Game Of Hearts – A Love Story Never Seen Before! Chapter 13 BEAUTY WITH BRAINS!

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SCENE 1: Riddhima is not able to understand why is everyone looking at her…..Riddhima: Why is everyone looking at me?! Vansh tell me!! Will anyone tell me what is happening here?!Ishani: *screams* You want to know the truth look at this video, here clearly you are holding the murder weapon which was used to kill Jay!!Riddhima: What!!…..Vansh trust me i didn’t kill Jay…Ishani: Then what were you doing here, why are you holding the weapon?? Tell me Riddhima, today was supposed to be the best day in my life and you made it the worst day!!!! I hate you riddhima!!!!FLASHBACK….Riddhima follows kabir as he is holding something and she follows him…..and he goes to the backyard!Riddhima’s pov: Where is kabir going? And what is he holding? It might be a proof against vansh…i need to find it and destroy it…Kabir’s pov: Come on Riddhima, i need you to follow me…and touch that weapon that i have kept ready for you!!Kabir hides the dairy, by hiding it under the soil….and riddhima picks up the weapon to remove the soil and thats when Kabir takes a video of her..PRESENT;Riddhima’s pov: So this was Kabir’s plan!! How can you be so dumb Riddhima!! Now i cant let Vansh doubt me after coming this long, i wont let you spoil my plans kabir!!Ishani: I will call the police and they will handle you the correct way!!Vansh: Ishani! She is my wife and no one will call police, and just a mere video cannot prove that she is the murderer..Shivaay: I am sorry Mr.Vansh but i cant keep calm like your family, i will call the police, if you dont….after all its my nephew that got murdered!!Vansh: I am really sorry for your loss, but police will not come into this house without my permission, and i assure you i will find the killer as soon as possible, and he/she will be held responsible for what they have done!!SCENE 2: Riddhima is in her room thinking…Riddhima’s pov: How will i prove that i am not the one who killed Jay… i need to prove two things, first, that kabir aka shivaay is the one who killed jay and two, that shivaay is in disguise…..but how will i prove?! Damn it!! I cant even tell his truth directly otherwise my truth will also be out in a snap! But before all this i need to know that if Vansh still trusts and believes me…Vansh comes in..Riddhima: Va..van..vansh!Vansh: Riddhima! Do you have any explaination about the video?!Riddhima: I dont! But believe me i didn’t kill anyone…and that too jay?! I dont even have a motive to kill him! then why will i kill him…Vansh please trust me!Vansh: I trust you riddhima, dont you think after spending so much time with you, i wouldn’t know that you are not capable of hurting anyone!? Relax! I will handle this matter dont worry!Riddhima: *hugs vansh* Thanks Vansh, thanks for believing in me!Vansh: Riddhima while getting married i promised that i will stand with you no matter what…we will solve this together…but for ishani first we must prove that you are not the murderer, otherwise she will leave no stone unturned to hurt you…and i cant let her hurt you..Riddhima: Yeah, you are right!!SCENE 3: Everyone is having dinner and riddhima comes down…Dadi: Come dear, come and eat..Riddhima: Yes dadi..Ishani: How can you be soo shameless riddhima, you killed my boyfriend and you dont even have guilt to show up here and eat…Dadi if she is here i will not eat..Ishani is about to get upRiddhima: Ishani..sit…i will leave and anyway i have work in kitchen, i am not hungry, you sit and eat…..Ishani: Just go away from here…Everyone leave after they have dinner, Vansh comes from the office…Dadi: Vansh, finally you came, riddhima didn’t eat anything from the morning, tell her to eat something…Vansh: She didn’t eat?! what do you mean she didn’t eat? I specifically told her to eat before leaving, still she didn’t eat? Why does this girl act like a child dadi always, she doesn’t even care about herself? Tell me what should i do with her? I have so many things to handle now i should even handle her?Dadi: She is your responsibility Vansh, and its not her mistake, she came to eat but this ishani, scolded her, and that girl left saying she is not hungry!Vansh: Enough dadi, i have spared ishani a lot, i will not leave her today..Dadi: Vansh, first go and take care of riddhima, she must be feeling tired right?! You handle ishani later, now Riddhima needs you!Vansh: You are right! Dadi please tell Mrs.Dsouza to send