If you allow me to ..( Short story) Part 5 special part

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This one,was also suggested by someone,she told me to write about their pregnancy track too,so i tried,and I know,I get very less comments,still i am happy with the comments,and escpecially Aarushi,thanks sweetheart for giving my stories permanent place in your heart,even your comments are permenant in our hearts,,you are special ,
So enjoy this one too, I tried to include both happiness and sadness in this track.Episode starts with Riddhima smiling and thinking,Vansh comes,and asks her the reason for her happiness,she looks at him and shies,Vansh finds her strange.
Riddhima then signs him,
She makes a big circle in air and points finger towards vansh. Vansh signs me? Riddhima nods,then she made finger towards her,Vansh signed you? Riddhima nodded,and blushing,smiling she made a small ball with both her hands,and looked at him with full curiosity to see his reaction…
Vansh signed ball?
Riddhima pushed him a little,
she stood up and pretended walking with a child holding hand,and then showed you ,me and third,using three fingers.
Riddhima signed understood?
Vansh signed no.
Vansh signed her to write on board.
Riddhima blushingly,held the pen,and wrote Vansh of vansh Raisighania is here.
Vansh’s eyes widened,he could not believe it,he got mad in happiness,lifted Riddhima in arms,swirled her,kissed her and it was so happy moment for them,that anyone witnessing them would smile in happiness,After 7 months,
Riddhima was reading parenthood book,when vansh came and sat besides her,he had damp eyes,Riddhima got shocked to see him sad,she asked him the reason for his tension,
He didn’t wish to tell,but then hesitatingly told her,
Riddhima (Sign language): I am seeing,that in your happiness,there had always been ,a different sort of fear,Vansh,do you think I won’t understand?
Vansh: What if our child,too,like me…deaf ,dumb, Riddhim ,I have lived my life,fcing a lot of struggles,I know ,it is not so easy to live a life like this,nd i was lucky enough to get you,but there are very few persons like you..
Riddhima held him,kissed his forehead,carassed his hair,and made him look in her eyes,and signed that everything is fine,there is going to be nothing like that.
Riddhima:i have consulted doctors seeing our fear,they told me that your problem is not inherited ,but due to your childhood accident,it is not going to affect our baby.
Vansh got extremely happy,
Vansh: Riddhima,,i …I can bear to be the same for many more lives,but i can not bear our child to be like this..
Riddhima’s heart got really warm,seeing his love for the baby.She kissed him again and again on his cheeks,
1 months later,
Vansh was making Riddhima sleep,
Vansh : You sleep,I really have some important meeting work,I will be just doing that downstairs.
Riddhima nodded.
Riddhima: Relax Vansh,i am fine,we still have one month for delivery,Go and do your work fast and come back.
Due to her insistance and importance of work he got downstairs,
it was just half an hour later,when Riddhima felt labour pain,
It was severe,
She was not understanding first that how can it happen ,so soon,but then realised the severeness of pain,
She was screaming Vansh’s name in pain,calling him,but all in Vain.,he could not hear.
She was then feeling suffocated,her face had got wet ,with tears and sweat,she tried to get up herself,but pain was severe,she tried to reach her mobile,but then realised she left it downstairs,she gathered courage,and for the sake of baby,she got up,after all ,all pains are less in front of a child’s life for her mom,she could not move even a step further,it was increasing,she was screaming vansh’s name,
On the other hand Vansh,he was engrossed in his work,when he found Riddhima’s phone.He was already feeling different and strange,on Riddhima’s insistance he had came for work,but then thought to go and check her once,
and on the emrcy of God ,he reached the room,and got shocked to see Riddhima fainted.but as he had reached on right time,he took her to hospital,and Riddhima delivered a healthy baby boy.
After delivery when Riddhima opened eyes,she found her all family,and vansh’s family too,all around outside her room,they were coming to meet her and congratulate her,she could witness the same happiness on her parents face as might have appeared when they were born,Vansh’s mother was too roaming around proud,but her eyes were searching for vansh,she then saw in the baby cradle besides her,nurse came ,and in her weak hands,gave her ,her life.
She kissed the baby,hugged him,and was just lost in his tiny miraculous features,when her eyes again started searching for vansh.
Riddhima: Maa,,Vansh..where is he.
Anupriya:He is outside,wait let me send him.
And then a few moments later,vansh came inside,he was looking scared,walking with fear,Riddhima got shocked,she saw his eyes had turned red,he might have cried a lot.Riddhima,asked everyone ,to please leave and give some time to her to be with her husband.Everyone agreed and left,only vansh ,Riddhima and baby were left.
Riddhima held Vansh’s hand,he was not daring to look at her,
Riddhima made him sit.
Riddhima tried to move forward but as she could’t ,Vansh bent forward,they both shared eyelock,which was broken by Vansh’s tears,
Riddhima kept asking what happened.
Vansh finally agreed to tell,
Vansh: i am weak,I could have lost you or our baby today,due to my disability.You were fainted,
Riddhima:Vansh…nothing happened,you know why,you reached on time.
Vansh:No Riddhima,I know you might have screamed a lot..but your deaf..
Riddhima stopped him from signing more.
Riddhima cuppedhis face,
Riddhima: You know,if you would not have been there,then it would have not been the same.Anyone can hear screams,but the blessings thaat I have,our son,everything is created by your love,your love,which made you feel my screams.
