If Not Sayi, Then Someone Else – Episode 5 – Bhavani is upset on Pakhi

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Hi everyone. Welcome to the fanfic of Zingo. Let’s start with today’s episode.The episode starts…All the Chavans except Mohit and Ashwini are sitting on their couches while Patralekha and Karishma serves them their evening snacks. Photos of beautiful girls were scattered on the table which makes Pakhi curious.Pakhi : Badi Mami, whose photos are these?Karishma : Patralekha Bhabhi, you don’t know? Arey! These beautiful girls are for Virat Dada’s bride. Aren’t they beautiful?Pakhi glares Karishma angrily.Bhavani : Ho, Patralekha. I said you na, we’ll search a suitable bride for our Virat. We are doing that only.Pakhi : Okay….fakely smiles and tries to leave from there.Bhavani : Patralekha…Pakhi stops.Bhavani stands up and says;“Patralekha, you’re Virat’s best friend. You too have some rights on Virat.Pakhi feels somewhat delighted hearing this.“You very well know about Virat’s likes and dislikes. I want you to decide the perfect bride for your best friend”Pakhi feels devastated as she is made to choose a bride for her love. Bhavani makes Pakhi sit beside her. Now, they see the photos of girls one by one.Meanwhile ;Virat in Police Station :Virat : Inspector Abhidey, I want you to check those files of murder case….Suddenly his phone rings. He picks it up.Ashwini : Hello Virat. What were you doing?Virat : Aayi, I was just working. You say about you? Ok, how is our plan going?Ashwini : Plan is going as we had decided. Vahini has started searching a bride for you that too, with Patralekha.Virat : He laughs. With Pakhi vahini?Ashwini : Obviously! Vahini had forced her. Okay, you tell me, have you talked to her?Virat : Yeah! had talked to her. She is ready to come here by tomorrow.Ashwini : Tomorrow! Really? Have you told her everything regarding your and Sayi’s plan?Virat : Yes, Aayi. had told her everything. Don’t worry. Now I have some work. We’ll talk later.Bhavani : See, Patralekha. How is this girl? She is very rich. Arey! She is daughter of Industrialist.Pakhi : Badi Mami, I don’t think she’s suitable for Virat.Bhavani : Okay, see this one. I could say she is the perfect match for our Virat. See, how gorgeous she’s!Pakhi rejects it too. Bhavani shows her all the photos one by one. But to her disappointment, Pakhi had rejected each and everyone by saying “she’s not the perfect match” or “she isn’t suitable for Virat’.Bhavani : This is the last photo, Patralekha. I hope you like this girl. See she is well-educated, beautiful, rich and with good moral values and what else we need!Patralekha stands up from her place and says,“Badi Mami, it’s not about her beauty, money or values. It’s about love, will she be able to love Virat?”Bhavani : Baada, love happens gradually after marriage. Look at yourself, you too didn’t loved, even didn’t knew Samrat before marriage, but see now you love him from the core of your heart. I can see your restlessness and love for Samrat.Pakhi gets irritated and irked hearing Samrat’s name that too as her loveNinad : Ho na, Patralekha. Love will happen. The best part would be, Sayi will not come to this house again if our Virat marries some other girl.Pakhi : Ninad Mama, why are you not understanding me? What I mean to say is, let give us some time. think Virat too needs time. How can we marry him to some other girl…Bhavani : (loudly) Enough! Don’t utter a word now.Pakhi and all the family members are shocked.Bhavani : Mast a mast, I can understand what you want to say. Arey! You don’t want that Virat should give the position of Sayi to someone else. Your heart and soul doesn’t want Sayi and Virat separated. You too became that jungli murgi’s fan.Saying this she goes from there, while Pakhi is broken as she can’t even explain that she wants to be in Sayi’s position. She can’t even say what her heart and soul wants. How can she become Sayi’s fan as Sayi is her biggest enemy and nothing else?Ninad and Omkar too left the scene calling Vahini.Sonali whispers to Karishma : Deva re deva, today Vahini scolded Patralekha. Today’s history will be written in golden words.Karishma : Not in golden words, aayi. But in mast a mast words.They both giggles whereas Pakhi hears this. Fuming in anger, she leaves for her room.“It was just a drama, just a drama. That love, support, encouragement was just to show Sayi. Truth is that, that badi mami never loved me. She never loved me. I will take revenge for this insult, I will take. But before that, let me see how any another girl can enter in Virat’s life!Pakhi goes to the hall where no one is there now. She glares those scattered pictures and tear each one of them. Then she goes in her room which was not less than any garbage as she had broken each and every object of the room. She shuts the door and sits there crying inconsolably.Sayi : Virat Sir, thank you so much. These candy floss are worth eating. Thank you so much. You are even bringing this for me in hostel.Virat : See, how much your husband cares for you.Sayi : My husband?Virat : Obviously, then whose? Our neighbours?Sayi laughs and instantly says :“I thought you would take Pakhi didi’s name”which hurts Virat. She suddenly realises and says;“I am Sorry, but to be honest. This is true, whenever I talk about you or whenever I see you. I gets reminded of Pakhi didi” She walks ahead and continues, “I still feel that she have more rights on you than I have on you. People say wife and husband have more rights on each other, but I think we don’t have such relationship. For this world, we are couple, but for me, it’s still a deal. We are just two different parties who is having a fixed tenure of partnership.“Can’t we make it a life-long Partnership?” asks Virat.Sayi looks at him._________________________________________Episode ends here. Well, what do you guys wanna see, Patralekha getting out of Chavan Niwas or living happily without any obsession in Chavan Nivas?Comment and let me know your opinions

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