Game of hearts – A love story never seen before! Chapter 9-KABIR AND VANSH’S FACEOFF!

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SCENE 1: Vansh’s head is still aching with all the alcoholVansh’s pov: Damnn! This headache is literally killing me, these medicines also dont seem to reduce the pain.Riddhima: What happened Vansh, are you alright?Vansh: Yeah, just a little headache..Riddhima: Doesn’t seem like the headache is just little, should i help?…..leave why am i even asking, The Vansh Raisinghania doesn’t need anyone’s help right?Vansh: Why do you always keep fighting with me? Anyway help me!Riddhima: Vansh! where are your manners? Say please.Vansh: You really like, enjoy seeing me helpless right? Fine. Please Riddhima help me.Riddhima: Good. Turn around i will do an nice massage and the headache will go in a snap.Vansh: Fine.Riddhima massages Vansh’s head and dadi(grandma) calls riddhima and she leaves.SCENE 2: Dadi talks to riddhima.Riddhima: Dadi, why did you call me and why are decorations going on.Dadi: I called you for that only, since your and Vansh’s wedding happened so fast, none of our friends and relatives could attend the wedding so i thought to arrange a reception for you both, so i called to give you some of our family jewellery.Riddhima: Dadi, there is no need of that, i have a lot anyway i will wear them.Dadi: dear Vansh has personally requested me to give them to you and he will not like it if you dont take it.Riddhima: Ok dadi as you wish.Dadi: And dont worry, this jewellery is not for the party.SCENE 3: Riddhima comes into the room.Riddhima: Vansh, did you know about the reception?Vansh: YeahRiddhima: You didn’t even tell me! Now i have a lot of work i have to choose a dress and check the arrangements…Vansh: Will you relax? Why are you so eager about arrangements in every party? There are soo many people to look after that….and coming to dress, you dont have to worry about that, i have a dress ready for you… take this…Riddhima: Vansh, thanks its beautiful!SCENE 4: Vansh and riddhima are meeting everyone in the partyDadi: Vansh, did you tell her about what you feel.Vansh: No dadi, not yet…Dadi: Vansh, she is your wife, more how much time will you take to tell her that you love her, i think she also loves you Vansh, because i have seen how much worried she was when you were not found yesterday, its like she became soo restless , and i also saw the way she took care of you while you were drunk, Vansh girls are like this only, they never openly put out there love, but there love is seen in such little things they do, don’t be anymore late and tell herVansh: You are right Dadi, i will tell her today.Vansh: Riddhima, will you dance with me.Riddhima: Sure.They both dance and suddenly Vansh goes down on one kneeRiddhima: Vansh, what are you doing?Vansh: Riddhima, since you have come into my life, you have changed it totally and i know under what circumstances we got married, but i hope that you will forgive me, if i have hurt you in anyway and try to make this marriage work…..I LOVE YOU RIDDHIMA……This is the first time i am proposing by going down on one knee,so if it went here and there i am really sorry. So what is your answer Riddhima…Riddhima’s pov: The last time you proposed, you went directly to my parents, and this time like this in front of everyone, its not me vansh, its you infact you, who has made my life so beautiful from our first meeting till here, i will cherish all the moments with you till, and i promise to protect you at all costs from your enemies……Kabir enters into the house and starts clapping.Kabir: Wow, what a romantic atmosphere, but i am afraid Mr.Vansh, you may have to wait for your wife’s answer, because i am here to arrest you…Vansh: Party is over, everyone out!Kabir: Why Mr. Vansh, dont you like people to watch your endeavours?!Vansh: Oh please, kabir stop! Tell me why are you here?Kabir: Didn’t you get it the first time, fine, the truth is always bitter, i will tell it again  loudly and clearly this time, and please keep your ears open this time…..MR. VANSH I AM HERE TO ARREST YOU! I hope that was loud and clear enough.Vansh: But why?Kabir: I am here you to arrest under the murder case of  MR. AYAAN, you must know him afterall you killed him, he was a drug dealer just like you…..Vansh: Inspector kabir, i appreciate your guess, but let me put 3 points in front of you….point no. 1, i am not a drug dealer, point no. 2 i dont know any Ayaan and finally point no.3, as a police officer you must know that without a concrete proof you cant arrest anyone under such a big case of murder….Kabir: I know Mr. Vansh, who said, i dont have proof, i do have one actually, see the cctv footage here, see here you are the one walking inside his house with a gun!Vansh: You can’t definitely say that its me, because here the face of the person is not clear, and coming to clothes….come on inspector kabir, dresses like that are made thousands……and can you rewind it….i have something to show you in that cctv footage of yours…..see zoom in on the hand…there you go there is a tattoo on this persons hand, check my hand, i dont have any….hope you have got yours answers…Kabir: Fine, tell me where were you yesterday night, do you have any alibi.Vansh: I was with my wife.Riddhima: Its true inspector, he was quiet drunk also yesterday night and i was with him the whole night, if you even want definite proof you can check the cctv installed in the corridorsVansh: Yeah actually, you can check….Kabir: No need, i am leaving…And Vansh dont think i will leave you too soon, next time i will come with more concrete proofs.Vansh: (whispers near kabir’s ear) You even came this time, but what happened, there is always a loophole kabir…and to catch me its impossible, when i do a crime, i make sure i dont leave even a strand of my hair, so good luck trying…And please whenever there is a murder in this city, please dont come to me saying i have done it….it will be a real shame for police officers like you, that you cant catch the real culprits but keep on blaming innocent people like me…..Kabir: You are not that innocent like how this world thinks…Kabir leaves….Kabir’s pov: Damn it!!! why did Riddhima help Vansh……aahhhhh!!!!!( He breaks things in anger)Riddhima is slowing getting attracted to vansh’s love, i have to stop this all before i lose my pawn and my love, i have to create hatred for vansh in her heart at this extent that she even runs away from his sight! I will not let you forget the love of your life riddhima……thats it for today!! Drop your comments on this track!! And also from tomorrow immj2 is starting a new journey on voot and looks like riddhima is in a grey shade this time, so please!! Subscribe to voot and also don’t bash the makers and all, the story will get interesting lets support our show in this new journey!!

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