Ishq Ki Hadh Ab Hogi Paar (Ishq Mein Marjawan 2) FF – Epi 19

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Hi guys how are you. I hope u guys didn’t miss my ffs. Well Iam back . Sorry for late update. I know two months. Stay safe guys.
Epi begins Ron teaches kabir and vansh how to drift the car. After sometime ron   shows some techniques when cam run towards ron. He asks ron to stop the car. Ron sees cam worried. He quickly runs to him. Cam says door. Ron says shh not here. He drags Cam aside. Vansh follows them. Ron says what happened. Cam says the door is open and just then ron cuts him off and says don’t tell me. Cam nods. Ron says I told u to watch. Cam says we have to hurry up. Ron says we all know where would it will be. Ron gets teary eyed. Cam hugs him. Vansh is hidden behind them listening to their conversation. Ron says let’s go it’s not safe. They rush towards the car and went. Kabir comes and sees vansh glaring at the road. He slowly frighten vansh. Vansh glares at him. Kabir says take it easy bade miyaan. Vansh says shut up and follow me. Vansh runs and calls out for a rickshaw. Kabir follows him. Vansh says bhaiya follow that car. Kabir says bade miyaan where are we going. Vansh says I saw RoCa leaving and we will follow them and get their secret. Kabir says RoCa .vansh says ron and Cam. Kabir laughs. Vansh glares at him. Kabir says sorry but i didn’t know that The Vansh Rai Singhania will give nik name. Vansh says we also have a name kava. Just then rickshaw bhaiya says we got on your destination. Vansh asks kabir to pay . Kabir says you don’t have money. Vansh nods. Kabir says very funny I don’t have either. Vansh and kabir looks at eachother and to driver. Vansh says wait here bhaiya for sometime I’ll give you payment. Bhaiya nods. Kabir and vansh gets off and sees Ron’s car. Kabir says vansh. Vansh says what, kabir points infront of them. Vansh says a orphanage. Kabir says yes and its  our  orphanage . Vansh  says then why is Cam and Ron here. Kabir says do you know Ron. Vansh says no. They look each other confused.
In VR Mansion
Anupiya says aryan vansh didn’t called us. Aryan says vansh bhaiya is on mission. Maybe he didn’t have a chance to call us. Siya thinks pliz save ridhima god. I don’t want her to die because diamonds are with her. I want that diamond. Dadi says I have a bad feeling. She runs to the temple and join her palms to pray. She says please safe our children. Chachi says yes  except of kabir. Dadi scolds her. Chachi says why not. Dadi says I said children include kabir. Chachi says kabir did wrong things to our riansh he deserves to die. Dadi says I know and I don’t want kabir to die it doesn’t mean that he is forgiven.but the law will punish him. Angre is sitting outside worried. Ishani comes and squeezes his shoulder. Angre looks at her and removes her hand. Ishani says don’t worry nothing will happen to vansh bhaiya and bhabhi. Angre says what happened to you. Ishani says huh. Angre pulls his gun out and points at ishani.
Otherside in the orphanage Vansh says what is ron doing here. Kabir says why did we follow them. Vansh fills him what he heard about RoCa convo. Vansh says we have to find them but without getting notice. Vansh says you go left I’ll go right. Kabir but how will we know that one of us will find RoCa. Vansh slaps his forehead and says oh hell I forgot Ron took our mobile and crushed it down. Kabir says  then let’s stay  together. Kava search Ron, and both gets shocked to see Ron is getting angry with other person. Ron says I told not to cross the line. Other person says I can’t wait. Ron says if something happened to u then. I would never forgive myself.  Cam says calm down ron .we all know what today is. Ron says I know Cam but it doesn’t mean that to disrespect me. Iam Also sad, I I he stumbles and kneels down defeated. Kava was about to see the other person face when kabir got hit by a ball. Kava turns and sees a group of children. Children asks them to give the ball. Vansh hits the ball. Both turn to see other person kneeling down hugging Ron. Vansh says can you see the face. Kabir says no her back is shown. Vansh says person is wearing a hoodie. Kabir says maybe he’s Ron brother or something. Vansh says maybe but the question is what Ron wants something from us. I didn’t do anything. He looks at kabir. Kabir says bade miyaan neither didn’t I. My only enemy was you. Vansh says was. Kabir changes the subject says we have to find their motives. Vansh says yes but first ridhima. They see Ron still hugging other person when Ron was about open his eyes to see Kava just then Cam hugs both of them. Kabir says thank God Ron didn’t saw us. He says thank you cam for saving us indirectly.
In VR Mansion
Ishani says what are u doing angre. Angre says who are u and what have u done to ishani. Ishani says smiles. Angre says what you want. Ishani says you. Angre says not gonna happen. Ishani says I love you. Angre laughs and says ishani madam iam your servant. Ishani says no you’re not you are something more. Angre says ishani I don’t love you and never will. Ishani says I know I didn’t respect you I always humiliated you. Iam sorry. Iam really really sorry. Please accept my love. Angre says ishani its some kind of joke to u. Love is not a joke. Ishani shouts I know angre. I know but i don’t know when where i just fell for you. Angre says gets angry. Ishani says give me a chance to prove my love. Please. Angee says enough. Ishani kneels down and says please I love you. Angre says I don’t love you. Ishani says not yet. Angre says what. Ishani stands up and wipes her tears and says you heard it right. Angre says are mad. Ishani says yes  iam . Iam madly in love with you. I will win you. I will only marry you. U will come back to me. I will try best to win you. Angre says enough with your nonsense I love someone else ishani. Ishani gets shocked.
In Orphanage
Ron says iam sorry I shouldn’t have got angry on you. The person says I know I should have waited for you. Cam says its enough today is the special and a sad day but we have be prepared. Kabir says vansh it’s too late we have leave before any body will know we are missing. Vansh says but the person. Kabir drags vansh from there. Kabir says I wish rickshaw wala bhaiya will give us a lift. They comes and saw bhaiya waiting. They sat and went to isolated place. Vansh says bhaiya we don’t have a money u can take my ring.they went inside.
In orphanage Cam brings the cake. Cam Ron and other person cuts the cake. They feed to children. Ron cries reminisces something. Cam sees and  says signals other person. Cam says bhaiya and stops. Another person comes from behind and hugs cam and other person. Cam says  hybrid I didn’t know you were coming too. Hybrid says why will I miss this day. Other person says thank you  for coming. Hybrid says mention not Marcus. Cam  says why we are saying our daredevil name. Hybrid says Cam where is the cake. Marcus says here. Hybrid smiles and cuts other cake and feed to marcus and cam . He asks about points to Ron. Warden comes and says thank you for celebrating such a lovely day with us. Ron cums and says thanks for having us. He signals cam.Cam takes out the cheque from his pocket and gives to the warden. Warden says god will fulfill what u wished for and leave. Ron says we will destroy him.Four of them puts hands on top of eachother and  smiles. Ron says gets a call and what.
Precap: Ron says let’s begin the most awaited and daredevil game. He smirks.
Thank you for reading and sorry for mistakes.
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