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Hello everyone…I’m back with another OS…. So, before you start reading it, please keep the following points in mind…⪧ The OS is not at all related to the show or any scene of it and is based on my imagination ⪧ In this OS, Riansh were happily married to each other.⪧ Kabir is Vansh’s real brother and is always loved by the family members. Also he respects his brother (Vansh) and sister in-law (Riddhima) a lot. Unlike in the show, he has a positive character here.⪧ Also, Vansh’s dad is alive and is married to Anupriya (KaVa’s step-mother) whose an experienced IPS Officer!Okay so without wasting any further time of yours…here’s the OS!!………..Riddhima’s POVMy husband-The Great Vansh Raisinghania visits me every night. He crawls in through the window and sits on our king size bed. And today also he’s there in the moonlight, watching me…Even though he’s been dead for almost a year.Riddhima: Vansh, I need to tell you something.Vansh: I need to tell you something too.Riddhima: Can I say it first?Vansh: Of course.Riddhima: Kabir has asked me to go for a date with him.Vansh: When?Riddhima: Today morning after we all had our breakfast!Vansh: And what did you say?Riddhima: Well, I obviously had said a big ‘NO’ because I was, am and will always be either Vansh Raisinghina’s wife or his widow and no one can snatch this right from me. Although, after I had given my answer…..Dadi and all the family members tried to make me understand that I should move on, yet my answers remained the same that’s a “NO”. But I had to change my decision after seeing Dadi again having panic attacks, so I said that I’ll think about his proposal…I can see the sadness in his deep brown eyes. I reach for his hand but I know I can’t touch him.Vansh: You should go with him.Riddhima: But Vansh I don’t want to!Vansh: It’s time for you to move on, Riddhima. Just forget that there was a man named Vansh or in the family there was a boy Vansh whom you ever loved! I can’t stay here forever and meet every-night as we are meeting right now. SO, MOVE ON RIDDHIMA!!Riddhima: Why not? Why are you meet and stay here forever??Vansh: Well, that’s what I needed to tell you.I sit up on my bed, my hands shaking.Riddhima: What are you talking about, Vansh?Vansh: It’s almost been a year, Riddhima. Pretty soon I’ll fade away.Riddhima: That’s not true. Tell me that’s not!? I won’t let this happen.Vansh: You can’t stop it.Riddhima: But you said that some souls get reborn.Vansh: Some do and those are the ones who are at peace. But I’m not. That’s why I’m still here.Riddhima: How can you find peace, Vansh?Vansh: There’s a way, but…He stops in the middle as if thinking and then continues;No…no, it’s too dangerous. Leave it, never mind. Let’s just enjoy our last few nights together.Riddhima: Vansh, please tell me. Is there something I can do?Vansh: I said forget it.I cross my arms in anger. He gives me that look of his…..”The one that says everything will be okay and he won’t let anything happen to me.”Vansh: Can I lie down next to you?Riddhima: Of course you can.I move over to make space for him and he puts his head down, inches from mine. I lean closer, as if I could kiss him but I know I can’t.Vansh: What will you wear for the date?Riddhima: I don’t want to talk about that and as I said earlier I don’t wanna have a relation with anyone.Vansh: Please? Just for my sake you know nah that Kabir is such a gentleman and would love you more than me!Riddhima (angery): How dare you say that Vansh??Vansh: Accha baba, I’m sorry he’ll love you one-fourth of how much I used to love you!!Riddhima: Hmm….I’m still angry about what happened to you. It isn’t fair. You should still have been here, laying down next to me.Vansh: I am here.He reaches out a hand towards my face. I close my eyes, and I can almost feel him.Riddhima: You know what I mean. You should really be here and it’s my fault only that you aren’t.Vansh: That’s not true. You couldn’t have known what would happen.Riddhima: But you were coming to get me, when you died.Vansh: It’s not your fault.Riddhima: It is! I shouldn’t have called you that night. It was raining like cats and