Home is Where the Heart is…Part 10

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Hi all!!!!Recap: Talks of Karan – Preetha’s engagement!!! Rishabh proposes Janaki!!!! Ragini sees Yamini and Neil together at night!!!Part 10Scene 1Ragini gets shocked seeing them together.Neil and Yamini see her and get nervous.Neil: Ragini…Ragini: What are you doing here?Neil: I just came for a walk and saw Yamini.Yamini interrupts him.Yamini: Ragini, I too just came for a walk. Nothing happened between us. I’ll leave now.She leaves. Ragini glares at Neil.Yamini comes to her home and sees Rithik sleeping. She goes to Shivanya’s home. She is surprised to see Yamini at that time.Shivanya: Aunty?Yamini: Shivanya, I came to apologize to you.Shivanya: It’s ok aunty.Yamini: Shall I come in?Shivanya: Sure.Yamini comes in and sits on the sofa. Shivanya too sits.Yamini: Shivanya, I’m really sorry.Shivanya sees her feeling nervous.Shivanya: Aunty, you don’t need to be sorry. Why are you so nervous?Yamini cries. This shocks Shivanya.Shivanya: Aunty, what happened? Why are you crying? Is everything fine? I’ll call Rithik now.Yamini: No, you shouldn’t. Sit here, I’ll tell you why I scolded you suddenly.Shivanya: Why?Yamini tells her the flashback of Rithik and Neil. Shivanya is stunned hearing this.Shivanya: Aunty, this means Rithik is Neil’s son?Yamini nods yes.Yamini: So only I got scared as you are Ragini’s relative and Neil could snatch my son from me using you.Shivanya feels sad for Yamini.Shivanya: Aunty, I promise you one thing. Rithik is your son and will always be your son. No one can snatch him from you and I won’t allow that. Because of me, nothing wrong will happen. Even I’ll also limit my meetings with Ragini bua and Neil.Yamini: No, you can talk with her as she is your bua.Shivanya: Aunty she might be my bua but I got to know her only a few days back. But I know you for a long time and I really adore you a lot. For me, you are my priority.Yamini smiles and thanks to her.Yamini: Can I ask you something?Shivanya: Sure.Yamini: Are you and Rithik are in love?Shivanya says yes after a long pause.Yamini smiles and hugs her.Yamini: You are my bahu. This is my promise to you.Shivanya is surprised and hugs her in tears.Meanwhile, Rithik: Acha…They both turn and see him standing there. They both get shocked as he could have heard everything.Shivanya: When did you come?Rithik: When ma promised you that you will be her bahu.They both sigh in relief.Rithik: Why you both are tensed?Yamini: Nothing Rithik.Rithik: Ma, but I didn’t expect this from you.Yamini: What?Rithik: To accept our love.Yamini: I accepted your love, but it shouldn’t cross limits until you complete your studies.Shivanya: Sure aunty.Yamini: Shivanya, hereafter you can call me as ma itself.They both have a light moment.Rithik: Saas- Bahu moment.Yamini: Rithik, now come let’s watch a movie.Rithik: Now?Yamini: Yes.Shivanya smiles and arranges snacks. Rithik plays a movie and they three enjoy their time!!!!Scene 2The next day,Rishabh and Janaki call everyone to assemble in Rakhi’s house.Every one of that flat come there.Suman: Rishabh beta, what happened? Why did you call us suddenly?Rishabh: Aunty, please wait for some more time. Let everyone come.Rudy and Preesha too come there.Neil: Rishabh, please do tell now. I think everyone has come.Rohit: Yes, Rishabh. Tell us.Janaki sees Deewan.Janaki: Actually, we need to tell you all something.Sona: Janaki, go ahead.Rishabh: We both are in love.Rakhi gets happy and everyone is happy and surprised.Rohit and Neil hug him.Rithik: Rishabh Bhai, congrats. Hereafter, I need to call you Jeju.He smiles.Rithik hugs Janaki.Yamini: Janaki, I’m happy for you beta.All exchange wishes.Bani: Deewan Ji, now we became sambhadan Ji too.Deewan: Yes, finally good things are happenings.Rakhi: I have an idea, let’s have Karan and Rishabh’s engagement on the same day. Is it ok for everyone?All say ok.Bani: But who will do all the arrangements?Sona: Aunty, we are here na, let’s rock this.Veena and Suman get an idea and look at each other. Sukhmani sees them and them three smiles. Sona and Rohit see this.Rohit: Why you three are smiling?Veena: What we thought was to have your engagement on that day itself.Sona: Ma…Suman: Yes Sona, let’s have on that day itself.Rohit and Sona smile and say ok.All rejoice.Deewan: This is going to be the best engagement.Bani: Yes.Rakhi: Preesha, can you do me a favor?Preesha: Sure aunty.Rakhi: Can you make all the