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Heart Exchange JaBir FS Part 2


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Heart Exchange Part 2 The credit for the edit goes to the real editor. Pooja went to the office washroom and shockingly she found their colleague Namik there.
Pooja:Why are you in the ladies washroom?
He smirked moving closer to her:For you baby…

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Pooja was about to slap him.But he held her hand.

He moved towards her lustfully.
Suddenly somebody hit him.
Pooja and Namik looked at that person.
It was none other than Kabir.

Kabir pulled Namik closer and hit him down.Kabir hit him more and more and took him to the main hall.All were shocked.
Boss:What’s happening here?Why is Namik beaten?

Pooja:I will say.He tried to misbehave with me.Kabir only saved me.
Namik:Sorry…I was drunk.That’s why.
Boss:How dare you get drunk during office hours and misbehave with a girl openly?You are fired.
They called cops and arrested Namik.
Kabir looked at Pooja.She looked worried.
Kabir:Pooja…he is arrested by the police.Now you don’t need to be scared.

Pooja:Still I feel scared.That incident is haunting me.
Kabir:Don’t worry.Come with me for a drive.You will feel better.
Pooja nodded.  Kabir and Pooja were in the car.On the way he stopped the car.They both got out of the car.
Pooja:Why did you stop Kabir?
Kabir:Because you seem to be very quiet and sad.
Pooja:Because i am…
Kabir cupped her face in his hands:Pooja..I told you.No need to be scared.When I am with you i will not let anyone touch you.Only I have the right to touch you.Mujh mein safar tu karti rahe
Har ik saans mein guzarti rahePooja was stunned:What did you say?
Kabir realized what he said.
Pooja:Say Kabir.
Kabir burst out:I love you Pooja.You are only mine.Shaam-o-subah tu mera
Tere bina kya mera
Do jism jaan ek hai
Na hona kabhi tu judaIt started raining.They shared an intense eye lock.Teri meri kahaani
Hai baarishon ka paani
Banke jo ishq barse
Teri meri kahaani [x2]Kabir:You also love me.Right?I have seen it in your eyes.Admit it Pooja.Dekho na kaisi ijaazat mili hai
Ek doosre mein hifaazat mili haiPooja:What’s the use of admitting it when I can’t get committed to you?
Pooja:Love ends up in marriage.But even though I love you I can’t marry you Kabir.
Kabir:Say clearly Pooja.

Pooja:I feel love fades when lovers get married.My parents did love marriage.Seeing their pre marital photographs I envied them for their love for each other.I thought they had a perfect marriage.But 2 years back I realized that I was wrong.They were only faking love.They were fighting over silly things and one day dad left home.After that he did’nt turn back.I could’nt bear it.I could not stay in that house anymore as it was giving me sad memories.So I left home.
Kabir:Your parents?
Pooja:I don’t know where dad is.He is not even calling me.Mom has shifted to America.Once in a while she calls me.These days she seems to be very busy.I don’t believe in marriage Kabir.I know that you expect me to be your wife.But i can’t.So it’s better not to be in a relationship.
Pooja was crying.
Kabir:For such a stupid thing you are refusing to be in a relationship with me Pooja?

You know what?Even i don’t believe in marriage as I have never seen my parents loving each other.So even I cannot marry you.

Pooja could not believe it.
Kabir:But still we can be in a relationship Pooja.We can be together.

Pooja:But how?
Kabir:First you tell me if you love me or not.

Pooja said emotionally:I love you a lot Kabir.Jeene ki saari zaroorat mili hai
Ye jaam hi hai jaisa hai
Yunhi hamesha hamesha rahe jis tarahKabir smiled:I love you too.Let us have a live in relationship Pooja.We will live together without getting into the stupid institution like marriage.
Pooja’s face blossomed:Wow Kabir.You solved the problem so easily.I love you.Shaam-o-subah tu mera
Tere bina kya mera
Do jism jaan ek hai
Na hona kabhi tu judaShe embraced him.He caressed her smiling.Teri meri kahaani
Hai baarishon ka paani
Banke jo ishq barse
Teri meri kahaani [x2](Gabbar is back).They got inside the car.
Kabir:Let us search for a house and we will shift there.

Pooja:Ok Kabir.We will search for a nice house.  Kabir and Pooja started searching for a house.Finally they liked a house.
They met the house owner.
House owner Ramesh:You both do not look like husband and wife.So romantic.Married couples are not romantic.
Kabir:Guess you are married and from your experience only you are saying this.
House owner:Yes.I am married and there is no romance in our married life.My wife is so busy in career that she has no time to romance.How you both are keeping romance in marriage?
Kabir:Simple.Because we are not married.
The house owner was shocked:Then why you both want this house?
Pooja:Why ?Only married couples can stay together in a house?We are going to be a live in couple.

