In the Name of Love – Chapter 35

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@Jayanthi Thank you so much. Your insights are always a treat to read. Both Vansh and Riddhima are stuck up in this situation with no fault of their’s. They have to suffer for the mistakes of their parents.
Riddhima always has been a smart girl who never gives up easily. That’s one of the reasons that leads to clash of opinions between her and Vansh.
@Sumisha Thanks a lot. I’m glad that you’re liking the story. Yep, soon everything will get cleared up.
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@Unnamed Thank you so much. Yes, Ishani has shown a completely different side. Tbh, she was never completely bad, just a little arrogant and petty that’s it.
And you are right, Riddhima is too young to get married even if she is an adult.
It’s okay, it has happened to me also in the past. But I hope it’s now clear to you.
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@Milee Thank you so much. You’ll get to know the reason soon. Stay tuned until then.
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@Qt Thank you so much. Yes, this is entirely Vansh’s plan. We’ll see if your guess turns out to be right or not…
@Cutuuu Thank you dear. Yes, even I feel for Riddhima. She’s going through a really tough phase.
@Priyanka Thakur Thank you so much. Yes, Vansh has to suffer for no fault of his.
Ishani is a good soul in this story. A little snobbish that’s it.
@Aarushi Thank you so much. Yes, I know ‘whom’ you are talking about (hehe)
@Parita Thank you so much. Vansh has a big reason to do this. And you’ll soon find that out.
Whatever Riddhima said to him was in anger. She didn’t really mean that tbh. Hopefully, Vansh will soon realize that.
@Mary Thank you so much. Whether it is Kabir behind this fiasco, or someone else, you’ll soon find that out. Yes, I’ll soon be bringing up clearing the other matters as well. Preferably after the next 2-3 episodes.
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@Riaa Thank you so much. I never really understood the reason behind Ishani’s hatred and enmity for Riddhima in the actual show. I mean it’s completely fine for you to ‘not like’ a specific person, but hating her to the extent of harming her? Never really made sense to me.
Ishani just couldn’t gel well enough with Riddhima, but this might be the point where she’ll start clicking with her on a better note.
Both Vansh and Riddhima have no fault, but yet have to suffer because of their parents.
@FARHANA Thank you dearxxxxSia seemed to be very excited with the prospect of becoming a Bua. So excited, that she even wanted to hold a small and intimate celebration in the evening, consisting of only their family. Gayatri, who was already upset with the priest’s remarks, initially refused for it. But upon further persuasion, she finally gave in.Vansh patiently waited outside Riddhima’s room so that he can escort her downstairs to the party.When she finally stepped out of her room in a red midi dress, he just kept on gazing at her, as if there was no tomorrow.Riddhima felt awkward when she found Vansh checking her out like that, and reflexly tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.“You look really nice today, Riddhima,” he whispered.“So do you,” she said in return, surprising him. He tried to suppress a smile.“Shall we?” he asked forwarding his arm.Vansh sighed when he saw her making a face.
“Look, we need to pretend like a happy and ‘very much in love’ couple. So please, bear with me.”“That’s what is the problem, Vansh. I cannot simply pretend because I don’t know how to do that. My whole life, I’ve been nothing but upfront and blunt. I’m not like the Raisinghanias, you know,” she scoffed.Vansh said irritatedly, “Can we keep our arguments and differences for later? Everyone’s waiting for us down.”Riddhima resignedly hooked her arm around his.
As soon as she did that, Vansh noticed that the engagement ring was missing from her finger.“Why aren’t you wearing the ring?” he asked sounding upset.Riddhima almost wanted to give him her piece of mind, but then thought otherwise.
