Home is Where the Heart is…Part 5

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Hi allRecap: Home is Where the Heart is…Part 4 – Telly UpdatesPart 5Scene 1The next day….That was the first day of the lockdown…Suman: Sona, see this. Cases are increasing, don’t know what will happen.Sona doesn’t listen to Suman. She is lost in deep thoughts of Rohit.Suman: Sona, what do you want for lunch?Sona doesn’t respond.Suman sees her and pats her.Suman: Sona, what happened?Sona: Nothing ma.She gets up and goes to her room.Suman worries if there is any problem.Meanwhile, in Rohit’s home.Rohit feels guilty and worries.He comes to Veena and Sukhmani.Sukhmani: Rohit, why are you sad?Rohit: I made a mistake dadi.Veena: What mistake?Rohit: I proposed Sonakshi.Veena and Sukhmani are happy but doesn’t show off.Veena: Rohit, what are you saying? You just saw her yesterday.Rohit: Yes ma. I started to love her from the moment I saw her. And my heart told that even after years the love for her will not decrease.Veena: Rohit, we are very happy for you.Rohit is puzzled.Rohit: Are you not angry on me?Sukhmani: Arey beta, why should we be angry on you. Infact, we both love Sonakshi a lot. And if she is becoming our bahu, then we are on cloud nine.Veena: What did she say?Rohit: I gave her time. She didn’t tell anything.Veena: I’ll go and ask Suman.Rohit: Ma no….Veena: You be quiet. I’ll come now.Veena goes to Suman’s home.Veena sees Suman sitting in a confused state.Veena hugs Suman….Suman is surprised.Suman: What happened? You seem to be very happy.Veena: Don’t you know the matter?Suman: What?Veena: Rohit proposed Sonakshi.Suman is also happy.Suman: Really?Veena: Yes, just now Rohit said.Suman: That’s why Sona seemed to be tensed from morning.Rohit and Sukhmani come there.Suman hugs Rohit.Rohit: Aunty, I’ll promise you that I will keep her happy.Suman: I know you will.Sona comes out hearing the voice of Rohit.Suman: We all know what happened.Sona gets shy….Veena: Sona, you know that how much I love you. I’ll take care you like my own daughter.Suman: Sona, please agree to this relation. This will be the best for you.Sona sees Rohit.Sona: Ma, I know that this will be for my good but honestly, I didn’t have any feelings like Rohit had for me. But I promise you one thing. I’ll accept this relation and will Rohit for rest of my life. According to me, this will be an arranged marriage. And you all going to witness a best arranged come love life.Rohit smiles.Sona and Veena hug each other.Sukhmani bless Sona and Rohit.Sona and Rohit hug each other…Suman feeds sweets to Sona and Rohit!!!!Scene 2Yamini gets a video call and is shocked.Neela comes there and she also gets shocked to see the name.Yamini: Neela, check for Rithik…Neela sees Rithik is in his room.Neela: He is in his room.Yamini then attends the call.Yamini: Hi Neil…Neil is shown….Neil: How are you Yamini?Yamini: Fine. How are you?Neil: Good.Yamini: Neela is also here.Neela: Hello Neil.Neil: Hi Neela…Yamini, I called you to inform you that I’m in India right now. That too, in my old home which is in your flat but different block.Yamini is shocked.Yamini: Ok, why are you telling me?Neil: Yamini, I know I made a mistake. Please forgive me. It’s haunting me for 20 years.Yamini: Who am I to forgive you?Neil: Because you are my….Yamini: wife….Neil: Yamini….Yamini: I’m still your wife Neil. Even I have our registered papers. But I doesn’t want to live with a coward like you.Neil: Yamini please stop. Let’s not dig into our old life.Yamini: I didn’t call you now.Neil: I called you to see my son once.Yamini: Your son? There is no one like that here.Neil: Please Yamini, let me see him once.He pleads…Neela: Yamini, show him once.Yamini then takes the mobile and goes near Rithik’s room. She shows him Rithik.Yamini: That is your son Neil.Neil gets emotional seeing him…Ragini comes and calls Neil.Neil keeps the phone aside but doesn’t cut the call.Ragini: Neil, here is the breakfast. Eat now.She feeds him. Yamini sees this and gets hurt.Neela: Look at her, she is in your