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Hello everyone,This is an OS.PS: In this OS neither the characters’ behaviour nor the storyline is related to the show nor is same to same! The only similarity is that Riansh are married….and I hope you all will enjoy reading it!So, coming to the it…Author’s POVVansh: Did you hear about the girl who died out here last week? Police still haven’t identified her body.Riddhima smiles and keeps her focus on the road ahead.Vansh: Are you listening to what I said?Riddhima: The cliff edge is steep here and the road is narrow. One second of distraction and my hand could slip on the wheel, and—Riddhima jerks the steering wheel to the right…and the car veers across the road. Until, it’s only inches away from the edge.Vansh: Riddhima, quit the thing that you are trying to do!Riddhima laughs as she drives away from the cliff edge.Vansh: Are you sure camping out on a cliff is a good idea?Riddhima: For sure! The view is totally worth it.She continues speaking…That girl was probably drunk and then fell….that’s what happens when you’re not safe.Vansh: I don’t know about this…Riddhima: Don’t worry, I’ll look after you.Riddhima playfully winks at Vansh.Riddhima: You’re not scared of a little danger, are you?Vansh ponders for a second…But then relaxes his face into a smirk.Vansh: Nahh….danger is something I love to play with. By the way, I like this new troublemaker side of yours.Riddhima: Since I found out about what you really want….I’ve decided to let my wild side out.Vansh’s face quickly tenses again.Vansh: I thought we weren’t going to talk about it anymore.Riddhima: You were the one that said I wasn’t exciting enough for you. That’s why you slept with Aahana.Vansh sighs heavily.Vansh: How many times do I have to say I’m sorry? Can we please drop this and focus on having a fun weekend?Riddhima: We should, sorry I brought it up. The sun is almost setting. We should head to the cliff and set up camp.………After a short while,Riddhima and Vansh stand hand in hand, looking into the sunset.Riddhima: It’s beautiful, isn’t it?Vansh still doesn’t seem at ease. He peers over the edge of the cliff.Vansh: That’s a long way down. I still can’t believe this place is open to the public.Riddhima: Ohh, it’s not.Vansh: What?! We’re trespassing?Riddhima: Come on, no one is around to see us.Riddhima steps behind Vansh. And starts to run her hands across his shoulders, massaging them gently.Riddhima: Relax, Vansh.She leans forward and whispers in his ear.Riddhima: You’re so tensed. I’m thinking that tonight…why don’t we take our relationship to the next level?!Vansh perks up and turns around to face her.Vansh: You’re finally ready to do it?!Riddhima shrugs.Riddhima: I realized after you slept with Aahana…..It isn’t such a big deal. Maybe if I’d given what you wanted earlier; you wouldn’t have been led astray.Vansh inches closer to Riddhima.Vansh: You don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear that.Vansh runs his fingers up her arm…until he reaches Riddhima’s face. Vansh moves forward to give her a hug…When Katrina pulls back.Vansh: What is it?Riddhima: There’s just one thing we need to talk about first.Vansh: Yeah…speak up!Riddhima first pushes Damian’s hand away. And then her entire demeanour changes.Riddhima: I want to know why you lied to me.Vansh’s face drops.Riddhima: I saw the texts on your phone to Aahana.Vansh: W..wh…what?Riddhima: You told her you missed her and you even asked her where she was.Vansh wracks his brain for an excuse, he can’t get caught out now. Not when he’s finally about to get lucky.Vansh: I just wanted to make sure she was okay. She hasn’t posted on social media or anything in over a week.Riddhima’s tone intensifies.Riddhima: So you care if she’s okay, but not me?Vansh takes a step back. But the rock under his foot gives way..and he slips off the edge of the cliff. Vansh desperately grips onto the side of the cliff.Vansh: Riddhima, help!!!Riddhima scrambles to the cliff edge and grabs his hands.Riddhima: It’s okay, I’ve got you.Vansh: Thank God! I thought I was going to die. Quick, pull me up!!Riddhima: Now you know how it feels.Vansh: What are you talking about?!Riddhima: Holding on for dear life. That’s how I felt when you cheated on me with Aahana.Vansh: I thought we were over that!Riddhima: She was my FRIEND, Vansh!Vansh struggles to find his footing. He attempts to climb up, but his efforts are futile.Vansh: Okay, okay, you’ve made your point! Come on, Riddhima, this isn’t funny. Help me out!Riddhima doesn’t pull him up, but her grip remains steady.Riddhima: My dad was in the hospital fighting with cancer. My life was falling apart. And my husband when I needed him the most, wasn’t there standing beside me. You were hurting me in the worst way possible.Vansh: I’m sorry, I told you I was sorry. Please, help me!!! I can’t hold on much longer.Riddhima tightens her grip on his hands.Riddhima: I’m in control now.Vansh: Okay, now pull me up.Riddhima: Why? So that you can hurt me again?Vansh: Aahana and I are over. I haven’t seen her since…that one time. I promise.Riddhima: Ohh, I know. I took care of that properly.Vansh: What are you talking about?Riddhima: Last weekend, I brought her to this exact same spot. A girls’ trip away where we could bond. Secluded, alone, no distractions…She thought she could make up for her betrayal. Yet she was texting you every chance she could get!!Vansh: What did you do?Riddhima chuckles.Riddhima: You know what they say—If you love someone, you have to let them go.Vansh (fear): HELP! Someone help me pleaseee!Riddhima; There’s no one around for miles. No one can hear your cries. I’m the one and only person who can help you.Vansh: What did you do to Aahana?!Riddhima (smirking): I let her go. And now it’s your turn. Ta-ta my dear hubby!!She releases her grip from Vansh’s hands and his body goes flying down the cliff.She feels the same rush through her body as she did the last weekend. When she pushed Aahana off the same exact cliff.Riddhima smiles as she watches his body fall. It hits the ground beneath and Vansh lies motionless.Riddhima chuckles.Riddhima: I knew the view was worth it.Riddhima (smirk): You were mine but you didn’t pay heed…so if you couldn’t be mine then I can’t others to make them yours!…….Zindagi ka yeh kya khel haiJisko bhot muhobatt karaUsne hi dhoka de diyaPhir bhahaar vallo pe vishwaas kaise kareJab apne hi humare dushman bann baithe………..~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The end

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