is mother of sirat and mukesh is step father .both hates sirat so much and they always taunt sirat and kairav.lives in Singhania house for past 8 years as naira wanted sirat to be kairav’s mother and singhania’s made them to stay there atself as they think them as their family. Singhania’s are unaware of sheela and mukesh reality as sirat doesn’t want to allow Singhania to get problems because of sheela and mukesh .maudi:She is granny of sirat. Loves kairav as much as her own grandson.goenka family:dadi, Manish, akhilesh, suwarna,surekha and kaartik:Everyone hates naira as they think naira is responsible for Shubham death (unaware of his alive) and also they think naira cheated kartik with mihir. They are unaware of naira’s death. Goenka’s and singhania’s never talk or see each other for past 8 years from when they misunderstood naira and ousted her including kartik.gayu and samarth:Parents of vansh. They also hate naira due to the same misunderstanding .gayu too never seen or talked with Singhania for past 8 years…vansh and krishna:Vansh is son of gayu and samarth. Krishna was adopted by kartik after chasing naira out as he felt alone. Vansh have some bad habits too..luv and Kush:Twins of akhilesh and surekha. Doesn’t know about naira. Jokers of Goenka family.naira:She is mistaken by goenka’s who doesnt know the truth of her ,mihir and Shubham. She was killed by one enemy who declared Shubham died .she was pregnant when she was ousted from goenka’s and she lived with sirat and maudi for nine months till kairav was born.her pregnancy was not known to kartik and entire goenka’s. She took promise from sirat to be kairav’s mother.tge story will be taken 8 years leap after naira’s death.Goenka’s doesn’t know about Krish (keesh’s son) and kairav (kaira and sirat son) till now evn after 8 years because they and Singhania are not in touch with each other’s…about storyline:the story will start from where kartik is insecure with naira’s relationship with mihir.here there is a change – Shubham dint die and kaira was not separated for two years in past and Shubham was living in London after reconnciling with goenka’s and he return at the time where naira is successful in her career along with mihir and he does start to consume alcohol due to one enemy……there will be big problem(including Shubham fake death and naira relationship with mihir) which leads to misunderstanding and the story takes 8 years leap..the problem will be said in flashbacks slowly of how kartik and goenka’s misunderstood naira, how naira died, how Shubham was in coma which was unaware to goenkas and ousted naira ,how naira met sirat and everything will be said in flashbacks…friends please do give your suggestions about this FF..sirat will be the lead. If you don’t understand please do ask me and you will be cleared once the story starts…

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