Game Of Hearts – A Love Story Never Seen Before! Chapter 14 RIDDHIMA KIDNAPPED?!

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SCENE 1: Riddhima is in her room and vansh comes in……Riddhima: Vansh, are you free today?Vansh: Why?Riddhima: I have some work with you thats why..Vansh: I have 2 meetings with delegates and then i am free…but what work do you have?Riddhima: I am just feeling a little uneasy and…Vansh: UNEASY?! You first sit down and i will call the doctor..Riddhima: vansh..Vansh calm down not the health wise uneasy….Vansh: Then?Riddhima: I was feeling like visiting the orphanage once…and also meet Bani once…so i know you wont send me alone so i was asking you…..Vansh: Riddhima this is your house and you come and go whenever you want, and you don’t need to ask my permission! I will send the driver if you want…Riddhima: Yeah fine!SCENE 2: Riddhima comes down and is shocked seeing kabir with his luggage….Riddhima’s pov: This kabir is leaving already? Anyway its good he is leaving!!Shivaay: Dadi, i will leave, i cant stay anymore in this house, but i hope Mr.Vansh finds the culphrit like he said…Dadi: Once vansh has said it then he will do it definitely, dont worry and we are really sorry for your loss….Kabir’s pov: Riddhima i am leaving for now, to get back at you soon, i overheard your little talk with Vansh, now see how i will change this wonderful day into one of your worst nightmare……SCENE 3: Riddhima goes to the orphanage…Riddhima: Kids!!! How are you? look i came back like i promised right!!Kids: Didi (sister) you came back…will you be staying here again!?Riddhima: No, but i promise i will visit all of you once a week….Kids: No Didi not done, you said you will come back faster but you came soo late, you even missed mishti’s birthday( A girl in the orphanage)…Riddhima: Oh!! So thats why everyone is so angry and sad…ok fine then all the chocolates and toys i brought for you, i will take it back and i even bought mishti’s favourite chocolate and the toy she asked for! But fine, if you all don’t want…Kids: You bought our favourites? where are they?!!Riddhima: Krishna uncle( Driver) please bring the gifts from the car..and kids go and help uncle…Bani: Finally you are back?! Come into the room we have a lot to speak about come!!Riddhima and bani talk in the room..Riddhima: Thanks Bani, if you were not there i wouldn’t even know how to start the plan!Bani: Forget all that tell me what happened till now….Riddhima explains everythingRiddhima: I dont know if i should be sad that Vansh hates Arohi or whether i should be happy that he loves riddhima! But i wish that i could clear his misunderstandings but this Kabir is not leaving me…i always feel scared that what if Vansh comes to know that i came in as a spy…then he wont even believe me that i really love him…he will think that i am lying….Bani: Its ok Riddhima, lord ganesha is always there for you…soon this kabir will be out of your life and it will only be filled with happiness!SCENE 4: Vansh feels restless and calls riddhimaVansh: Hello? Riddhima?Riddhima: Vansh? Are you alright? You seem in tension…Vansh: Yeah i am alright, what about you is everything alright do you need me to come there?Riddhima: Vansh, everything is fine, the kids loved seeing me here, and i cant be more safer than here, and No you wont come here, you said right you have important meetings continue with them..ok bye, the kids are calling me!Vansh: hello..hello…riddhima?!….damn it riddhima, i feel like something bad is going to happen and she didn’t even let me speak…this girl also!!Riddhima talks with baniRiddhima: I should leave bani, Vansh is worried though he didn’t mention it, i felt it, i should goBani: Wow! You both are really like internet connection, there his wifi got on and here your heart got connected…wow!! ok fine take care, if the children see, they will not let you leave , go from the back door, i will make them understand!Riddhima: Thanks a ton!!Riddhima comes out and calls the driver..Riddhima: Uncle where are you? I am near the back door..Driver says he is all the way aroundRiddhima: Oh ok fine, i will come wait there only, if you come here it will be difficult to get the car out of here, 5 minutes i will be there…..Riddhima is walking and suddenly some one makes her unconsciousSCENE 5: Vansh calls the driver..Vansh: Uncle, is riddhima alright give the phone to her….she isn’t picking up her phone…Driver: Sir, madam told she will be near the car in 5 minutes but its been 20 minutes mam has still not comeVansh: what do you mean she has not come!? Go and ask in the