The house owner was shocked:What?Live in couple?Chee…without marriage you both are going to stay in my house?

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Pooja:What is there to be ashamed of it?The married couples who don’t love each other can stay together anywhere just because they are married.But the unmarried couple who love each other madly should be ashamed to stay in any house?Why?We don’t value loveless marriages.We value the relationships which are filled with love.Our relationship is not based on loveless marriage but love.We both love each other a lot.
Kabir:The married couples exchange vows only to be broken.But we exchanged our hearts with each other.
The house owner became silent.
Pooja:If you can’t give this house to us for rent tell us.We will search for some other house.
Kabir:Yes.We are sure that there are broad minded people also who are willing to give us shelter to live.
The house owner:You both can stay in our house.
Kabir Pooja became happy.They completed all the formalities to take this house on rent.
Kabir:You gave nice lecture to the house owner.

I don’t understand why these people have problem with us having live in relationship.It’s our life and we have the right to live it according to our wish.
Pooja:Yes exactly.These narrow minded people who are against live in relationship irritates me to hell.Anyways thankfully finally he himself handed over his house to us.
Kabir:Ya..   Kabir and Pooja shifted to the new house with all their luggage.

Kabir embraced Pooja from behind.
Pooja blushed:Kabir…
Kabir:Pooja…tonight is our first night.

She became shy:What?
Kabir:Not only married couples but live in couples also have first night.
Pooja:Kabir..you are shameless.
Kabir was getting cozy with Pooja which Pooja was enjoying.It was their first intimate moment and the night became special for them.Their room filled up with sensual love.Enna Sona kyun Rabb ne banaya
Enna Sona kyun Rabb ne banaya (2 Times)Aavan jaavan te main yaara nu manawa
Aavan jaavan te main yaara nu manawa
Enna sona, enna sona
Enna sona o o o!Enna Sona kyun Rabb ne banaya
Enna Sona o o
Enna Sona o o
Enna Sona aa aa aa, Enna Sona

Kol hovein te sekh lagda a
Door jaave te dil jalda a
Kehdi agg naal rabb ne banaya
Rabb ne banaya, rabb ne banaya

Enna Sona kyun Rabb ne banaya
Enna Sona kyun Rabb ne banaya

Aavan jaavan te main yaara nu manawa

Aavan jaavan te main yaara nu manawa(Ok Jaanu).  The next morning…Pooja woke up from the bed.She was surprised to see Kabir standing with bed tea.
Kabir:Tea for us.
Pooja:So sweet of you.But there is only one mug.
Kabir:So what?We can share it.Right?The married couples share milk on first night.But we will share tea daily.
Pooja blushed:Your ideas are so romantic.
They started sipping tea from the same cup.Jaane jaa, jaane jaa, jaaneman jaaneman jaanejaa…(EBSS).

Pooja went inside the bathroom.She was stunned to see Kabir there.
Pooja:Why are you here?
Kabir:To bath with you.
She blushed.
He started removing her saree.She was really shy.

Mujh mein safar tu karti rahe
Har ik saans mein guzarti raheKabir opened the shower.Hum se ye jo bhi harqat hui hai
Mohabbat mohabbat mohabbat hui haiThey both drenched in the shower.They started bathing each other sensually.Kuch itne hain hum tum
Kami kuch nahi hai
Jitna bhi jeena hai
Tujhko hi jeena hai
Jeete rahein jis tarahShaam-o-subah tu mera
Tere bina kya mera
Do jism jaan ek hai
Na hona kabhi tu judaTeri meri kahaani
Hai baarishon ka paani
Ban ke jo ishq barse
Teri meri kahaani [x2](Gabbar is back).They both got dressed up.Kabir pulled her closer getting romantic with her.
Pooja:Leave me Kabir…let me prepare breakfast.
She pushed him and went to the kitchen.
Kabir too followed her.
Pooja:You came here also?
Kabir:I just came to help you.
Pooja:Oh really?
They smiled.They both started preparing breakfast together

and ended up getting romantic with each other.Jaane jaa, jaane jaa, jaaneman jaaneman jaanejaa…(EBSS).

In office…Soumya asked Pooja:You are blushing too much.Did anything happen yesterday night?

Pooja was shy:Soumya..stop it.
Soumya:You both are under the same roof.That’s why I asked if anything happened.
Soumya giggled.  After a month…Kabir Pooja were in the mall.Suddenly Kabir bumped into a girl.He was shocked to see her.

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