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Hi everyone… Mere paas kucch nhi hai kehne ke liye but thanks for reading!!!Episode starts with Riddhima and Vansh reading the letter…If I am sure, you both are reading the letter. I know I left without telling anyone because if I did, you would not let me go. I think you know everything I wanted to tell. And I know that Krish will never return. But I can’t stop for what happened with me. Don’t worry about me, if I will succeed, I will surely come to meet you both. But if I didn’t, I wish I would be your daughter in my next birth. Whatever happens, I believe there is a magic beyond science, beyond God, it’s love. So you all never forget me. I will be back at any cost. As Nitara, or as your daughter. Have a great smile reading this. 🙂 Riddhima and Vansh actually smiled reading it.
Riddhima: I believe she will do it.
Vansh: Yes she will
Angre: Boss! Me and Ishani want to tell you something.
Riansh(in unison): What?
Ishani: Bhai, I am pregnant!!!
Vansh: What!? Really? Wow! Congratulations!!!
Riddhima hugged Ishani. They all were happily talking to each other. Siya came running. Yes! She was running! She hugged Ishani.
Siya: Wow! I am going to be Masi! This is so good.
Everyone was astonished.
Siya: What? I can walk!!!
Dadi: Nazar na lage hamare baccho ko, thoo thoo thoo (meri dadi bhi krti hain 😂)
It was a happy time for a the family. Smiles on everyone’s face.
Vansh(whispered): I think we should have a baby too(winks)
Riddhima pats on his shoulder.
Vansh: Ok fine, let’s go for a small party.
Riddhima: Wow! Where are we going?
Vansh: Well, that’s a surprise! (Both giggle)
A girl from behind: Surprise!!! I missed you so much Vansh!
Vansh and Riddhima turned back. Vansh was smiling seeing her but Riddhima didn’t know her.
Vansh: Ragini! You are alive! But
Ragini hugs Vansh. Riddhima silently watches.
Riddhima (to herself): How dare she hug him! Who is she! Oh my god! Is she her Ex-fiance!! Oh no, what will Vansh do? Will he leave me? Calm down, Riddhima. He loves you and will never ever leave you. I love you Vansh
Vansh hugs her back. Riddhima interrupted them.
Riddhima: Vansh?
Ragini: You know, I am back just for you. We will get married on a new date now.Vansh looks at Riddhima. She was glaring at him with questions in her eyes.
Vansh: Ragini, I am married to someone else. I am sorry.
( He said sorry to someone for the first time)
Ragini: What! How can you!? Who is she?
Riddhima: Vansh who is she?
Ragini: So you are the one who took my love from me.
Riddhima: Look, I understand. But, now I am married to him now. I am really sorry.
Ragini(laughing): Did you get married officially?
Riddhima: Of course we did.
Vansh was tensed seeing both of them
Vansh(to himself): Ragini is alive! But, I can’t leave Riddhima for her. It’s not her fault. No. I will opologise to her.
Ragini: Vansh, either you are going to jail or divorcing this girl.
Riddhima: Stop this rubbish.
Vansh: What are you saying Ragini?
Ragini: We are officially married before her. I am going to file a case against you or else you will give her divorce.(to Riddhima) so, you want to see him in the jail, or free?
Riddhima: This…. This is not fair… Vansh….
Riddhima left from there running. Vansh tried to go behind her but Ragini stopped and hugged him.
Ragini: You are only mine.
Vansh: No more…. She is going to make a decision not you.
Precap-  I hate you Vansh!So what do you think Riddhima will do? Comment your answers. Thanks for reading.Tanvi 🌠

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