Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Resham Pal arrests Happu

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 31st March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on serialupdate.india07.in
The Episode starts with Rajjo getting upset with Happu. She asks him to take his stuff and leave from the room. Happu tries to explain to her, but she don’t want to give him a chance again. He goes out. Rajjo closes the door and sits on the bed. Happu gets inside the room with his stuff, but she pushes him out and makes him go. Happu tries to talk to his kids. Malaika says we will give him medal. Happu asks don’t you trust your father. Ranbir says how can you say that you didn’t tease the girl. Happu says he didn’t tease the girl and says you people are talking big. Hritik says you have done such a cheap thing. Happu scolds him. He asks Kat, why she brushed off his hand and tries to make her emotional. Kat says your acts have made our heads underground. Happu says what is she saying, I will not ask. He asks Chamchi to believe him. Chamchi says how to ignore it after seeing with my eyes and says she is worried that they will be banned by the people. Ranbir says he doesn’t want to see his face. Malaika says the same. Happu gets upset. Ranbir sings sad song. Jeene ke liye socha hi nahi….happu goes out and sits.Kamlesh calls Kat and asks her to give him a chance. He says he wants to play Holi with her only. Kat asks him to come home. Kamlesh says Malaika will beat me and asks her to come. Kat says she will come. Kamlesh gets happy. Rocky and other guys come there. He says I will color your face. He colors his face and goes. Kat comes there and calls Kamlesh. She sees him and says you played holi with me. Kamlesh says Rocky played holi with me. Kat says Malaika was right that you are not my best friend and goes.Manohar asks Resham Pal to leave the files, as Happu will check. Resham Pal asks where is Happu? Manohar says in the farm. Chedi lal comes there and tells that the lady is his sister in law. Resham Pal asks what can I do? The lady says Happu singh…Chedi lal says he teased her. Resham Pal assures to get him punished and asks Manohar to file the report. Manohar says talk to Happu once. Resham Pal says we will arrest him right now. Chedi lal thanks him. Resham Pal asks Manohar to get a tea.Happu tells Beni about Chedi Lal accusing him. Beni is shocked. Happu asks him not to make him drink much. Beni says I will beat you, I warned you not to drink much, but you had drank and teased a woman. He says I am sure that you can’t tease any woman even in a drunkard state. Resham pal and Manohar come there and call Happu. Amma asks why are you shouting. Manohar says his wife has kicked him out, if you think this then you are wrong. Resham pal asks Manohar to arrest Happu for teasing the girl. Amma says I will pull his ears and will punish him, it is my family matter. Resham Pal tells that this is not a family matter anymore. Rajjo says they will beat him and asks him not to arrest Happu. Resham Pal says this is a matter of teasing a girl. Happu asks Beni to do something. Beni says he can’t do anything. Amma asks him to take Happu but beats him slowly. Malaika says he shall be beaten much.No Precap. Update Credit to: H Hasan I started writing as a hobby. It turned into a fledged out career fortunately. I love reading novels and creative arts. I’m very committed and give my best to my work.

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