place.Yamini couldn’t see further. She disconnects the call.Neil still in emotional feel of Rithik.After sometime, Shivanya comes to Rithik’s home.Yamini: come Shivanya.Shivanya: Aunty, I came to see Rithik.Yamini: He is in his room. Go and see.Shivanya goes to Rithik’s room but doesn’t find him.Shivanya calls for Rithik. He is in bathroom and hears her. He just now went to bath. He decides to do a naughty thing.He calls for Shivanya.Rithik: I’m bathing.Shivanya: Ok, I’ll wait.Rithik: Shivanya, could you please bring that towel.Shivanya then takes and goes to the bathroom. He drags her in and opens the shower.Shivanya: Rithik, leave me. Aunty is out.Rithik: So, what?Shivanya: Rithik….Rithik holds her tightly and kiss her.Shivanya and Rithik hug and spend a romantic time in the shower.Scene 3Avni goes to Neil’s home.Neil: Come home Avni.Avni: Sir…Neil: Avni, now also you are calling me sir?Avni: I….Neil: Come inside and talk.Avni: No, I’ll tell from here itself.Neil: Ok tell.Avni: Actually, I’m not in a position to love someone. I have many responsibilities. Even I’m planning to marry my ma to someone eligible for her and to take care of our business. So, I don’t have time to love. But I really do like you. Let’s be good friends. Even after some years, if you have same feelings for me, let’s marry.Neil is surprised.Neil: Avni, I thought you were childish but you speak so maturely. Don’t worry. I’ll wait for you. Till then let’s be friends. But I will have the same care and love for ever.Avni: Thank god you accepted.They both hugs…Neela sees this and gets shocked!!!She shouts at Avni….Scene 4Preesha stands on a stool and searches for some old things.The leg of the stool is weak and is about to break.Rudy comes by that way and sees that it is breaking. Preesha falls and Rudy holds her.(Iss pyaar ko kya naam dhoon plays)Rudy and Preesha have an eyelock.He blows her hair and touch her face….Preesha blushes….He makes her to sit on the couch…Preesha feels pain in her legs.Preesha: It’s paining…Rudy: Wait a minute.Rudy sprays the medicine on her feet.Preesha: Rudy, still your love is same for me.Rudy then controls and goes.Rudy sees Preesha and goes.Preesha: I know you still love me. One day, you will understand that the mistake is not mine. I hope that the day come soon.Scene 5Janaki, Preetha and Srishti come to Luthra’s house.Bani: Girls come, let’s start our party.Karan: Dadi, now a days you are becoming the coolest.She smiles.Janaki search for Rishabh.Janaki: Aunty, where is Rishabh?Rakhi: He is in upstairs beta. He is worried from yesterday. I think there is some work tension.But Janaki understands that it is not work tension and he is worried about her proposal.Preetha: I don’t know why he is so worried about his work.Karan: He is perfect not worried.Preetha: Okay, forgive me for saying about your brother.Bani: Ok enough of your talk. Let’s start our party. Karan and Preetha will dance first.Karan and Preetha dance romantically….Rakhi: They both deserve to be awarded the most romantic pair and they both dance graciously.Bani: Yes, they should participate in any dance reality shows.Sameer drags Srishti to his room.Srishti: You are becoming naughty now a days. Everyone are there and you brought me here.Sameer: I brought you here for having our first kiss.Srishti: Wow Sameer, you got developed in an overnight.Sameer: Shut up….Srishti: I’m excited.They both are about to kiss but Mahesh comes.Mahesh: What are you doing here?Sameer: Papa, I came to show her my closet and to ask any design ideas.Mahesh: Ok come soon.He leaves….Then they both lock the door and kiss sensually.Scene 6Janaki comes to Rishabh’s room and opens his closet. He sees a girl’s photo in it and gets shocked. She also finds an old diary.She reads the dairy and cries…Janaki: Rishabh, you have gone through so much. Sorry for misunderstanding. But trust me, I will heal all your pain…She kisses Rishabh’s photo and leaves….!!!To be Continued!!!PS: Next episode is on Saturday.   

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