She then gave the baby in Vansh’s arms,
Riddhima could see the happiness in Vansh’s eyes,which she never witnessed before.
Riddhima: It is your happiness vansh,which you earned ,by your deep power,to feel me.Our small world,has no weakness,you had deleted every disabilities by your power,of love.So just never fall weak,promise me,you will never consider yourself disable from now,you have the vow of your son,you will always stay strong,and will never do anything wrong with yourself by falling weak.
Vansh nodded.
8 months later,
Riddhima picked her bag,
Riddhima: Your Riansh is on you,he wants full bed from now.
Vansh:yes ,that’s why we changed our bed to floor bed,so that he may not get hurt.
Riddhima looked all around,it was their new house,in which they had been living after Riansh’s birth,everything ,was justbeautiful thre,and vansh,he was too much potective regarding her and Riansh,he ad not let ,any pin to hurt them,
Riddhima: Okay Mr Vansh,I will just bring the stuff,you stay wit yoursleeping rprince.
Vansh saluted her order,sh laughed and lft for market.
Vansh sat besids him,then he saw the empty milk bottle,he thought to just get themilk,as Riansh can wake up any moment,
Vansh went to kitchen,as he left,Riansh got up,and stared crwling,towards the door
he came to stairs,
Vans was ust busy inwarming his milk,
when Riansh trie to climb dwn stairs and he fell.
H cried a lot,screamed,but vansh,was unableto listen.
Vansh rushed with ilk bttle in just 5 minutes,but what he saw,
his world ,whole world ,had changed in those five minutes.
Scene showed Ridhima standing besides Vansh,in front of a laptop,
Angre played the cctvphotages to check,how Riansh die,Vansh was holdin Riddhima’s hand,they saw the whole scee.As Riansh’s screams and cries fell in Riddhima’s ears frm ccTV ,she let Vansh’s hand,and startedmoving from there,Vanh felt the jerk when she dropped his hand,he ealised,tha this time,there ws nothing left,He turned ,they both saw in each oher’s eyes,but toay,Vnsh cold only saw,a devastated,broken Ridhima,who had the betryl feeling in he eyes,he understood that she ,,felt that it was due to him.
Next six months,Riddhima was staying in self owned flat,working in a company,she and vansh,had not met,nor called each other for these six months,it was clear that there is nothing left to speak now.Riddhima was feeling,herself ,speechless and dumb,what they bot had were their memories,and Riansh’s memories,everytime Riddhima felt weak towards Vansh,thought to return to him,Riansh’s screams were echoing in her ears,the fact that ,if vansh wuld not have been deaf,situation might have not been the same,this was killing her from inside,but she was realising,that Vansh had not done anything knowingly,
But how could she move back,she was just laying back on chair,trying to have a break from everything.
She then thought to move on,whatever happened,was not anyone’s mistake,if it was of Vansh,then it was of hers too,she also left Riansh .
She reached back to the home,where she and vansh were staying with Riansh,every emory was becoming the chain in her legs,the more forward she moved ,the more harder it was,to walk through those stairs from which Riansh died,she was having as much pain,as all her bones are broken,reaching the room,where they used to stay,tears were stopped,eyes were dead enough,every thing was piercing her soul,she then turned to a voice,vansh was standing over there with a milk bottle in hand,
He was ,looking weak,lean,messy hair,much grown beard,scars on face,
Vansh moved to Riansh’s cradle,and signed towards it,
Vansh: See,Riansh,mom had come back,now wake up baby.
Riddhima was utmost shocked,she then came to know that From Six months,vansh has slipped into trauma,she met Angre ,
Angre: So from that day,vansh never came to office,all his empire,we are handling with great difficluty,he never met anyone from family,we tried to make doctor realise his situation,but he never allowed even doctors to diagnose him,we just know ,that it is a sort of trauma,he is living in the same time of six months back,he still has,Riansh with him.
Riddhima was broken,she felt deeply broken,realised hat she should not have left him,she should not have make his pain overcome their relation,she reached back home,
Vansh was still sitting on floor, swinging the cradle,like he used to do it ,he looed at her and signed her to stay silent as Riansh is sleeping.
Riddhima tried to touch him,but all the distances amid them,she was not able to gather courage that how to restart and take Vansh out of all this.
Vansh slep late at night,as soon as she witnessed him slept,she removed all the stuff of Riansh from the room,she then took out the rope of cradle from his hand,he woke up,they shared an eye lock,then he saw,Riansh’s stuff was not there,and she was standing with cradle in her hand.
He became too much fierce,Riddhima never witnessed him like that,he was getting mad, searching for his stuff,Riddhima was trying to make him calm,but he pushed her,she fell on floor,and got hurt,on forehead,
Vansh then stopped,sat besides her,kept looking at her,like a thirsty man,who is seeing water,
Riddhima was continously crying and so was vansh.
She then begin to move forward slowly,and took his head in her arms,carrased his hair,kissed him on lips,Vansh was broken enough,not having th courage to move,he just dropped himself ,in Riddhima’s lap,
Thn slowly,Riddhima was taking out him from his condition,she used little medications,lots of love,
meded every broken thing,healed up every scar with her kisses,
difficulty ,is a really small word,to express theeir situation,at that moment,they both ,together,moved out of the situation, becoming each other ‘s power,and resting themselves on each other.They never spoke to each other ,in these days,using sign language,eyes were,just more than enough.They could see,each other’s soul ,from their eyes.——–

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