dogs. I should have just slept in the orphanage only as it was my wish only to go there.Vansh: Riddhima, you’re not listening to what I wanna say. I’m telling you, it really wasn’t your fault.Riddhima: Your car crashed because of the rain.Vansh: No, it didn’t.Riddhima: What are you talking about? Vansh, stop beating around the bush!Vansh: I think there was something wrong with the brakes. They weren’t working right. I pressed the brakes but nothing happened.Riddhima: But the police inspected the car properly. They didn’t find any foul play.Vansh: You mean the police my step-mom whom I loved is in charge of?Riddhima: Vansh, she wouldn’t. Would she?Vansh: Forget it. There’s no way to prove it.I stand up and start pacing.Riddhima: Are you saying what I’m thinking you are?Vansh: I’ve had a lot of time to think about these things. When I’m not with you, I’m just…floating and thinking.Riddhima: And what do you think about?Vansh: The fact that it is dad’s car and she might have thought that he’d be driving it that night.Riddhima: But mummy ji (referring to Anupriya-step mom) loves dad to the core.Vansh: That’s what she tells everyone but in reality, they fight a lot and Anupriya (said with a disgusted face) is just behind dad’s money and property!Riddhima: What can I do, Vansh?Vansh: Nothing.Riddhima: Don’t lie to me. Is this what you said was “too dangerous?”Vansh: I don’t want to you tell you more, Riddhima.Ridhima: Why not? I’m your wi….(saddened)Vansh (sensing her sadness): Because I know you. You are my Ziddhima! You’ll do something crazy like either confront him or spy (after saying this he giggles like a small child).Riddhima (wines): Vansshhh!! By the way, Vansh you said I could keep you from fading away. Is this how I can do it??Vansh watches me for a moment, uneasy.Riddhima: Tell me!Vansh: Maybe.Riddhima: How?Vansh: Like I said, I’ve had a lot of time in my hands and I’ve been talking to some of the other…Riddhima (interrupted him): Ghosts?Vansh: Yes, Ghosts! The ones left behind…Like me.Riddhima: And what did they say?Vansh: They said that the rumour is that if you’re still here, it’s only because your death is unresolved.Riddhima: So, if we could prove that Anupriya did this. You would be at peace and then you’d reborn?!!Vansh: Yes, but like I said; I’ve only got a couple of days left and I don’t want you to get hurt in this process.Riddhima: We have to give it a try, Vansh. If not for me…then to protect dad and the other family members.Vansh: I know you’re right. But if anything happens to you…Riddhima: I’ll be careful. Don’t worry!Vansh: I do have an idea.Riddhima: Tell me.Vansh: Anupriya doesn’t have any knowledge about cars. If he wanted to alter the brakes then he’d have to talk to a mechanic or something.Riddhima: Maybe his phone records would show that.Vansh: Maybe.Riddhima: Do you think dad could help??Vansh: If he believes you, he can. But he always takes her side. I don’t know what black magic she has done on Dad!?Riddhima: I’ll convince her or I’ll just break into their house after you goo.Vansh: See, now you’re talking crazy. I told you, I don’t want you to get hurt.Riddhima: I need your soul to be at peace, Vansh. I couldn’t save you that night.Vansh: But whether you save me or not….I’ll never see you again.Riddhima: That’s not true….not at all! I know we’ll see each other again, Vansh…Somehow.Vansh: I love you, Riddhima!Riddhima: I love you more, Vansh!!Vansh: The sun is coming up. I have to go.Riddhima: I’ll talk to dad today….once that gold-digger (She’s not at all hesitate to call her by this name, because it was Anupriya only who took away her life, her love…VANSH) goes for her duty and will definitely tell you what he says at night.After I complete my words; Vansh walks very close to me and leans in as if to kiss me. But when I open my eyes….He’s gone!!****************************************Jab koi cheez pass na hoTab hi uski haisiyat pata lagti hai!!Jab saanth mann se socha jayeTab pata lagta hai ki kon,Sacha hai aur kon jhuta….****************************************
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The end

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