Game Of Hearts – A Love Story Never Seen Before! Chapter 12 RIDDHIMA FRAMED?!

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SCENE 1: Riddhima is in her room, getting ready for haldi ritual (a part of indian wedding ritual)Riddhima: Still so much work is there to do, i want to make this wedding memorable for ishani…Vansh: Riddhima!Riddhima: Vansh, thank god you are here, did you ask Angre about the special flowers i told to order, they are very hard to find in this season?! And moreover its Ishani’s favourite flowers….Vansh: Riddhima, relax! I will ask…i wanted to thank you….Riddhima: Why Vansh?Vansh: For accepting this family as yours and knowing everyone’s favourite…when they didn’t even tell you! I wonder how do you do this all?!Riddhima: Vansh, its ok..i never had a family and this is more than i can ask for!! And coming to the point, how i know everyone’s favourite, you just need to observe people thats it…ok i am going down i have work….SCENE 2: Dadi tells Riddhima to make the turmeric paste for the ritual and she struggles to make it…Vansh: Should i help you…?Riddhima: Oh hello! I can do it myself…Vansh: Wow, so your misunderstanding that you can do anything without my help has not gone yet?!……here let me help youSCENE 2: Riddhima is going towards her room when shivaay aka kabir pulls her overRiddhima: Excuse me, Mr.Shivaay, what kind of behaviour is this? Your Jay’s uncle, so i am leaving you,otherwise if my husband came to know about this, you will be out of this house in no time…Kabir: Really!? I thought you would be happy to see me here….Riddhima: Why would i be happy to see you?Kabir: After all, i am your first love, you forgot me?Riddhima: First love?……Ka…kabir?Kabir: Wow, kudos to my love!! Look i am here…..Riddhima: What are you doing here, that means Jay is betraying Vansh??Kabir: No, he is loyal, but i had to give him a warning that i would kill ishani, so he introduced me as his uncle! But look at you, i guess you are too happy to see me that instead of feeling happy you are feeling nervous…..i missed you riddhima….and your plan!! Its amazing!!Riddhima: My plan?Kabir: Yeah, to make Vansh fall in love with you and make him trust you blindly… that he himself gives the murder proof of Arohi!! I am here to help you dont worry……we will make this work…i trust you riddhima….Riddhima: You are here to help me?! Well sending vansh the envelope with our photos. wasn’t really helping me! Maybe you are wondering how i know Right?! I like Vansh because he has cctv”s installed every where which i checked yesterday itself….but i thought how did this so-called Shivaay know about me and kabir, but now i wonder that you yourself are sabotaging our mission…i came this long not for you to destroy it all…..Kabir: I…i am sorry Riddhima… job is like that only, i have to time and again check the loyalty….Riddhima: Loyalty?! You just said you trust me kabir?! I feel like i cant trust you anymore….Kabir: Trust me?! So now what, you trust that Vansh more than me?!Riddhima: I dont!Vansh calls riddhima..Riddhima: I have to go kabir….Riddhima leaves…Kabir’s pov: What the hell, i thought she will be scared….but here she is doubting me itself…..i need to gain her trust…she has grown more fearless than she used to be…my plan is falling apart.. i cant let this happen, i need to talk to siya as soon as possible….SCENE 3: Riddhima is going back to her room…Riddhima’s pov: Thanks kabir, i thought of ending your chapter as soon as possible, and you yourself have come here, which makes my work easier, i have to act like i got to know about your truth that you are merely using me, i know at some point you will talk to siya in the house and i just need to catch you both together to make my plan work…..Vansh: What are you thinking about..?Riddhima: Nothing, you called me?Vansh: yeah, where were you the whole time when haldi ritual was going on, you were not in the room?Riddhima: I had some work, thats it…Vansh: Dont you think…that, Jay has been acting out a bit?Riddhima: I dont know…i will be back just give me five minutes..Kabir is meeting siya…riddhima is going towards Siya’s room to check if she is there….Kabir: We are losing riddhima, she is trusting Vansh more than me right now…Siya: I told you, that she has changed the whole plan….now our hard work is failing because your so-called pawn has decided to love Vansh….Kabir: I know, i made her fall in love with me and trust me blindly, so that she would be ready to do anything for me!! i wonder how she herself fell in love with vansh, so easily!!Riddhima suddenly barges in!Riddhima: Siya, you! I thought you were good, but you are planning with Kabir? And kabir you! You were just using me to get to Vansh, i loved you kabir!! and you decided to betray me!? i loved you this much that i even got ready to marry some one else for your mission, but now i get it, it was your plan!! Your goal is to destroy Vansh right i wont let it happen!! Now between you and vansh i choose Vansh, and you have to cross me before you get to Vansh…. and you siya, vansh trusts you and loves you so much and you decided to betray him really!? I dont know your reasons but i will now protect Vansh!!!She leaves…Kabir: No, No this cant happen i have lost my only way and she knows our truth!!Siya: And we know hers!Kabir: What?Siya: If she tells Vansh about us, then we will tell him that she too was a spy…Kabir: Fine…SCENE 3: Jay is thinking about telling vansh the truth about Shivaay.Jay’s pov: I cant put Vansh in danger, i cant keep his enemy right in his house…i have to tell Vansh…Jay: Vansh!Vansh: You are not ready yet! go and get ready we will talk later..Jay: Vansh, its important please listen to me!Vansh: I dont care how important it is, if ishani finds you like this she will kill us both, now go and get ready!!Vansh sends away jay….Jay’s pov: I have to get ready and tell Vansh the truth about this kabir!!Kabir: You were going to tell Vansh about me? HOW DARE YOU!! I gave you a wonderful chance to just shut up and have a life with Ishani, but I feel insulting when people try to destroy my plans!!! You wanted to be a hero and tell everything right!! I thought you loved ishani more than your loyalty towards Vansh, but Naah everyone wants to be a hero…now i will show how heroes always end up  in my story, leaving only me as the hero……other heroes just die!!!He kills Jay with a rod!Kabir: Now see Riddhima, how i put this murder on your head, even Vansh will start hating you and you will come back to me!!Ishani goes in search of Jay and finds his dead body in backyard…Ishani: Jay!!!!!! Vansh Bhai!!!!!Vansh: What happened ishani!? *looks at the dead body*…Oh my god! Ishani, stop crying, i will find whoever the culprit is please stop crying…Riddhima looks at kabir…suddenly everyone’s phone pings and they all look at RiddhimaRiddhima’s pov: Why is everyone looking at me, who sent what? That they all are looking as if i am the culprit…

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