Ishk Par Zor Nahin 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Destination wedding plan

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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 5th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on
The Episode starts with Dadi saying my friend is sick. Ahaan says I will also meet her. She asks him to go and do his work. He asks but what happened. Dadi says she had a fight with her bahu, go now, I will handle this. Ahaan says I hope Ishqi doesn’t take a serious step in anger.

Mayank says I have sent Bhola out as well, just Sonu and I are at home now. Ahaan goes to his car. Savitri doesn’t see him and hides in his car. Doctor looks for her. Mayank goes to see Sonu. He gets mad for her. He waits for her in her room. He places a camera behind the photo frame.

His phone rings. He worries and goes. Sonu comes out and looks around.She says I m sure something was here. Ahaan asks Mayank to stay there, he is coming to talk something imp. Ahaan comes home. Savitri gets down the car dickey. She says I have reached home, even Lord wants me to see my children.

Maasi consoles Ishqi. Ishqi says sorry, I couldn’t arrange a house for us. Maasi says you have saved my life, don’t cry now, everything will be fine. Ishqi thinks to talk to Mayank. Mayank comes and says I got to know everything, this is the new house agreement, I m sorry, I should have come at night, how are you Maasi, its better late than never, I spoke to your doctor, there is no big problem. He acts sweet.

Ishqi looks at him.He says I m not so bad as you think, I have paid the new house deposit, I know your self respect, take it as loan and return it later, we will go to your new house, come. Ishqi asks how shallI thank you. He asks her to just smile. She smiles. Ahaan looks on and comes to him. He says we will drop Maasi and Ishqi. Mayank says driver will drop them, I will come with you to see marriage arrangements.

Ishqi thinks sorry Mayank, I misunderstood you, its good that I didn’t break relation with you. Mayank thinks its good Ahaan told me about it. Dadi scolds the doctor and asks him to find Savitri at any cost. She turns and sees Kartik. Mayank thanks Ahaan for helping Ishqi in finding the house.

Ahaan says you did it, you will tell me if Riya has any problem, there is no favor in friendship, why does Ishqi face every problem alone, why don’t you support her. Mayank says I can’t stay with her all the time, did she complain. Ahaan says no, she didn’t say, I just wanted to ask. Mayank asks how did you know that her Maasi is hurt. Ahaan thinks how to say that I went to visit her.

Ahaan gets Mr. Bhalla’s call. Bhalla asks him to keep Sonu’s marriage at the resort. Ahaan says no, I want to keep it at home. Mayank thinks resort will be good for my plan. He asks Ahaan to agree. Kartik asks Dadi where did you go. Ahaan and Mayank come home. Mayank says we will ask Dadi.

Mayank says Ahaan designed Bhalla’s resort, he offered the place for the marriage. Kartik gets excited. Ahaan says it will be much work to shift there.Dadi thinks Savitri can’t come there. She says we will keep marriage there, I will talk to Sarla, you guys go, we will also come. Mayank thinks Sonu is gone now.

Mayank says I will say yes from Ishqi and her Maasi’s side, I promise to support her now, I will arrange a nurse for Maasi, then she will come. Ahaan says okay. Sonu and Kartik keep their bags. Raj comes there. Savitri sees Sonu from far and cries. Kartik sees Ahaan and Riya coming. Kartik and Sonu laugh at him.

Savitri says I have seen my daughter after a long time. She sees Ahaan. Ishqi comes. She says nurse knows about Maasi’s medicines, I was telling nurse about imp things. She says everything related to my Maasi is imp to me, I m leaving Maasi alone for two days for the first time.

Kartik says she will come with Dadi after two days, so cheer up. Savitri sits in the car and hides. Kartik says how sweet, you helped Ishqi so much. Ahaan asks do you know everything. Kartik says I m this family’s news channel, nothing is hidden to me, what is Riya’s view on this.

Riya says we are going on a dinner date, you and Ishqi also come. The car breaks down. Ahaan tries to find a solution. Ishqi gets locked in a washroom. She shouts for help. Ahaan comes there and unlocks the door.

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