“I think I lost some weight, and that’s why the ring turned lose for me.”“Liar!”“Of course, I’m the only one spitting lies in this house. The rest of them living in this house are all extremely honest and pious people,” Riddhima taunted.Vansh said after sometime with a tired expression, “Can we make a pact to not argue this entire evening at least?She nodded slightly in agreement.Vansh and Riddhima walked down the stairs, their arms entwined with each other. To the onlookers, they looked like a happy couple, but no one knew that they had umpteen cracks between them at this point.Gayatri tried to ward off the evil eye away from Riddhima. “May God keep you and the baby away from all negativity and instead keep you happy and safe always.”Sia chirped, “Riddhima, you always look pretty, but today you are glowing. What’s the secret, huh? Is it my Bhai’s love doing magic or is it because of the pregnancy?”“Both,” Riddhima replied turning towards Vansh. Their gaze met each other’s.When Nandu came towards her, Riddhima instintively bent down to reach her height.“Riddhima! You are not supposed to do that in this condition,” Gayatri scolded her. “You must be more careful, beta. We can’t let any untoward incident to happen.”Even though Riddhima tried to keep as neutral an expression as possible, but from inside she cringed everytime the family kept bringing up the topic of this ‘non-existent baby’. This whole pregnancy drama was just getting way too much for her.Anupriya soon came towards her and scornfully said, “My Vansh’s ‘vansh’ is growing inside you. Remember if anything happens to the baby, I won’t forgive you. My Vansh has already gone through a lot, I don’t want him to suffer more.”Riddhima couldn’t believe this woman’s audacity. She said, “One of the biggest reasons for all this mess in Vansh’s life right now, is you yourself. You can still end his miseries by accepting your crime in frint of the police. But I know, you won’t do it because you are nothing but utterly selfish! So you better reserve these lectures for yourself, Mrs. Anupriya.”Saying this, she stormed from there, leaving Anupriya fuming to herself.
“Mannerless and disrespectful girl!” she muttered under her breath.
______________________________________Riddhima was getting increasingly agitated. Everyone was having fun dancing, but Gayatri had clearly forbidden her to do so, citing her worry that she may slip and injure herself in the process.
Moreover when the time for dinner came, Riddhima was again stopped from having her favourite papaya sweet, since it was deemed to be harmful for the baby.And it did not help much that Vansh was literally following her everywhere around diligently.She turned to face him and sternly said, “Don’t you have any other work to do? Go and spend time with the rest of the family, instead of following me around like a puppy.”Vansh looked at her amused. “Listen, you know very well that I’m doing this on Dadi’s saying. She wants me to keep a lookout for you because she’s also afraid that your recklessness and impulsiveness can harm the baby.”“Which baby? There’s no baby, okay,” she said.“Okay.”“What do you mean by okay? Stop following me around damn it!”“Who said I’m following you? I’m following someone else, though,” chuckled Vansh.“Who?” she asked.Looking straight into her eyes, he said, “She’s the most gorgeous girl in this room right now, and I go weak in the knees everytime I see her. She always manages to take my breath away, be it either through her antics or her beauty…”Riddhima blushed and looked away, not wanting to meet him in the eye. Vansh observed this and quietly smiled to himself.She composed herself and said to him, “You know what, this is the cheesiest line I’ve ever heard from anyone in my life! And such words coming from your mouth doesn’t suit you. I’d rather have you threaten me, like you usually do, but not this. Can’t digest it!”Vansh said with a glint in his eye, “You don’t want to leave even a single opportunity to taunt me, do you?”“Yes, it is my favourite past-time, I agree,” said Riddhima. “Just like how yours is to flirt with me. Anytime, anywhere.”“Yeah, but I’ve noticed that you really seem to enjoy when I flirt with you,” he smirked.“What rubbish? Never! That’s so not true,” she protested.Vansh pulled her closer to him. “Then why do you start blushing everytime I say those filmy pickup lines? Why do you get nervous everytime I touch you? Hell, you get shy even when I just look at you!”Riddhima felt clearly flustered by this confrontation. She pulled herself away from him, and turned away her, with her back facing him.“It is nothing like. You are just hallucinating. Might as well, consider a psychiatrist or something.”Vansh said, “So do you want to say that you’re unaffected by my presence?”“Bingo! I don’t care for you at all,” she said.She waited for him to say something in reply, but none came. She looked behind and saw that Vansh had left.Her eyes frantically danced around the entire hall, trying to look for him, but Vansh was nowhere to be found.Five minutes had passed. Riddhima asked the other family members about him, but no one had any idea.She suddenly started feeling guilty. “Did my words make him feel bad?”She was so lost in her thoughts, that she wasn’t paying attention to where she was going, and started walking backwards.She came to a standstill when her back collided with something hard. She felt hands grasping her shoulder. It was Vansh.“Missed me?” he asked bringing his lips closer to her ear.“I’m not crazy to do that,” she huffed.“Oh that you definitely are, sweetheart,” Vansh laughed.Gayatri was observing the couple from afar. She knew that Vansh was a man of few words who didn’t like to express his emotions that much. But here he was, laughing his heart out in front of Riddhima.Nudging Anupriya, she said, “See, how happy he looks with Riddhima. I wish things stay like this forever.”Anupriya on the other hand, simply nodded, keeping a stoic expression.Just then, Sia started speaking on the mike, bringing everyone’s attention towards her.“First of all, thank you so much Dadi, for giving me the permission to hold this small party for the family. I know, I got a tad too excited, but I can’t help it. On one side, I’ve my Bhai, and on the other, I’ve my best friend! And both of them are very dear to me.
