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Hello guys. Here is another new OS. I hope you like it and please show me your support to make me encouraged to write more OS episodes.
Let’s go.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
It has been 3 months since I’m thinking about him very much. I don’t know how a police officer like me could think about a criminal like Vansh Rai Singhania?! How a criminal like him took so much place in my mind?! I always arrest a lot of criminals and none of them has got to be in my mind just for a second so why I think about him that much?!
I still can’t forget his last words that he has said to me before I got to arrest him with my team.
His words and the way he was talking to me with it and keeping saying that he is innocent is being kept in my mind.
Vansh: Please inspector Riddhima trust me I didn’t have killed Angre. He is my closest and loyal employee to me. How could I kill him?! Please trust me. I can’t kill anyone. It is a conspiracy against me. Please trust my words. Vansh Rai Singhania can’t lie even on his dead body. Please listen to me and try to find the real culprit. I don’t care about myself, I just want my employee’s murderer to be punished. Please think carefully.
I still can remember his looks while he was saying those words.
I don’t know why I got convinced from his words?! I don’t know why I’m feeling that he is saying the truth and he is not lying?! I’m feeling that he is innocent and he didn’t killed his employee, Mr. Angre Rathour.
My gut feeling is telling me that Vansh doesn’t deserve to be arrested, but in the police job there isn’t the use of gut feeling at all.
Just the proofs and the witnesses are the stuff that are useful for the police and all the proofs and the witnesses are against Vansh.
So what was in my hand other than arresting him?!
I have tried to forget about that stuff since the previous 3 months, but Vansh’s look while he was being arrested can’t be forgotten and can’t be cleared from my mind.
I can’t live my life peacefully without knowing the whole truth, but Kabir will never make me do that.
Kabir is my fiance and one of the police officers that I’m working with him.
He was with me when we got to arrest Vansh Rai Singhania.
Actually, he is the one who has told us about everything Vansh has done it.
He was very sure to arrest him with me and punish him. He also didn’t have listened to me when I kept telling him that I’m feeling that Vansh is innocent.
He was assuming that Vansh is the biggest criminal in the whole world and I really don’t know the reason that could make Kabir hate Vansh that much.
Yes I trust Kabir a lot as he is my fiance and my childhood best friend, but I’m still listening to my gut feeling and I’m keeping searching about the truth from Kabir’s back during those 3 months.
I’m not feeling that what I’m doing is wrong.
I’m feeling that I must to get to the root of the truth very fast before an innocent person could be punished for something that he didn’t has done it.
I’m very afraid and worried about Vansh a lot and that what makes me more surprised from my own self.
I didn’t became that worry about my own fiance so why I will be worrying about a criminal?!
Yes my relationship with Kabir is arranged one and it is just because we were best friends since childhood and I still don’t feel that what I owns it to him is a true love, but still this will not be the reason that makes me worry about Vansh in a way that I didn’t have done it for Kabir before.
I have to stop thinking that much and go to meet Ishani, one of the witnesses in the case and she is Angre’s girlfriend.
I’m feeling that she will help me very much.
Riddhima’s POV ends.
Vansh’s POV starts:
It has been 3 months since I got arrested here for something that I didn’t have done it. It has been 3 months since I have lost the most loyal employee to me. Those 3 months have passed as if they were 30 years not 3 months!
I can’t tolerate being in that place for more time. This place isn’t suitable to Vansh Rai Singhania!
I have to get out from here and know the person who has killed Angre and wanted to stick that crime on me. Who could hate me that much along with hating Angre in that way?!
I just hope that inspector Riddhima could help me and get the truth out.
I didn’t trusted someone that much after Angre and she is the only one who I’m leaving everything to her and I’m sure that she will get me out from here.
When she has came to arrest me, I was seeing the worry and guilt being in her eyes.
I know that she is feeling that I’m innocent and I’m sure that she will do her best to get me out from here. I really trust her so much.
I know her and that what makes me sure that she will never be satisfied without digging to the deep truth.
I have met Riddhima Kapoor two times in my life before she could arrest me.
Those two times we weren’t able to talk with each other as we have met in a formality occasions so we weren’t able to know each other better.
