Ishq is selfless.. PraNbir PriHaan ArHana SS Part 1

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Ishq is selfless.. Part 1 I dedicate this story to Nithya Agarwal who encouraged me to write a KKB new generation story when I was not confident to write it.This story is not exactly like the show KKB.AbhiGya’s daughter Kiara got kidnapped by Nikhil and they both drowned in the river when Abhi reached there to catch Nikhil with the Police.Kiara is declared dead.Purab and Disha did not get separated.Sunny and Aryan are Purab-Disha’s sons.Aliya is not staying with Mehras now.She is staying abroad.Pragya’s relative Shahana stays in Mehra Mansion with them now.Rhea and Prachi are good sisters.Rhea is not involved with Maya in trapping Ranbir in fake molestation case.Rhea loves Ranbir.But Ranbir loves Prachi.But when Ranbir told Prachi that she loves him,she told him that she considers him only as a friend.    Parth-Prachi’s MMS leaked and Prachi was in distress as everyone pointed their fingers at her character.But Ranbir could not tolerate it and shouted at everyone.Ranbir:Don’t you all know what kind of a girl Prachi is?She is the most dignified girl in this college.Still how could you all believe a fake clip?Nobody had anything to say.They just walked away.Prachi was crying.Ranbir sat near her and cupped her face.Ranbir:Prachi…don’t be upset.As long as you are not guilty you don’t have to care what others say about you.I know that the MMS clip is fake.I trust you Prachi.Prachi looked at him in disbelief.Prachi:After seeing the clip also how are you able to believe that I am innocent Ranbir?Ranbir:Because I know that you are innocent.Prachi:But the proof is against me.Ranbir:I don’t need any proof to believe that you are innocent.I trust you blindly,Prachi embraced him crying.Ranbir embraced her emotionally.Rhea watched it from a distance and got jealous seeing Ranbir-Prachi embracing each other.Rhea:Even after seeing the MMS clip…even when everybody turned against Prachi,how could Ranbir alone trust Prachi blindly?Suddenly somebody said:Because Ranbir loves Prachi.Rhea looked at him.He was their college mate Anupam.Rhea:Anupam!Anupam:Ya Rhea.Ranbir and Prachi love each other so much that nothing can break their trust for each other.Rhea:But Prachi told him that she does’nt love him.Then also why does Ranbir love Prachi?Anupam:Though Prachi told Ranbir that she does’nt love him,Ranbir loves her because his love is true.True love is like that Rhea.Even if the person we love does’nt love us,we may not able to stop loving that person.Those words touched Rhea’s heart.Rhea remembered last Valentine’s party.  Flash back…Anupam confessed his love to Rhea:I love you very much Rhea.Rhea was stunned.Rhea:But Anupam..don’t you know that we both are two different personalities?Anupam:I know that we both are different from each other.But character difference is not an obstacle in love Rhea.I just love you.Rhea:But I can’t ignore the differences Anupam..especially the class difference.You class cannot match my class.You don’t deserve a high class girl like me.So don’t even dream about me.You got it?Anupam was shattered.Rhea:Since I am the college beauty,all are after me.You are just one among them.I will accept only the heart throb of this college as mine..and he is the one and only Ranbir Kohli.Rhea smirked at him.Anupam was very upset.Present…Rhea thought:Does Anupam mean that though I rejected him,he still loves me?Oh no….I could understand Anupam’s pain only when Ranbir rejected my proposal saying that he loves only Prachi.Anupam must have been really hurt because of me.She looked at Anupam.Anupam:Don;t you think Prachi too loves Ranbitr,but she has not realized her love for him yet?Rhea:I think you are right Anupam.I also feel that Prachi loves Ranbir.But she is a tubelight who has’nt understood her own feelings for Ranbir.Ranbir belongs to Prachi.I have no place in Ranbir’s heart.I will not go between them.But why I am not getting anyone I love?Anupam could feel her pain.Anupam held her hand and said:You will also get someone you love.Maybe in future you will love someone more than you loved Ranbir.
Rhea was confused.She thought:Will I be able to love anyone more than Ranbir?  Shahana was very angry thinking of Prachi’s MMS issue.Shahana:How dare that person make Prachi and Parth’s MMS?I feel like punching that person.Aryan:Though I always argue with you,in this issue I agree with you Shahana.That person deserves punches from all of us.Shahana:Then we will punch that person together.Aryan:Sure.They did high five.Abhi and Pragya were shocked to hear about MMS.They consoled Prachi.Pragya:You don’t worry Prachi.The people who love you trust you.You don’t have to bother about others.Abhi:I will not leave that Parth.I think he only made this fake MMS clip.Prachi:No papa.Don’t do anything.It will harm your reputation.Abhi:I don’t care about my reputation.There is nothing more important than my family.Prachi:But no need papa.It will create more problems.Please…Abhi:Ok.Abhi hugged Prachi.Rhea also joined the hug.Abhi:Pragya…
Pragya smiled and joined the hug.Suddenly Abhi’s face became dull.Pragya noticed it.Pragya:What happened?Abhi:I wish Kiara was there with us now.Then our family would have been complete.Pragya,Rhea and Prachi became upset.Purab,Disha and Sunny who came there also felt upset as they recalled Kiara.Sunny thought:I wish Kiara had not lost her life when she drowned in the sea.I miss my best friend.Abhi:Sunny…be ready.We need to go for the audition.Sunny:Yes chucks.Purab:Disha…I don’t understand one thing.How come our son is interested in singing like Abhi?Disha:Even I don’t understand that.Sunny:Since childhood I have been admiring Chucks’ songs.It gave me a passion to sing.They smiled.Rhea:I wonder why dad’s own children did not get his talent.Both Prachi and I are not good at singing like dad.Suddenly Pragya remembered how Kiara used to sing songs specially for Pragya in childhood.Pragya tried to hide her tears.  Abhi and Sunny conducted audition to choose the singer for Sunny’s and Abhi’s next music videos.They were not satisfied with anyone.They were disappointed as the audition time was about to get over.Suddenly one girl came.She was a simple girl with glasses.Girl:Sorry,I became late.Abhi thought:I feel that I know this girl very close.Why?Sunny could not take his eyes off her.Sunny thought:Why do I feel that I have seen this girl before?Abhi:Why did you become late?She remembered how her aunt made her do household work and thus she got delayed.She lied:Traffic block Sir.Abhi:Ok.What’s your name?She:Priya.And I am a big fan of both of you.I just love your songs.Rehaan…your latest song is really nice.Sunny:Rehaan Sunny Khanna.That’s my full name.Priya:I know.But since it’s a long name I called you Rehaan.Sunny:Ya…everyone calls me Rehaan other than my family members.
She smiled.Abhi:Ok then you sing a song.Priya:Any song?Abhi:Yes.Priya started singing,Abhi and Sunny were immersed in her voice.Abhi and Sunny smiled at each other.Abhi:I have not heard such a magical voice recently.You are selected.Priya was surprised and excited.Priya:Thank you so much Sir.My dream to sing with you both is becoming true.Abhi and Sunny smiled.Abhi:By the way whose talent did you inherit?Do your parents sing?Priya became dull.Priya:I don’t know Sir.I have not seen my parents.I don’t remember seeing them in childhood.I live with my uncle and aunt.Abhi and Sunny felt bad for her.Abhi:I am sorry.I did’nt know that you lost your parents.Priya:It’s ok Sir.It’s my fate.Abhi and Sunny were silent.Abhi:Ok then.Tomorrow onwards we will start the rehearsal.Priya:Sure Sir.They smiled.

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