some food to the room please..Dadi: Yeah, you go, i will send food..Vansh comes into the roomVansh: Riddhima, did you eat food?Riddhima: When you know that i haven’t eaten anything, what is the use of asking?Vansh: When you knew that i would ask, you should have eaten atleast later right when everyone left!Riddhima: I dont have the habit of eating alone….so i thought i will wait for you! Obviously, you also didn’t eat anything right…And if my guess is correct then, on the way to the room you must have told Mrs.Dsouza to get some food also right?Vansh: You have started to know me better than i know myself! Well done Mrs. Raisinghania, you are doing a wonderful work keep it up!Mrs. Dsouza brings the food and they eatVansh: Dont worry Riddhima, i will find the culprit as soon as possible, you trust me right!?Riddhima: More than myself!Vansh goes to freshen up…..Riddhima’s pov: *cries* Oh god!! You have always saved me! please help me solve this problem, i know you wont help people like kabir…please god show me some way….Vansh comes out…Riddhima: Vansh, where did this mud come from?Vansh: Oh that? It must have been from my shoes, its raining outside, so obviously the mud!Riddhima: What did you say?Vansh: I said its raining so obviously the mud will stick to the shoes right!Riddhima: Vansh! COME WITH ME!!!!Vansh: Riddhima are you alright?!Riddhima: Just come with me!!Riddhima takes Vansh near the backyard..Vansh: Riddhima, its raining lets go inside…Riddhima: No vansh i have to show you something….Show me the video where i was holding the weapon!Vansh: Here you go!Riddhima: Vansh call Angre and tell him to send the pictures of Jay’s shoesVansh: Fine, you just relax i will call Angre….*after a while* here you go…now what..Riddhima: Look vansh, here in the video its not raining and the soil is dry…and when was the last time you met Jay?Vansh: I guess half an hour before we found his body!Riddhima: Right! what was the time approximately at that time?Vansh: It was 6:30 pm…riddhima i dont get what are you trying to prove….Riddhima: You trust me right?! Just listen what i am telling…without any questioning….in this photo of Jay’s shoes look there are no mud marks….which means he didn’t even come here and that means he was killed somewhere else and brought here..see in the shoes at the ridges there is mud formed..which means someone pulled him over here and dumped his body here….and the time you have mentioned, we can check the cctv for proof that i was in the house, in fact i was busy the whole time seeing the arrangements…..and the video in which i am there it was taken way before you met Jay, i mean Jay was killed after the video was taken…see here the dress i am  wearing it was before i got ready right!Vansh: Yeah you are right, let me check the cctv footage…….Riddhima’s pov: Thanks god! Thanks for helping me! Kabir, you killed a person again, just to frame me so that Vansh will not trust me anymore….now you will see my wrath kabir!!Vansh: You were right riddhima, we have proof let us tell the whole family, so that they dont doubt you anymore….SCENE 4: Everyone in house comes to the hall and Vansh explains everything….Vansh: So since its proven that Riddhima is innocent, no one and i literally mean no one*looks at ishani* will blame her, or disrespect her, and even if you think about disrespecting her, remember one thing that she is my wife!!Kabir’s pov: This time you got saved riddhima, but the luck will eventually fade out and one day it will be my day…Kabir is walking towards his room but Riddhima stops him…..Riddhima: Kabir, i told you right, i will be there to protect Vansh from you all the time….and why did you kill Jay, what did he do?Kabir: Riddhima darling, he was going to send me away from you by telling my truth to Vansh, now how could i let that happen you only tell me!Riddhima: I dont care why you did that, but till now you have seen a Riddhima who was ready to do anything in love, even sacrifice myself, but now you will see a Riddhima who will fight for her love and for that i wont even hesitate killing you!!Kabir: Darling, death threats wont suit you….words like love, make sense coming out of your mouth, but such threats nahhh!!Riddhima’s pov: Still there is much left kabir, that you dont even know!!WILL RIDDHIMA BE SUCCESSFUL TO SEND AWAY KABIR FROM THE VR MANSION? AND WILL KABIR BE ABLE TO BREAK VANSH’S TRUST ON RIDDHIMA?LET ME KNOW HOW THIS CHAPTER WAS IN THE COMMENTS!!!

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