arrangements?Preesha gets happy.Preesha: Aunty, don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything.Rakhi: Thank you so much. You are my unbiological daughter.Preesha smiles.At evening,All the youngsters gather at that empty house.Preesha: Ok, I called you all here to discuss the engagement.Srishti: Didi, we need to make this the best event as well as the safest one.Preesha: Exactly. So, we need to do everything available inside this apartment.Shivanya: But how?Preesha: Shivanya, I know about your Mehendi skills. So, you need to put Mehendi for our three brides.Shivanya: Pakka.Preesha: Avni, you and I will take care of the bride’s makeup.Avni: Sure didi. I’m a pro in makeup.Neil: Yes, but weak in studies.Avni: Neil….She pinches him.Janaki: Preesha, do we need to have this much grand? We’ll have a simple one.Preetha: Yes, Preesha didi.Preesha: You three ladies, shut up. It’s your engagement and how will we make it simple. It will be grand. Don’t worry.Sameer: Yes, you three couples shouldn’t talk anything.Preesha: Sameer, you and Rithik invite everyone to this flat for the engagement.Sameer & Rithik: Sure.Chikoo is also here.Chikoo: Mummy, I’m good at drawing and making crafts. I’ll make invitations for them.Rudy: But Chikoo, you don’t have that much time.Chikoo: Papa, don’t worry, I’ll make it online and will get it printed in our flat’s stationary shop itself.Preesha: Wow Chikoo, you think a lot. Then go and start your work.Chikoo: All three couples send their pics to mummy’s WhatsApp. I’ll check that.Rohit: Ok sir.All tease Chikoo and send the pics. He runs to his home to make the design.Preesha: Srishti, you have an abundance of skills in interior designing. So, you need to set up the stage with the materials available here.Srishti: Didi, are you sure can I do this?Preesha: Srishti, I trust you. Sure, you can do it.Srishti smiles.Preesha: Neil, you need to organize the entertainment part of this function.Neil: Don’t worry, I’ll rock it.Preesha: Rudy…Rudy: Finally, my wife remembered me.Preesha: You need to take care of all the safety measures and also to arrange food. Regarding food, elders told us that they will make each dish and I’m also making one. So, your work is to arrange them properly.Rudy: I’ll take care.Preesha: Ok is everything sorted?Shivanya: Almost.Avni: What about the dress?Srishti: All shops are closed.Shivanya: Even online shopping is not possible.Sona: Don’t worry, I have 5 new pairs of bridal lehenga and sherwani.Preesha: Really?Sona: Yes, actually they are for shoot. They are brand new clothes that came from production but unfortunately due to lockdown, we were in a hurry of packing. I didn’t see those were in my car. We can use them.Preetha: But Sona, will they allow?Sona: No problem, we can send them money.Janaki: Then fine, no worries.Sona: But I think it needs fitting.Rithik: Didi, you don’t worry about it.Sona: Why?Avni: Neela ma is an expert in stitching. She designs my clothes. So, she will help us with this.All smiles!!!Preesha: Then it’s perfect for our lovelies’ engagement. But the date is not yet confirmed.All smiles!!!Scene 3Yamini video calls someone and both Sesha and Rocky get connected in separate lines.Rithik too joins her.Yamini: Sesha, Rocky, how are you both?Sesha: I’m good aunty.Rocky: Even, I’m also fine.Yamini: You both have good news.Sesha: What?Yamini: Janaki is getting engaged.Rocky: Wow, this is happy news.Sesha: Finally, Janaki didi found her love.Yamini happily nods.Rithik: Ok you both take care there.Rocky & Sesha: Sure, you also be safe.They end the call.Rithik: Rocky has a separate love and care for didi right?Yamini: Yes Rithik, he was grown up here. Janaki used to take care of you both.Rithik thinks of their old days.Rithik, Rocky, and Sesha are school friends. Rocky and Sesha are orphans. Rocky joined an orphanage at age 3. He hardly remembers his parents and he got lost in an accident. He meets Sesha there. They both become best friends. Yamini used to visit the orphanage often. She developed a special bond with Rocky. Even Rithik became so close with Rocky and Sesha. Yamini sponsored their education. Now, they both are in the U.S pursuing their higher studies. Sesha has feelings for Rocky and everyone knows it but Rocky doesn’t have any feelings for her and acts as he doesn’t know about her feelings…!!!To Be Continued!!!P.S: Sorry, today also I couldn’t able to upload pics…          

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