Himanshi Khurana opens up on marriage plans with Asim Riaz

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Bigg Boss 13 couple Asim RIaz and HImanshi Khurana are much in love even after the show came to an end more than a year ago. While there has been quite a pattern in the many couples that are formed in Bigg Boss over the years, this is one of those who are growing stronger with time.The couple confessed their love for each other in Bigg Boss 13 and have As together ever since. A few months back there was news that the two might walk down the aisle soon but owing to the differences in their religion, the chances are way too low for the marriage to happen soon. In a recent interview with ETimes TV, she was asked about her marriage plans with him.Talking about it on length, she said,  “Asim has just started working full fledged and it is the time for him to grow and excel. So right now we are not thinking about marriage. I am also working round the clock and have some amazing offers. Getting married means we will have to give time to each other. Currently, we are working in different industries, the mindset is very different. Our upbringing, religion, he’s in Mumbai so everything is different. We don’t want to rush and mess up things. Marriage is a big commitment. We don’t want to get married in haste and then later on our relationship becomes a joke for others. We want to be prepared for it and want it to happen at the right time. It will be a mature decision.”When asked as to how do they manage being in a long distance relationship, she said, “Actually it’s not very difficult to manage a long distance relationship. We both are from the same profession so there’s an understanding. We both are working and whenever we get time in between we take flights and meet each other.”She also talked about Asim and her mother share an amazing bond, “I sometimes get jealous because my mom forgets to message me but Asim and she talk daily on messages. Asim’s niece is very fond of me and she sends me voice notes. She loves my style and keeps messaging about gowns, lehengas. She is always in touch with me.”

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