orphanage and i am coming there…Vansh comes near the orphanage….Vansh: Bani, where is riddhima, she told she will be safe here, then where is she?!Bani: Mr.Vansh please calm down, she went from backdoor she even called your driver , i really dont know where she is, i am as worried as please stop scolding me..Vansh: I should have come here when she asked me to come…damn it….its my mistake….Riddhima where are you please*cries*Kabir is in his officeKabir: *on phone* what do you mean that Riddhima is missing, you said she was right there and you turned around to drink water and she went missing and you are also telling me that she didn’t even go home?! Cut the phone you idiot! I told you one work couldn’t even do that properly!!Kabir’s pov: Who got to riddhima before me! I have to save her, dont know who took her and what they will do to her!!Vansh is talking to angreVansh: Angre, put all of your detectives to work…i need my Riddhima back!!Angre: Please dont worry boss, i will take care you should go to the house….Vansh comes back to the houseDadi: Vansh*looks behind him* where is Riddhima, did you find her! Vansh answer me!Vansh: *nods his head* No Dadi, Angre is working on that, she was my responsibility and she trusted me dadi and i…i..i couldn’t keep her safe!*drop of tear runs down his cheek*Dadi: vansh, dont put the blame on yourself! I know my grandson, he will find his wife soon! Vansh, look at me…i am assuring you, your riddhima will come back home safe and sound!SCENE 6: Kabir is also trying to find riddhimaKabir’s pov: I will find my riddhima, that Vansh is of no use! i wonder is she is safe or not…but who can kidnap riddhima…damn it!! I already asked Siya and she cant be the one to have done this! RIDDHIMA WHERE ARE YOU!!!Vansh is in the home drinking and playing piano….His hand starts to bleed after he breaks a glass in his hand…Dadi: Vansh, control yourself, why are you punishing yourself…riddhima will be alright, show me your hand i will do first aid….Vansh: It was my mistake Dadi, i never listen to her, then why did i listen to her when she said that she didn’t wanted me to come…..Dadi does the band aid but still vansh continues playing piano…Riddhima is in a dark room and she is getting into her senses..Riddhima’s pov: where the hell am i…and who kidnapped me? Oh no, vansh must be worried, i need to go away from here….its hurting…wait i am bleeding?! But, oh no its the wrist, someone is trying to drain away the blood so i will die, i need to run awayShe somehow unties herself, but she hears someone’s footsteps….Riddhima’s pov: Oh shit, no!She hides behind the door and when the person opens the door she hits that person with a rod and runs awayRiddhima’s pov: Who is this person that kept me so near to the house….Vansh, i need to find Vansh….Riddhima successfully gets inside the mansion…Riddhima: VANSH!!!Vansh: Riddhima?!Riddhima faints and vansh comes running towards her…Vansh: Angre, call the doctor immediately…Doctors are done treating riddhima…Vansh: She will be fine right?Doctors: We cant say that since, there was excessive blood loss due to the cut near the wrist, we will have to keep her under observation….but i can assure you that she is not in a critical condition….Vansh: Thanks doctor!Riddhima wakes up…Vansh: Finally, you woke you need some water..Riddhima nods her head…Vansh: Enough? Do you need more, should i get some food for you wait i will get something to eatRiddhima hold vansh’s hand…Riddhima: Please stay, dont leave…Vansh: Riddhima relax, i am always there for you and no one can hurt you when i am with you…i promise, this was the first and last time trust me…Riddhima goes to sleep..Vansh’s pov: How do i always forget that Riddhima is also a part of my life…where danger seems to be always there..and me being near her will just put her life in peril…i need to stay away from her…i love you riddhima…i love you so much that i can even sacrifice you to keep you safe….i need to stay away from you…i cant risk it again..i am sure maybe one of my business enemies might have done it…..i will not spare anyone who has done this…but trust me riddhima i will keep you safe no matter what…STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT, WHERE WILL THIS DECISION OF VANSH  TO STAY AWAY FROM RIDDHIMA, AFFECT RIDDHIMA’S RELATIONSHIP WITH VANSH….AND WILL KABIR USE THIS TO HIS OWN GAIN…. AND WHO IS THE PERSON WHO KIDNAPPED RIDDHIMA IF IT WASN’T KABIR AND SIYA….WHO IS THIS NEW VILLAIN IN THEIR LIFE?!LET ME KNOW HOW THIS CHAPTER IN THE COMMENTS!!

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