Home is Where the Heart is…Part 6

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Hi all!!!!Sorry for the long gap!!!!Recap – Home is Where the Heart is…Part 5 – Telly UpdatesPart 6Scene 1Neela drags Avni to her home. Neil is worried for Avni.Deewan comes to Neil.Deewan: Don’t get panic. I saw everything. Come with me.Neil: Where?Deewan: To Avni’s home.Neil: but…Deewan: Just come.They go to Avni’s home where Neela raises hand to beat Avni.Deewan: Stop Neela.Neela: Papa ji…Deewan: Why are you behaving like this? They just love each other.Hearing the noise, Yamini, Rithik and Shivanya come there.Yamini: What happened Neela?Neela tells everyone what she has seen.Neil: Aunty…Neela: You don’t utter a word. I trusted you a lot. But…Neil: Aunty, please listen to me once. You don’t know fully.Neela: What to know?Avni: Ma, please listen to us once.Yamini: Neela, they both are very matured. Please give them a chance.Deewan: Neela, see this.Deewan plays the whole recording of Avni – Neil’s talk.Neil and Avni are surprised.Neela sees their lovely confession and feels guilty for misunderstanding them.Neela: I’m sorry Avni and Neil. I’m more worried of Avni.Avni: I know ma. I promise you one thing. Without my studies completion, nothing will happen between us and we love each other and not the body of each other. So, don’t worry.Neil: Yes aunty, and also, I assure you that these distractions won’t affect Avni’s studies.Neela then gets convinced and approves their relationship.Neela: But Avni, drop your idea of remarrying me.Avni: But ma…Deewan signs her not to talk. So, she stops.Avni and Neil smile happily looking into each other.Scene 2Janaki goes to Rishabh.Rishabh: You???Janaki: Don’t get scared of me.Rishabh: I need to confess you something.Janaki: Sheryln right?Rishabh is shocked.Rishabh: How do you know?Janaki: I read your diary. I know that is wrong. But sorry.Rishabh: It’s ok. You need to know about us.Janaki: Do you still love her?Rishabh: How will I forget her? She was my heart beat and she is there with me guiding from heaven.Janaki keeps her hand on his shoulder. He hug her and cries.Janaki: Please don’t cry.She makes him sit. He lies on his lap and cries.She pats his head.(FB STARTS)Sheryln and Rishabh truly loved each other during their college days.Sherlyn: Rishabh, look at this home. My family and your family will live together in this.Rishabh: And also, we will be having cute little children.Sherlyn: Yes of course.They hug each other.Rishabh: Let’s go home.Sherlyn: Rishabh, you go. I’ll leave after sometime.Rishabh: But it’s late.Sherlyn: Don’t worry. I’ll go.Rishabh then leaves after Sherlyn’s convincing talks.After he goes, some goons rape and kill Sherlyn. Rishabh gets to know about this and blames himself for that situation. He then slowly came out of that trauma with the help of his family and Preetha.(FB ENDS)Rishabh: Janaki, when I saw you with goons, I just had Sherlyn in my mind.Janaki: Rishabh, I’m not going to ask you to love me and to forget Sherlyn. But life has to go. And we also has to move on. I’ll give you time. Think and answer me.Saying this Janaki leaves…Rishabh thinks….Scene 3Karan comes to Preetha’s home.Karan: Srishti, where is Preetha?Srishti: She is in her room.Karan goes to Preetha and see her crying.Karan: Preetha, what happened?Preetha: Karan, this is my parents clothes. I really miss them. When I see everyone enjoying time with their family, here we both alone miss our parents a lot.Karn consoles Preetha….Karan: Preetha, let’s get married.Preetha: Are you crazy? Now we are in lockdown.Karn: What is the need to go out? We’ll marry in our apartment itself.Preetha: Karn, you are becoming too crazy now a days. Still Rishabh bhai is not married. How can you get marry?Karn: Bhai won’t say anything.Preetha: But…Karn: No but…. I’ll talk to my parents.He leaves, Preetha ask him to stop. But he goes.Scene 4Sona, Suman goes to Sippy’s family and watches TV there. Sona’s serial is going on. And it has a romantic scene.Veena: Sona, I really love your chemistry. You guys are amazing.Sona: Thanks aunty.Rohit coughs.Sona understands that