And to celebrate this newfound happiness that is going to enter their lives, I’ve a small surprise planned out.
Riddhima, it is said that looking at photographs of babies and toddlers during pregnancy, has a positive impact on the baby. So here, is a short slide having everyone’s childhood pictures…..”The first photo to be flashed on the screen was a small boy’s, perhaps about the age of two or three, looking cheerfully at the camera. Riddhima could recognize those endearing eyes and that signature smile anywhere else in the world. It had to be Vansh.He looked so inoocent with those dimples in his cheeks back then, unlike the present grown up Vansh standing right beside her.She glanced at Vansh and realized that he still had those dimples, but now they were concealed under his neat beard.Vansh on the other hand was thoroughly embarassed to see his childhood photos being shown publicly in front of his ladylove. He heaved a sigh of relief when his phone began to ring, a very good excuse for him to run away from there.“Bhai, this is not fair! You can’t leave in the middle like that. Besides, don’t you want to look at Riddhima’s childhood pictures? I thought you’d be interested in seeing if Riddhima looked as beautiful back then, as she does now,” Sia said giving him a wink.Vansh gave her a not-this-again look and left from there.“No problem! When he returns, we’ll rewind it for him to see again,” laughed Rudra.Riddhima, on the other hand, angrily mumbled to herself, “One fine day, I’ll kill this Sia!”They continued enjoying the show, as everybody’s else’s childhood pictures started coming up one after the other.All of a sudden out of nowhere, a video started playing. Everyone was horrified when they saw a shirtless Kabir getting intimate with a scantily dressed Riddhima in the video.Riddhima felt completely paralysed. For a minute or so, she couldn’t even comprehend as to what exactly was happening. Half expecting this to be a cheap prank on someone’s part, she tried looking around her for some reassurance, but all she found were disgusts and questions on everyone’s faces. That’s when she understood the intensity of the situation.She wanted to speak out, but strange enough, no voice came out. Tears started streaming down her cheeks uncontrollably, as she realized that somebody was wrongly trying to implicate her presence in this blue film, in order to malign her character and respect.
She felt violated, she felt cheap. She felt as if someone had nibbled a part off her soul.Sia quickly shut the thing off, not knowing what to do further. She was the one to prepare this whole slideshow, and she had no idea where that video came from.“That’s…..n-n-not…me…” stammered Riddhima. “P-please….believe me!”Anupriya looked at her with contempt. “How dare you, Riddhima? I had warned you before itself to never, ever hurt my son. And you did exactly that. Then what’s the difference between you and Ragini?”Riddhima shouted at her, “I don’t care what you think of me!”
