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Hi everyone!! In my last episode I got 30+ comments and I am very happy! 
Episode starts….
Vansh was going towards his room when he heard Tara talking on her phone.
Tara: Don’t worry, I am all fine. No! They are really good people. I am going to jungle to find Krish today.  ….. Don’t worry about me.
Vansh heard her and was a little sad. As he knew there was no way of her friend being alive. She took her bag and saw Vansh at the door.
Tara: Hi!
Vansh: Hello, where are you going?
Tara: Uhm.. (closes her eyes tightly) To the jungle
Vansh: To find your friend?
Tara: Yes (sadly)
Vansh: I have sent my men. You don’t need to worry. But… I want to ask many much from you.
Tara: Ok no worries, go on.
Vansh was a little surprised. She had so much trust on him for no reason. He saw some mark behind her shoulder.
Vansh: What’s that?
Tara:(trying to cover it) Nothing, just a birth mark. You… You wanted to ask something.
Vansh: Your schooling is from London right?
Tara: How do you know?
Vansh: By your tone of talking
Tara: Yes, my schooling is from London. And Riddhima is in the kitchen.
Vansh: (surprisingly)How do you know I am thinking about her?
Tara: I can read minds.
Vansh: Nice joke. Now tell what am I thinking.(to himself) this is all lies
Tara: this is all lies
Vansh: Interesting….
Tara: Very Interesting..!!!
Riddhima: Wow!
Vansh: So you were listening to us?
Riddhima: Yes, Tara I got tomato soup for you.
Tara: Thank you Riddhima () sorry
Riddhima: It’s fine. (to Vansh) come..
Scene shifts to the garden
Tara was walking alone in the garden when she heard a glass breaking. She looked behind and saw Kabir.
Tara: You! Let me call
Kabir pulled her and gave her chloroform. Tara fainted. Kabir was taking her when Angre saw him with Tara. He ran and punched Kabir. He took Tara inside. Everyone saw her. Ishani came to Tara.
Ishani: Tara! Angre what happened?
Angre: Kabir tried to kidnap her. She is alright.
Angre threw few drops of water on her face and she woke up.
Tara: I want to tell you both something.
Angre: Don’t worry you are fine.
Tara: No!
She pulled Angre and Vansh by their hand to the poolside.
Tara: You were talking about someone yesterday, right?
Vansh: So?
Tara: Nitara Shekhawat
Angre: You know her?
Tara: Of course!
Vansh: Where is she?
Tara: Infront of you.
Vansh: What a joke. She is 22-23 years old. And you are
Tara: 14 I know but I have
Angre: We are not in the mood for a joke, Tara.
Tara: I am Nitara Shekhawat! And I am 22-23 by Brain! ( This is real, one of my cousin has this thing)
Vansh and Angre were confused. She is 22-23 by brain? What does this mean?
Tara: This is a neaurological disorder in which brain grows ×1.5 faster than normal. So I am 14 but my brain is more!
Vansh: Is it true?
Tara: I swear! That’s why everyone wants to kidnap me! Because I expose the underworld! (Crying) And I will because,..
Angre:Tara calm down. We are here. No one will kidnap you.
Tara went crying to her room.
Vansh also went to her room. Riddhima was standing there wearing a beautiful night gown. Vansh was just looking at her.
Vansh: You look, beautiful sweetheart!
Riddhima: Hmmm, so you are free?
Vansh(jumping on the bed): Absolutely!
Both giggle
Precap- Siya’s birthday planning
So why do you think Tara(aka Nitara) wants to expose the underworld??
Thankyou all for reading, hope you all like
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