he is feeling jealous.Even Sukhmani, Veena and Suman understands that. They instigate him more.Rohit gets angry and goes from there.Suman: Sona, he is feeling jealous.Sona: Ma you three are bad. You teased him a lot.Veena: sona, go to him and convince him.Sona smiles and goes to his room and closes the door.Rohit: Why did you come now?Sona: Just to see my future bedroom.Rohit: Oh…Sona smiles.Sona hugs Rohit.Rohit: Leave me. Go and romance your reel hero.Sona: No, it’s time for the romance with my real hero.Rohit: Acha…Sona: Yes, you didn’t give me time for a proper proposal, right? Now I’m gonna propose you.Sona sees Rohit eye to eye…Sona: Rohit, I searched for a good friend, soulmate and a life partner these many years. But I couldn’t find one. Yesterday I came here as a change in my home. But destiny changed my life. Now my life is going to revolve around you. You are my son, source of light and happiness in my life. I love you. Will you marry me?Rohit gets teary eyes and nods yes. He kiss Sona and hugs….Suman and Veena sees this from far and wards bad sight off them.Scene 5Preesha sees Rudy suffering from fever.Preesha: Oh god, he is suffering from fever. Is it covid or normal one?She then sees two packs of ice cream left near the bed and understands the reason for the fever.Preesha: He is becoming worse than a kid nowadays.She goes and gets him a kada.Preesha: Rudy, wake up. Drink this herbal kada. Fever will drop.Rudy doesn’t respond.She scolds him…Rudy: Stop it. Don’t take advantage. Just go.He hurts her.She leaves….Seeing this, Chikoo convince Rudy to drink the kada but he doesn’t hear him too.Preesha tries her best to take care of him but he ignores her.It’s night. Preesha makes Chikoo to sleep and comes to Rudy’s room. She sees him shivering in cold. She also see rain is coming.She comes near him and touch him. Thunder strikes. She hugs him in fear.They both have an eyelock. Forgetting everything, they both gets intimated…Scene 6The next day,Rithik, Shivanya goes for jogging at early morning.Shivanya: Rithik, I’ll sit. You jog.Rithik: Shivanya, you should be fit. Come let’s jog for one more round.They both put one earphone on each other’s ears and jogs.Sun ra ha hain plays….They both have an eyelock and jogs very closely…Neil and Ragini too come there for a walk.Neil: Ragini, morning weather looks pleasant right?Ragini: Yes Neil.She looks at Shivanya.Ragini: Neil look there. She looks like my bhabi.Neil looks at Shivanya and Rithik. He gets emotional seeing Rithik…Ragini goes to Shivanya.Rithik sees Neil and feels strange.Ragini: Are you Shivanya?Shivanya is surprised.Shivanya: Yes.Ragini hugs her in happiness.Shivanya: Who are you?Ragini: I’m your bua. Don’t you remember me?Shivanya then remembers her childhood…Shivanya: Ragini bua.She gets happy and they have a joyful reunion.Ragini: You too stay here?Shivanya: Yes bua. And he is my friend.Ragini and Rithik gets introduced.Neil also gets introduced.Ragini: I searched for you everywhere after your parents separation but couldn’t find you.Shivanya: Bua, do you have children.Ragini gets sad.Neil: We don’t have kids.Shivanya feels sad and consoles Ragini.Ragini: Now I got you right? You are my kid.Shivanya: Yes bua, I’ll be there for you.Ragini: Ok come home. Let’s have a tea.Shivanya: No bua, we’ll leave. His mom will be waiting.Neil and Ragini convince her to come home.Rithik: Shivanya, they are requesting right? Come let’s go.They both go to their home. Rithik feels as if it is his home when he step inside the home.Neil sees that.Neil: What happened Rithik?Rithik: I feel that I belong to this place.Neil smiles.Neil (to himself): You are my son Rithik. This is your home. Soon you will get to know this.Ragini serves them tea and they have a chit chat. Rithik gets close to Ragini.Rithik: Aunty, you are too cool and sweet. I really like you.Ragini smiles.They both leave after sometime.!!!To be Continued!!!Precap: Ragini and Neela’s encounter…. Neil helps Yamini from falling down…. Rudy and Preesha’s outburst…. Cricket match between girls and boys….    

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