Game of hearts – A love story never seen before! Chapter 10 VANSH KILLS RIDDHIMA?

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SCENE 1: Riddhima comes down early in the morning and the house is quiet darkRiddhima: Why is it this much dark? Mrs. Dsouza on the lights…..weird why isn’st she answering…Suddenly the house lights up and someone shouts I LOVE YOUUUUU!!!!!!!!! But riddhima is stunned seeing the decorations…Riddhima: Who is it, this the same decorations which Kabir used to propose me, is he here?Everyone in the house comes down, hearing the noise….The unknown person: I loved you so much, but i had to leave  you for a while, and you totally forgot about meEveryone in the house is wondering who it is and riddhima is nervous but Vansh notices her and is about to ask her but he is interruptedJay: I love you ishani!!!Ishani: Jayy!!! You are back!! Vansh bhai, this is Jay, you have seen him in the cruise with me and Aaryan remember?Jay: How could he forget me? Vansh knows me too well.Vansh: Jay buddy, you are back! Riddhima this is jay my friend and ishani’s boyfriend, you know soon they are getting married to…Jay: I have come to talk about that only, i want the marriage to happen in this week itself.Vansh: This week, but we decided next month right?Jay: I know Vansh, but next month i have lots of important delegate meetings in London and my company has promoted me to the London branch as well, so it will be hard for me, so i thought why not take away Ishani with me…Ishani: Perfect, Bhai please say yes!Vansh: Dont worry, it will happen this week only!Ishani: Thanks a lot bhai!!!Anupriya( Vansh’s mother): Then lets do the engagement today itself!!Jay: Before that i would like you all to meet my uncle, Shivaay singh. He was the one who gave me the idea of this decorations and marriage proposal.Flashback: Kabir meets jay and threatens to kill ishani if he didn’t introduce him as his relative.Present:Kabir’s pov: Riddhima, now you will always be in front of my eyes and i swear to part you away from him.Shivaay: I am sorry, for waking you all up like this, but he wanted give her a surprise, hope you wont mind.Riddhima’s pov: For a second i thought kabir had come…thank godRiddhima walks away into her room and vansh follows her.Vansh: Riddhima are you alright? Your health is ok right?Riddhima: Yeah Vansh i am alright!Riddhima suddenly has hiccups and vansh hugs her from behind.Vansh: There you go, it stoppedRiddhima: What stopped?Vansh: Your hiccups, dadi says if we give shock to the brain , the hiccups will stop.Riddhima: Fine.In the evening riddhima is getting ready for the engagement, but her dress zip gets stuck and Vansh offers to help.Riddhima: Thanks.Vansh: Its alright. I have to ask you something!Riddhima: ASKVansh: You have not answered to my question, which i asked in the party, this much happened afterwards, i didn’t get the time to ask you!Riddhima: I will talk about that after the party, i have something to tell you even.Vansh: FineVansh and Riddhima come down!Dadi: You both look so lovely together, always be like this only happy, it suits you both.Vansh and riddhima: Thanks dadi.Kabir’s pov: Sorry dadi, your wish will never get fulfilled until i am there, i have to show Vansh, that riddhima is a spy and she is here to hurt him!Everyone is enjoying the party and Vansh is talking to Angre.Vansh: You know right in this party, we are having a deal and make sure the security is strong.Angre: Yes boss.SCENE 3: Shivaay aka Kabir sends a envelope of photos of him and riddhima together to VanshVansh opens the envelope. Kabir’s pov: Sorry Riddhima, now its upto god, to save you dear…because i know vansh cannot handle betrayal, may the lord save you….love youVansh: Angre, call her to the terraceVansh is standing in the terrace.Vansh: There are 2 ways to be fooled one is to believe what isn’t true and the other is to refuse to accept what is true! I thought to think from your perception why would you do such a thing even after knowing what kind of a guy i am, then again, perception is deception, many people look, few people see and sweetheart i ain’t the one seeing your perception, wrong match!!He pushes her down……Vansh: I am sorry SWEETHEART!Vansh calls angre.Vansh: Clean the body from here before anyone sees….SCENE 4: Vansh comes down and dadi asks vansh where is riddhimaDadi: Vansh did you see Riddhima, there is a lot of work to do still.Vansh: *wipes sweat * No Dadi, i have not seen her aroundDONE!! LOOKS LIKE THINGS TOOK A WRONG TURN! DO YOU THINK RIDDHIMA IS ALIVE? WILL SHE BE BACK FOR REVENGE??STAY TUNED! AND DROP YOUR COMMENTS! NEXT EPI AFTER 25+ COMMENTS!!

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