Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 5th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Sarla wins the competition

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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 5th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.comThe Episode starts with everyone doing the work in the house. Gudiya sees Radhe and Pappu doing the work and ask if they are our family. Sarla says yes, they are our family as other people don’t wash the utensils, which is already washed and the clothes which is also washed. She says Rajjo is sweeping the floor which is already cleaned. Chanchal shows the video for proofs. Gudiya says Amma never got the video shot till now and asks why did Nana ji give us money to send us out. Radhe takes Pappu to side and tells that they were caught without doing anything. Pappu says if we are exposed then will get insulted infront of Gudiya. Gudiya tells that they shall inform Nanhe chacha ji. Sarla says I saw everyone doing the work by themselves. Gudiya asks really, says I knew that my bau ji and bhaiyya can do any work. Radhe and Pappu come to Sarla and apologize to her. Sarla says its ok. Radhe says you had refused to be the part of the game so I thought…Sarla tells that she was doing this household chores since a long time, what’s a big deal. Pappu says I am lucky that I got you since my childhood. Radhe also says the same. Sarla and Pappu laugh. Chanchal thinks to make them fight. She comes to Rajjo and tells that she is feeling bad for her. Rajjo asks why? Chanchal says Sarla saved Pappu and Radhe, but didn’t take your name. Chanchal instigates Rajjo against Sarla and says she didn’t take your name. Rajjo gets angry and says she will handle her now itself. She goes to Sarla and asks her not to kill her slowly.Nanhe lal comes there. Rajjo asks her to see what is happening with her. She complains to him about Sarla. Sarla says Bua ji has done her work, so I didn’t take her name. Gudiya says Bua ji said that you didn’t do the work. Nanhe lal tells that it is proved that Samdhan ji has done the work. Pappu says now everyone knows that Amma has done all the work. Chanchal says mistake is mistake. Nanhe lal breaks bua ji’s piggy bank and finds 20 Rs. He breaks Radhe’s piggy and don’t find anything. He breaks Sarla’s piggy bank and don’t find anything. He then breaks Pappu’s piggy bank and finds much money. Chanchal says Pappu has won. Radhe says if Sarla had the piggy bank then all the money would have been in it. Sweety tells that Amma used to all the work and takes burden of all the house. Sarla says today she is talking in my favour. Nanhe lal tells that Samdhan ji has won. Radhe asks Gudiya if she initiated this competition intentionally. Gudiya tells yes and tells that my Amma wakes up early in the morning and sleeps late in the night. She does all the house work, even though she was unwell. Sarla tells that she gets tired sometimes and wants someone to make breakfast tea for her. Radhe asks if I don’t make you drink tea?Sarla says when you like to make tea. She says sometimes, I want to rest for much time and says if I don’t wash the utensil then everyone gets upset and don’t ask me to do it next day. She tells that the housewives want just respect and love from the family. Gudiya says Sarla Devi, your name will be written with gold after this speech. She asks her not to forget that Chacha ji will give the prize to the winner. Nanhe lal tells that the prize winner gets the chance to go with me to Kashmir for 4 days and 5 nights. Sarla tells that she can’t take the prize individually, as she wanted to go to Kashmir with her family. Nanhe lal says ok, I will take you all to Kashmir. Gudiya is going out. Sarla takes Chanchal and asks her to take her stuff. Chanchal says I am not going anywhere. Sarla shows the piggy bank of her name which she had exchanged with fake one. She says I didn’t tell outside, as she don’t want to lower Sweety’s confidence. Gudiya comes there and the piggy bank breaks. Sarla asks whose it is? Chanchal takes her bags and leaves.No Precap.Update Credit to: H Hasan I started writing as a hobby. It turned into a fledged out career fortunately. I love reading novels and creative arts. I’m very committed and give my best to my work.

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