I was always eager to know her better. The way that she was portraying with it her character made her to me as a mystery and I was very eager to know more stuff about her especially that my company got to work with the police station that she is working on it so I was believing that I will be able to talk with her more and know her better, but look what has happened now?! Everything got damaged!!
I have lost everything, but I will not give up. I must to get out from here and punish that murderer and I’m sure that you will help me on that Riddhima.
Vansh’s POV ends.
Riddhima has went to Ishani.
They kept talking and while Riddhima was talking with Ishani she became more sure of Vansh’s innocence.
Ishani: I’m the most person who will be wanting to punish the murderer of my love and my whole world Angre so I don’t have any motive to fool you with it. Trust me inspector Riddhima Mr. Vansh will never kill Angre. Actually, he would never kill anyone. You have to get the truth out and punish the culprit before an innocent man could be punished.
Riddhima: Please help me Miss Ishani. You didn’t have given me anything to be helped with it so please try to put pressure on your mind so you could remember anything that could help me to reach to the culprit.
Ishani starts to think very deeply.
Ishani: Yeah! I have remembered something.
Riddhima: What?!
Ishani: During the previous months before Angre’s death, Angre was very stressed and worried as he has told me that there was a guy who was behind him and he was wanting him to cheat Mr. Vansh and trap him.
Riddhima: Do he has told you the name of that guy?
Ishani: Unfortunately, he didn’t told me his name. He just has told me that this man is a very cunning and evil man who hates Mr. Vansh a lot. I think that this man is the one who has killed my love Ange and he has stuck that crime to Mr. Vansh so he could get rid of him. You have to know that person inspector Riddhima.
Riddhima: Don’t worry Miss Ishani. I will do my investigation very fast and I will reach to that man and I will make the justice for your boyfriend.
Ishani: Thank you inspector Riddhima.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
After my conversation with Ishani, I got to be more sure of Vansh’s innocence. I will get him out from that situation that I have putted him inside it. I will not get him out just because he is innocent as this is an obvious thing now, but because I want to know what that feeling that I’m feeling it for him. I’m feeling a special feeling for him since the first day I have met him on it in the party that the government has prepared it. That feeling is like a true love feeling! Do I could be in love with a criminal?!
Riddhima’s POV ends.
Vansh’s POV starts:
I’m still sitting on that dark room who makes more angry while being on it without knowing anything from what is happening around me! I have to think very carefully now to know who could be the person behind what is happening to me.
I’m trying my best to think very carefully about that enemy who could low his/her state to do something cheap and inhuman like that!
I stood from my place after a name of a person has came in my mind.
I have known him.
I have known that idiot who has killed Angre and wants to get rid of me by sticking that crime to me.
While I was shocked after knowing that person, the door of the room got opened and I got more shocked after seeing the person that has came to me.
It was inspector Riddhima.
She was worried and stressed.
Regardless that she was that stressed, but she was looking very hot and beautiful while wearing that white and yellow clothes.
I always can’t be able to remove my eyes when I see her.
She was teary and I got really worried about her.
She was looking at me in a very caring look.
Then she runs to me and immediately she has hugged me a very long hug.
I didn’t controlled myself when I also have hugged her back.
I have forgotten all that worry and stress that I was passing through it during the previous 3 months when I got to be in her arms.
I was feeling relaxed and comfortable while I was hugging her as if I’m in my comfort zone.
Vansh’s POV ends.
Riddhima has gotten out from Vansh’s arms.
Riddhima: I’m sorry Mr. Vansh for not trusting you. I’m really sorry for leaving you in that place, but I have known your innocence and I have came to get you out from here.
Vansh: Do you have known the real culprit?
Riddhima: No, I will help you to escape from jail.
Vansh: What?! Are you got mad inspector Riddhima?! This is an illegal thing!
Riddhima: Please Mr. Vansh listen to my words now and do what I will say to you and then I will make you understand everything. We just must to get out from here very fast and then we will be able to catch the real culprit.
Vansh has agreed to that risky decision from Riddhima.
She takes him from the room.
He got surprised to not see any police officer.
Vansh: Where is everyone?! Why the place is empty?!
