Game Of Hearts – A Love Story Never Seen Before! Chapter 20 PAST comes KNOCKIN’

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PRECAP: Dev gets to know that Kabir has come near to Riddhima’s truth about being arohi and decides to mislead him, on the other hand kabir decides to break in to the hospital and find the files…SCENE 1: Dev is on his way to the hospital..Dev’s pov: I need to get there before this kabir does anything! I know him, he must be planning something!Kabir reaches to the hospital at night and tries to break in!Kabir’s pov: If she is really alive, then i can use this to separate vansh from riddhima! And Arohi’s re-entry in their life will make it problematic! Finally, this lock opened! Now i will find it myself! These are sorted yearly, and since it is 5 years ago, i have to check in that year! *searches* Damn it why isn’t it here?! I think there is no use of searching here, looks like i have to wait!FLASHBACK…Dev calls the doctor..Dev: Doctor, that kabir is a cunning fellow, he might try to break in! So you do one thing, remove all the files regarding that case and take it with you!Doctor: Ok Sir…PRESENT:Next day morning, dev comes over the hospital and sees kabir talking to the Mr. Mishra…Kabir: Doctor, will you give me the reports?Doctor: Yeah sir…Dev: Mr.Mishra, is this the person you told me about?Doctor: Yes sir…Kabir sir, this is Dr. Dev he was one of the doctors who handled that case and knows where the files are!Kabir: Hello, Dr.Dev i need those files, its for an important case!Dev: I understand your urgency sir, But i have a bad news for you!Kabir: What bad news?Dev: Sir when she got discharged, she took away all the files with her…Kabir: What do you mean she took away all the files?! You should atleast keep a copy of the file right? How could you guys be so irresponsible! Then why did you let me wait for this much time!Dev: Sir, please calm down, this is a hospital and before raising any questions, we have a question for you! Are you really a cop? Because i have never seen a cop break in! We have cctv footage to prove that you broke in yesterday night into our record room! So you must have known that the files are not there! So please leave!Kabir leaves..Dev: Mr. Mishra, please give me those files, they are acting as a big loophole! I need to burn them!Doctor: Yes sir..SCENE 2: Riddhima and Vansh are in there room…Vansh’s pov: Life is going wonderful right now and everything finally feels to be falling in place! I am happy that dark face of my life has completed!Riddhima: Vansh what are you thinking?Vansh: About us! I need to tell you something! You were like coming up for fresh air. It’s like I was drowning and you saved me. It’s all I know….and thanks for that!Riddhima: Wow, someone is feeling all lovey dovey today! Are you alright? *touches his forehead*Vansh: Riddhima! I just felt like telling it to you!Riddhima: I know i understand!Dadi: * from the hall* VANSHH!!!Riddhima and Vansh: Dadi!?They both come down and dadi is in shock, both ask her..Riddhima and Vansh: Dadi, are you alright? Dadi what are you looking at *they look towards the door and are shocked to find Arohi*Vansh: What the hell?!Riddhima’s pov: Who is she? And she looks exactly like me! What the hell?FLASHBACK…SCENE 3: Kabir is in his office..Jay: Sir, did you find anything regarding arohi?Kabir: No Jay, and i feel helpless..Jay: Sir, while you were gone, i found something very interesting and that can help you in separating Vansh and Riddhima!Kabir: What is that?Jay: Arohi! I mean i found Arohi’s look alike! I found her in the police data base, while i was searching something else, and don’t worry her name is Aanchal Sharma, i even did a whole background check on her! She is confirmed, she is Aanchal, we can send her to VR mansion!Kabir: Perfect, i need to talk to her…Kabir meets Aanchal..Aanchal: I heard from your assistant, that you want me to work with you for a mission?!Kabir: You must have heard about Vansh Raisinghania right!! The top business man in India!Aanchal: Yeah! In fact my brother takes him as his inspiration!Kabir: Then I am sorry to say your brother is inspired by a wrong person! Vansh is not only ruling the business world but he is also ruling the illegal world of drugs!Aanchal: What?!Kabir: Yes, and now you can only get proofs against him! The plus point is that you look just like his ex!Aanchal: According to what you are saying, won’t he be shocked if i go suddenly?Kabir: I know, that’s why, right now he is in a case and he needs a lawyer and since you were once also a lawyer, it can help us, you will go to his house to help him! And from outside i will make it difficult for him to get another lawyer and he will have no choice, other than to take help from you!PRESENT…Vansh: Arohi?! What the hell are you doing here?Riddhima’s pov: Who is this imposter?Arohi: Vansh, i know we had a history but…Vansh: Just get out of here..He goes near her and catches her hand and takes her towards the door to throw her out!Arohi: Vansh listen to me i can explain!Vansh: After 5 years you come back and say that you have an explaination!Arohi: I am not here for our personal matters! I am here for professional matters! I am your lawyer…Vansh: I will even go to jail, but i will not appoint you as my lawyer!Arohi: You think!? Neither am i happy, but its my job! Try hiring someone else! Because right now i am the best lawyer you can get!Vansh makes some calls and later appoints arohi as his lawyer! Riddhima and vansh are in their room and vansh is sad..Riddhima: Vansh are you alright?Vansh: Riddhima, go away!Riddhima: Vansh talk to me!Vansh: *catches her hand aggresively* GO AWAY! If you stay here for another moment i am afraid that i might hurt you! Leave me alone for a while..Riddhima leaves… and talks to DevDev: I heard what happened, who is this girl?Riddhima: I don’t know! But she being here is hurting Vansh! And if she stays here any longer, it can effect my plan and he might never forgive me!Dev: Don’t worry we will do something about her!STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT WILL AANCHAL’S ENTRY AS AROHI, CREATE NEW PROBLEMS IN RiAnsh’s LIFE! AND HOW WILL RIDDHIMA TACKLE THIS NEW PROBLEMGET READY FOR SOME HIGH VOLTAGE DRAMA! LET ME KNOW YOUR POV ABOUT THIS NEW CHAPTER IN THE COMMENTS!!!

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