Isn’t this a betrayal too? OS Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

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Isn’t this a betrayal too? Hi guys. I’m back with another short one, as many wanted me to post another one. So the other OS is on hold for now but I will continue soon and update it. Well coming to this one, it starts from the point where Riddhima took a bullet for Vansh/Vihaan for the second time.Vansh/Vihaan: Kabir will you do the honours of taking your mother! (Anger) After all you’re a cop!
Kabir: Of course, I am a cop, and I will do my duty. I never expected this from you Mom. I’m arresting you in charges of murdering Ms. Uma Rai Singhania. (Removing the handcuffs) I never imagined I would have to handcuff you; I feel disgusted calling you my mum. (whispering to her) I’m sorry mom, it’s a must for me to do this. Let’s go.
Anupriya: If you can, then please forgive me (acting and pleading)
Ishani: Never! I can’t imagine the one who we respected and gave our mum’s place is the one who murdered her! (crying in anger)
Dadi: Get out of my sight!! Take her away!!
Riddhima: Dadi get hold of yourself. Please. (in her mind) Finally what Vansh wanted is accomplished. Where did Vihaan get this from, I didn’t tell him anything. Whatsoever he did something commendable. Uma mom will get peace and so will Vansh. Thank you Bappa!!Kabir started pulling her and was approaching the main door, while the rest of the family members were looking at their retreating figures just when Dadi lost her control and was about fall. Aryan, Ishani and Angre ran to her to help her, They made her sit down. Anupriya on the other hand wasn’t satisfied, she wanted to take revenge, she wanted to kill either Riddhima or Vansh. She quickly unlocked the gun from Kabir’s pocket and turned back to aim at Vansh. Riddhima who saw that screamed and saved him.
Riddhima: VANSH!! (she pushed him aside and the bullet pierced her arm)
Vansh: (in shock) RIDDHIMA!! (she fell into his arms and on the floor) Riddhima, what did you do? (concern) Why?? Again!!
Riddhima: (in pain) Thank… you Vih..aan. Yo…u saved my I would…d have ta..ken a bullet fo..r only, I don..n’t kno…w why I took it for you!
Vansh: You once again came between Vansh and his death. Yes Riddhima, I’m Vansh, your Vansh! But for now don’t stress yourself, relax. Angre! Call the ambulance!!
Riddhima: You’re my…. Vansh. (she smiled and fainted)
Vansh: No no, don’t close your eyes!! (patting her face gently) Wake up damn it!!At the hospital.Vansh and Angre brought Riddhima to the hospital while the rest stayed behind to take care of Dadi. Even though he knew the entire truth about her being a spy, Vansh was scared of losing her, he was panicking as she was struggling to fight. The doctors had told him that she was critical, and she may lose her life. Angre tried consoling him but it was of no use. From the small glass space, he looked at her. She was being operated on, trying to revive her, her heartbeats lowering every moment, oxygen levels dropping. He knew how stubborn she was, if she would want to do something, she would do it anyhow. Then why not now? Why wasn’t she fighting?  Had she given up? Vansh, finding no other way, he went to a place where he hated stepping, he never trusted him but for his sweetheart, he could go to any extent. He went to the temple.Vansh: Bappa, today I’m here, folding my hands in front of you for my Riddhima. I never trusted you, but she, the one who is lying inside the OT tried her best to convince me to pray, and here I am. Why are you doing this to me?? First my mom, and now her! You have no right to take her away from me!! She’s mine, and she will always be mine! Yes I know she loves you, but today probably she loves me more than she loves you! Please give her back to me! I can’t live without her, If she leaves me then I will die!! (crying)
Angre: Bhai, bhabhi is awake!! It’s a miracle!
Vansh: (Listening to this) Thank you Bappa, you saved her, you gave me my life back. (smiling) Riddhima!! (ran to the room)Vansh entered the room where she was lying, with her eyes closed, tight. Her hand was bandaged with a few pipes infused in her skin. He went near her and sat there, beside her and held her hand, tight.  She opened her eyes and turned to see him. She had different feelings, was she supposed to be happy that he was Vansh? Did she have right to be curious why he did the drama? Did she have the right to know the reason?
Vansh: Riddhima…. Are you fine?? (worry)
Riddhima: Are you Vansh? (weak)
Vansh: Yes Riddhima, I’m your Vansh, I’m not Vihaan!
Riddhima: (smiled) You’re my Vansh. You aren’t dead!! You’re with me! (frowned) But why did you do this drama then?
Vansh: To torture you! You betrayed me by supporting Kabir!! (anger) Look Riddhima this is not the time to talk about this, we’ll talk when you recover. (calm) Here have your medicines!
Riddhima: (in disbelief) I don’t want the medicines! First tell me, you wanted to torture me?? Why? (in tears) And you said that I betrayed you? That with Kabir! Unbelievable!! I didn’t betray you!!
Vansh: Enough Riddhima, you’re not well. I said we’ll talk later!
Riddhima: No!! You want to torture me for something I never did! I loved you!
Vansh: (erupted) Really? You loved me? Or Kabir?? Weren’t you sent as a spy? You married me for that, and you say that you loved me! Isn’t that a betrayal??
Riddhima: Isn’t this a Betrayal Too!! Acting as Vihaan, mentally torturing me! Making me feel guilty all the time. Blaming me for something I’ve never done. Made me betray the whole family! Think about it MR Vansh Rai Singhania!!!  ISN’T THIS A BETRAYAL TOO??He stood up and left the room, leaving Riddhima, broken on the bed. He was outside the room when he heard a scream from the room. He rushed inside to see Riddhima lying in a pool of blood. His heart stopped watching her like that. She had stabbed herself out of the shock she received. The doctors immediately entered and checked on her. She was dead!
He stood there in shock, like a rock, expressionless, tears rolling down his cheeks. Her words played in his mind…. ISN’T THIS A BETRAYAL TOO! ISN’T THIS A BETRAYAL TOO! I quickly wrote this one, so it’s not in detail. Please let me know how you found it in the comments section. I wrote this as I felt whatever Vansh did to Riddhima as Vihaan was also a sort of betrayal to me. Thanks for reading❤❤❤Parita❤

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