Riddhima: I have made them leave so we could easily get out from here.
Vansh: Not bad inspector Riddhima! You have impressed me a lot.
Riddhima: I’m just Riddhima and you are just Vansh as actually I don’t think that I will complete being police inspector after I got to make a criminal escape from the jail. I’m sure that I will be fired!
Vansh(in a sarcastic tone): Don’t worry if this has happened your place in my company will be available as I will not leave you Riddhima.
They have an eye look.
Then they got on Riddhima’s car.
Kabir has seen them.
He got angry and he has followed them.
In Riddhima’s car, Vansh has noticed that there is someone following them.
Vansh: There is someone following us Riddhima!!
Riddhima: I know. This person is Kabir.
Vansh: That idiot!! Please stop the car as I want to punish him by my hand. He is the one who has killed Angre! I have known that when I have connected everything when I was at the jail. Your fiance is the one who is behind all those stuff Riddhima!
Riddhima: Shit!! I was doubting him very much and that’s why I was sure to do that plan and make him see us so we could trap him. I got to doubt him when I have seen a card written by Kabir’s hand writing at Angre’s office,when I have went to it today after I have met his girlfriend, this card was written on it:
” You still have the chance to be with me otherwise you will face the consequences”
Vansh: So that a huge proof against him.
Riddhima: We have to make him admit his crimes and punish him so much.
Riddhima has stopped the car at a jungle place.
Riddhima and Vansh have gotten out from the car.
Then Kabir has came to them while he was holding a gun.
Kabir: You will not be able to escape Vansh Rai Singhania especially while taking my fiance with you.
Riddhima: I’m not your fiance anymore Kabir. You are a cheap man who doesn’t deserve to form a relationship with me. I have known the bad deeds that you have done it.
Vansh: Yes stupid Kabir. We have known that you are the one who has killed Angre. You were always hating me a lot and you were wanting to take my company, but I wasn’t imagining that you could kill my employee just because he didn’t agreed to work with you and cheat me.
Riddhima: Your game got ended Kabir. So don’t pretend as if you are innocent as we will not trust you. You will not trap Vansh as I’m with him and will support him.
Kabir( laughing in a sarcastic way): Do you have fallen for him Riddhima?! Do you became in love with a criminal?! Shame on you!!
Riddhima: Just shut up Kabir. You are the criminal not Vansh and I could be very proud if I got fallen for an innocent and unique person like Vansh. Thank God that I didn’t fall for an idiot like you Kabir.
Vansh has looked at Riddhima after she has finished her words.
Kabir: I don’t care about your point of view about me Riddhima. I have reached to what I want after I have killed Angre and stuck his murder to Vansh and now Vansh is a criminal in the point of View of the whole government and you will not be able to change that as I will kill you both now and I could be able to control your business Vansh.
While Kabir was that confident, Vansh has came near him and he dropped the gun from him.
Then they went into a fight.
Riddhima was worried about Vansh.
Afterwards, Kabir got fallen on the ground.
Vansh has came to Riddhima and he holds her hand.
Kabir: None of you will be able to escape from here as my men are really near to come and none of you will get out from here alive. Good bye Vansh and Riddhima.
Riddhima and Vansh have looked at each other and they have signed something to each other.
Vansh: You are the one who will get his end to be here Kabir.
Vansh has gotten a lighter and he fires the fire on the place.
At that moment, Kabir’s men have got to be near.
Riddhima: We have to escape now Vansh and we will not be able to use the car.
He holds her hand and he comes near the cliff.
Vansh: We have to fall from here.
Riddhima: What?!
Vansh: Don’t worry as nothing will happen to us. Just tell me do you trust me?
Riddhima: I trust you so much Vansh.
Vansh: So let’s do that.
They were holding each other hands.
Vansh: I don’t know how this has happened that fast, but I really feel that special feeling for you Riddhima. I love you Riddhima.
Riddhima: I love you too Vansh.
Then they have fallen from the cliff.The end of the OS. I hope you like it. Please guys tell me your feedback on that episode. I hope you could have liked the episode and enjoyed it. Please tell me your opinion on it and encourage me to write more OS episodes. So guys please keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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