Kaira Destined To be Together Forever Episode 8

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Hey all here is next episode.
Naira is rushed to the hospital by Naitik. Kartik is in his cabin when a girl walks in

Vedika: Kartik sir your class is due

Kartik: Im coming Vedika thanks for the information

Kartik gets up and walks out when his phone rings. Its Naitik

Kartik: Papa

Naitik: Beta come to the hospital soon

Kartik: What happened papa?

Naitik: Naira fell unconscious..please come soon

Kartik gets shocked

Kartik: Vedika I wont be coming to the class..inform the HOD and ask him to call me later

Kartik rushes out. Vedika is confused but she obeys his words


Kartik runs inside the hospital. He finds Naitik there

Kartik: Papa how is Naira now?

Naitik: Doctor is checking her beta

Kartik walks towards the room with his heart thumping harder for his Naira

He peeps in through the slit in the door and his breath gets normal as he sees Naira gaining consciousness

Doctor comes out

Kartik: Doctor what happened? Is everything fine?

Doctor: Mr.Goenka the baby and your wife are fine but

Kartik: But?

Doctor: But she is stressed a lot. This has affected the blood supply to brain causing the fainting. Make sure that she stays happy and stress free

Kartik: Can I meet her?

Doctor: Of course and a good news too you are having twins

Kartik gets excited and he walks inside

Naira: Kartik…

Kartik: Our children are like you..cant you people stay safe for sometime..whenever I leave you , you always put yourself in trouble

Naira is confused

Naira: Children?

Kartik: Haan we are having twins

Naira: What? Really?

Kartik: Haan

He hugs her

Kartik in mind: Maa and Shubham’s thoughts are troubling you and I know that very well..I thought that bringing you to Mumbai may change your mood but it hasnt ..I must do something to change your mood

Kartik: Ab chalo lets go home

Naira: College?

Kartik: Ill go tomorrow. Now its family time

Singhania Sadan

Naksh: Dadi…Badi dadi..Keerthi

Keerthi: What happened Naksh?

Naksh: Naira and Kartik are having twins

Keerthi: Wow but..

Naksh: Twins arent new to our family na

Mishti: Haan bhaiyu..first changu mangu now didi and bff’s twins

Keerthi: Dadi and papa will be very happy to know this..Ill tell them too

Keerthi rushes to Goenka house

Swarna is sitting with her files staring at the photo of Shubham. Keerthi enters

Surekha: Aao keerthi beta

Keerthi: Chachi I have a good news

Dadi: Whats that Keerthi beta?

Keerthi: After luv and kush one more twin pair will be added to our family

Manish: Do you mean Kartik and Naira are having twins?

Keerthi: Haan papa

Everyone except Swarna get excited. Swarna gets up and leaves from there

Keerthi: Maa…atleast now believe in Naira na

Swarna: Will that give me my Shubham back?

Keerthi is unable to answer. The scene freezes

Mumbai Kaira room

Naira is standing at the window watching the sunset. Kartik comes and hugs her

Naira: Kartik..

Kartik: Its juice time sherni

Naira: Phir se vahi juice

Kartik: I made it today…something special for you

He makes her drink it

Naira: Bas bas

Kartik: Will you come for a walk with me?

Naira: Sure

They get to the garden for the walk. Kartik holds Naira’s hand tight as they walk

Naira: Kartik

Kartik: Hmm

Naira: How will I manage twins?

Kartik: Why are you managing?

Naira: What?

Kartik: What what? Its we who will manage and not I

Naira: You mean you will stay home and take care of kids?

Kartik: Like every working mom does Ill become a working dad

Naira laughs and she starts to pant for breath. Kartik takes her to a bench and makes her sit

Kartik: Ill get you water

Naira pulls him c and makes him sit

Naira: Be with me na

Kartik: Pani?

Naira: I dont want .
She rests her head on his shoulder

Naira: Kartik will our kids be like Luv and Kush?

Kartik: They will be like us.. mixture of mendak and Sherni

Naira: Haan thats true..I actually miss Luv and Kush…but I cant meet them too…

Kartik in mind :I know that you are missing Udaipur and our room too but you are not able to tell it

Naira: Kartik..

Kartik: Haan…why cant you meet them? Ill ask Naksh to bring them when he comes..they will be having holidays na

Naira: Haan great..ab ghar chale?

Kartik takes her into the elevator


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