Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Beni gives a good idea to Happu for the test

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 4th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comThe Episode starts with Rajjo asking Principal to drink warm water. Happu whispers to him to eat less. Principal threatens her to expose him. Happu is shocked. Principal praises Happu. Amma jokes that she used to put lemon and chillies in his neck so that nobody troubles him. Kat tells that she is proud of her father. Hritik asks who is more smart, Principal or Papa. Some say Principal, some say Happu. Amma says Happu is more clever and says she can bet on him. Happu says he can’t be more intelligent than the Principal. Principal praises happu and says he used to give 5 answers for 1 question, and had also surprise a scientist with his answer. Happu says I remember. Principal says Happu is more clever. Happu says you people are saying as if we will compete. Malaika says there is a good idea, we shall get them compete and whoever gets more marks, will be the winner. Happu and Principal are shocked.Later Principal asks Beni to think and asks him to share some idea. Principal says even her blood test comes wrong. Happu asks Principal to be silent. He says I got number 1 from backwards and asks beni to handle. He then asks him to do silent acting.In the PS, Kamlesh is playing on his mobile while Manohar is playing on his mobile. Resham Pal asks did you tease my wife? Kamlesh asks what? Manohar signs him. kamlesh tells that he didn’t tease her intentionally. Resham Pal says you shall be punished for teasing my wife. Kamlesh says he didn’t mean that. Resham pal beats him.Manohar looks on. Rajjo asks Happu what happened, why is he roaming in the room. Happu says today is my test. Rajjo says the examiner will get away their sleep and tells that Principal told me everything that you was very clever. Happu says if the Principal is fake then? Rajjo asks what do you mean? Happu tells that actually the Principal is fake, he brought him so that the kids respects him and studies well. Rajjo gets upset for sharing the truth with Amma and not telling her anything. She asks him to go, throws the balm and asks him to pick it.Kat comes to Manohar and tells that she wants to meet Kamlesh. Kamlesh says my lovely friend. Kat says her heart and mind have different perspective about him and she was confused. Kamlesh says I will tell you truth. Manohar plays the song paisa paisa and dances. He stops him. Kamlesh cries and says I did wrong thing, teased the aunty. Kat cries and says she don’t want to talk to him.A constable brings a thief. The thief asks for tea. Manohar says he will feed him biryani. Kamlesh gets scared seeing the thief and hides his face. Manohar takes the thief to the lock up and asks him to eat kawwa biryani, when Happu brings.Later Principal tells Happu that he can’t study, he has become an actor to skip studies. Happu asks him not to worry. Principal says your kids are very clever and will ask difficult questions. Happu asks him not to worry and says I talked to Beni, and everything is in control. Principal says how beni will help? Happu tells that Beni gave a good idea which will surprise you. He tells that we will use small earphone, and will tell the questions, and Beni will read the answers. Principal appreciates their plan. Chamchi hears everything.No Precap. Update Credit to: H Hasan

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