She went upto Gayatri and tried to defend herself. “That video is fake. I don’t know where it came from. You know me well, Nani, you know I can never do something like this.”Gayatri remained quiet, partly because she didn’t know what to say, and partly because she herself was shocked beyond words.Chanchal decided to enter the conversation. “But Riddhima was dating Kabir before getting hitched to Vansh. So perhaps this happened at that point of time.”“No! Nothing ever happened between me and Kabir ever….”Seizing the opportunity, Aryan interrupted, “Mom, haven’t you seen the date on top of the video? It occurred after the engagement. That means, Riddhima clearly cheated upon Bhai, in spite of being engaged to him.”“No, no! That’s absolute bullshit!” said Riddhima, choking upon her tears. “I never even got to meet Kabir after the engagement on a one-on-one level. Even if I did, I’d never….”“How convenient of you to say that, Riddhima,” said Aryan cheekily. “I just want to ask you one thing, what was missing in Vansh Bhai’s love, that you had to turn up to Kabir? What a life you’ve got! Engaged to Bhai, but having fun with your ex….?He had not even completed his sentence, when a loud smack landed on his face.“Not a word more, Aryan! Not a word more!” screamed Riddhima. Her palm was burning with how hard she had hit Aryan, but more than that, her soul was burning.Aryan glared at her, rubbing his cheek. He didn’t expect a delicate-looking girl’s slap to be as hard as that.Even though Riddhima tried to act strong from outside, but from inside, she had lost all her strength and courage. She was about to stumble to the ground, but Ishaan caught her in time and tried to console her.When Vansh returned to the party, he was confused to see everyone’s serious faces, and a crying Riddhima in front of him.He grew worried. “What happened to you, Riddhima? Is everything fine?”Riddhima wanted to tell him, but couldn’t bring herself to do so.“What can we say? We are feeling ashamed to even utter it,” said Anupriya.“Your darling Riddhima has been doing something behind your back,” mocked Aryan. “Why don’t you see it for yourself?”“No, no! Please don’t show that to him,” Riddhima begged him, but he ignored her and replayed the video.Vansh gaped at the screen in horror, different emotions coursing through him at the same time – Jealousy, anger and pain. His whole body was trembling with rage. His Riddhima, with someone else, and that too in this state?With one swift movement, he picked up the projector and smashed it on the floor. Some of them gasped looking at the broken pieces of metal, while some of them reflexly covered their ears.Vansh angrily glared at Riddhima and marched towards her. Riddhima shut her eyes tight, as this was what she had been dreading. She didn’t want him to watch this video, partly because she was ashamed by it, and partly because she knew that Vansh’s possessiveness for her would get in the way of him trusting her.“Vansh, this video….let me explain…”Vansh did not even let her complete her sentence. He pulled her arm, and to her and everybody’s surprise, hugged her, as tight as ever.Riddhima tried to pull back from him. “I haven’t done any….”“I know,” he said softly.“You know?”He nodded and hugged her again, while she continued to weep in his arms, clutching at his shirt.Aryan, who seemed miffed with Vansh’s reaction, tried to instigate him further.
“Bhai, it’s good that you are so broad-minded. But the child for whose arrival all of us, including you, were celebrating, what if it is not your’s?”With Riddhima still in his arms, Vansh gave Aryan an earful from afar.
“Thank your stars that it was Riddhima who slapped you, not me. Had I slapped you, you wouldn’t even have been able to stand up on your feet right now.”Vansh continued, “And I’m warning each and everyone of you. Riddhima is absolutely innocent! And if I see anyone badmouthing her or even bringing this topic up ever again, then he’d have no place in my house. The same goes for you too, Mom.”“But I did not say anything,” Anupriya tried to protest.“I very well know about who can say what at what time,” he snapped back at her.Gayatri, who finally found her voice after a long time, spoke. “Vansh is right. We all trust you, Riddhima. I’m sorry, I couldn’t say anything before, but that was because I was so dumbstruck by all this.”“Angre, by tomorrow I need you to find out that rascal who did this,” ordered Vansh. “Once I lay my hands on him, I’ll make sure that he doesn’t stay alive!”Draping his one arm around her waist, he said, “Riddhima, let me take you to your room.”
______________________________________Vansh escorted Riddhima to her room, and latched it from inside. He made her sit on the bed and also made her drink some water from his hands.There was complete silence between them except for Riddhima’s sobs.“Here, here. Everything will be alright,” he cooed.But Riddhima, all she could think about was that video. It kept replaying in her mind, again and again. She buried her head in her hands and started shedding even more tears.Vansh’s heart ached. He had never seen her so broken like this before. Even at her mother’s funeral, he had found her to be strong and in full control of herself. Even when she got to know the truth about how her mother had died at the hands of Anupriya, that time also she had kept on a brave and fierce face.
But today, it was different, she was different. And every ounce of his body hated to see her like that. Because it reminded him of his mother, Uma Raisinghania.Uma had been a kind hearted soul, and a lovely mother to her three children. But she was a WEAK woman. Everytime, she got beaten by her husband, she quietly endured the abuses, without even ever questioning him. It had been so traumatic for Vansh as a child, to watch his mother getting beaten, while he stood there helplessly. He craved for her to become strong and retaliate back, but that never happened.That was the reason why Riddhima had managed to impress him in such a short time. She was strong, courageous and blunt, so unlike his own mother.But like Riddhima had said earlier, even a strong woman had her own emotional breakdowns. And he needed to support her in such times.Vansh wiped her tears off and cupped her face. “All of us trust you, Riddhima. We know that you can never do such a thing.”He kissed her forehead and placed her head on his chest.Ten minutes had passed, and Riddhima’s sobs had gradually become infrequent. Vansh continued to rub her back and run his hands through her hair to relax her.“Whoever that bastard is, I’d surely find him and punish him in the most brutal manner possible,” said Vansh.Riddhima composed herself and said, “And what if it is your mother? Will you still be able to punish her? I don’t think so.”“What do you mean? Do you think Mom is behind this?”“Why not? You also know that she actually wants to harm me, isn’t that the reason you brought this whole pregnancy drama up? You know she loves YOU, and therefore wouldn’t want anything to happen to YOUR baby. That is why, she’s using such cheap tactics to trouble me,” said Riddhima.Vansh thought deeply for a while and then said, “If Mom is behind this, then I promise you I won’t leave her unpunished.”“Vansh, don’t make promises that you cannot fulfill.”“But…?”“Please, leave me alone. I want to spend some time in privacy,” Riddhima requested. “Please, Vansh.”Vansh resignedly walked outside the room. He heard the door get locked.“Why don’t you ever understand me, Riddhima?” he thought sadly.
_____________________________________It was late at night. But Riddhima wasn’t in her room. Instead, she sat in the garden, gazing up at the starry sky. She became emotional as the thoughts about the party started crowding her mind.Just then, she felt someone walk behind her. It was Ishaan. She quickly wiped her tears off, not wanting him to see any of that.Placing his hand on her shoulder, he asked, “Are you okay?”She nodded.“What are you thinking about?” Ishaan enquired.Riddhima said, “I’m thinking about how we take our parents for granted. They do so much for us, bear all our tantrums, fulfill our wishes, and shield us from all problems by taking those very problems upon themselves. It is only after we lose them, that we realise their worth and also realise that this world is so evil! We don’t know who is real and who is fake. We don’t know who genuinely cares for us, and who is just playing with our emotions.
I now understand that no one can love us and protect us better than our parents. No one!”Ishaan wrapped his arm around her, helping her to lean on his shoulder. He felt like crying too, but he knew he’d have to act strong for her.He said, “You remember when I was in 8th standard, and some boys in my class were bullying me? When I came back home, you told me something that has stayed with me throughout. You asked me to stop crying and insisted that I make them cry in return. So shouldn’t you be doing the same, too?”He continued, “I know that all this is very tough for you, and it doesn’t help that Mumma and Papa are not with you…” his voice cracked up at this. “But you are not alone. Barring a few idiotic people, everyone in this family trusts you. Especially Jiju.”Riddhima looked up at him confused.Ishaan explained, “We all know how hurt Jiju feels whenever he recalls Ragini’s betrayal even now. And I know whatever happened today wasn’t your fault, but it was almost like history was repeating itself in front of him. He could have easily got triggered by his past and vented out his anger on you. But he kept his calm and trusted you wholeheartedly, without even listening to any of your defences. Like a true partner.”Riddhima started pondering. What Ishaan had just told her was absolutely right. Vansh had always stood by her whenever she needed his help, either financially, physically or emotionally.But he was protecting her mother’s murderer! How could she ever forgive him for that?All of a sudden, she reminisced Vansh’s words to her, when Sonia had been caught a few days back.“Riddhima, there might be many more instances in the future, where you might start distrusting my decisions and actions, but you must have faith that I’m doing it for an absolutely justified reason.
It will take time for the truth to come out befre you, but until then you’d have to stay patient and fully trust me.”“Is there a possibility that Vansh is protecting Anupriya because of some important reason about which I don’t have any idea? Should I trust him or not?” she thought.She wiped her tears and said, “Ishaan is right, I’ve cried enough! Now it is time to make others cry.”
“Bahot hua rona. Ab rulane ki baari hain.”Precap :
Riddhima stops Vansh from punishing the culprit. “I am the one to be wronged, so only I have the right to give the punishment.”Riddhima troubles Vansh by complaining about him to Dadi. She laughs when he gets scolded by her.Everybody play truth and dare. Vansh gets a dare to kiss Riddhima.Hello everyone! That is it for today guys. Do comment below.Peace out!

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