Game Of Hearts – A Love Story Never Seen Before! CH 18 STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN?

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PRECAP: KABIR POISONS THE FRUITS AND SERVES IT TO VANSH…RIDDHIMA TRIES TO SAVE HIM AFTER VANSH COLLAPSES TO THE FLOOR….Riddhima: Vansh! Please stay with me! Please! Angre!! Call the doctor…Angre: Mam, i have called, move aside i will put him on the bedRiddhima: Yeah..*wipes her tears*Doctor comes in and treats vansh..Doctor: He is in a critical condition, we are not able to figure out which poison was used, and until we figure it out, we can’t treat him, for now we have given him a injection, which can slow down the process, but we can’t give it again, if we give him more dose without knowing which poison it can kill him…Riddhima: What do you mean you can’t figure out!? Its your job to figure it out! Just do something and save him..Doctor: We are giving our best mam…Riddhima: Well, i think you can do much better! Just send some blood samples to 2-3 labs, atleast one of them will figure it out…Dadi: Riddhima, calm down, doctor actually you can do what she said…Doctor: Yes mam, we will send the blood samples…Riddhima’s pov: I need to find out who was the person who poisoned Vansh? For that i need to speak to the waiter who served the fruits!Riddhima meets the manager..Riddhima: Can i talk to your staff who was serving food..Manager: Sure mam..Riddhima looks at them..Riddhima: No, not them, there was another guy right, he even served fruits in our room…Manager: I am sorry mam, there must have been a misunderstanding, this is our whole staff..Riddhima: You can leave..Riddhima’s pov: That means someone deliberately disguised as waiter to poison vansh! But who could it be? God! How can i be such a fool, it must have been kabir, other than him who can do such things!Riddhima calls someone..Riddhima: I need your help! Please, he is in danger and i know only you can save him!Male voice: Don’t worry, i am always there for you! Don’t worry, just tell me the lab to which the samples were sent, i will directly look into it!Riddhima: Thanks!Riddhima tells the lab name and cuts the phone…SCENE 2: Kabir is in his office..Kabir’s pov: No one will find out which poison it is, it is very hard to find and by the time they get to know which poison i used, by that time Vansh will be dead, now only that god can save him! Or me, i am going to negotiate with riddhima, about this antidote that i have! In exchange for this antidote she will have to divorce vansh!SCENE 3: Dadi talks to ridddhima about vanshDadi: How are you holding up dear?Riddhima: I am fine dadi, i have called someone who will take care of this matter and i am sure that he will save vansh!Dadi: You and vansh are alike, both of you never show what you feel for each other, and when something like this happens you can’t see each other in pain…dear sometimes it’s important to take time and tell people how much we love love them while they can hear us, before we regret it later…Riddhima: You are right Dadi….Dadi: By the way who is this doctor you were talking about?Riddhima: He is my best friend , he recently returned to India and he works here in Mumbai…though he has studied modern science and  is a surgeon, he has also specialised in pathology and believes in ayurvedic medicine also, his father was ayurvedic doctor, and he has passed down his legacy to my friend! And he is handling everything just perfectly!Dadi: If you are appreciating him so much, then he must be something!Riddhima gets a call..Dadi: You pick up the call i will leave..Riddhima: Sure dadi!Riddhima: Hello? Who is this?Kabir: Your boyfriend! Well how is your husband’s Happy b’day going on? Oh wait, i am also such a fool, its not b’day its death day right? Well how is the poison working? I mean how is he holding up, just more few hours and he will be gone to heaven! Oh wait not heaven, what good things has he done to go there! He will go to hell!Riddhima: So my guess was correct! It was you! How dare you kabir! Everytime when i think that you possibly can’t stoop any lower, you prove me wrong!Kabir: Don’t keep such big expectations from me darling! I am not vansh, who can fulfill all your expectations!Riddhima: just come to the point kabir!Kabir: Yeah basically i called because, i have the antidote for your husband! And i am willing it to give you…you just have to do what i say!Riddhima: Kabir! How many times i have told you? That whenever you try to harm vansh, i will save him! And today also i will save him, without your help! And FYI soon he will be getting treated by the best doctor, who can save him! So don’t call me again with your stupid deal!Riddhima cuts the call..Kabir’s pov: What the hell? How could she save him! And how did she get to know about the poison! Damn it!!Riddhima talks to vanshRiddhima: I can’t lose you Vansh, i won’t survive and that’s your fault! You made me love you and you let me in! and now there is no going back…SCENE 4: Vansh’s family is waiting outside his room..Anupriya: Are you sure that this friend of yours will be able to cure vansh!Riddhima: Yes, i trust him!Doctor comes outRiddhima: Everyone meet Dev oberoi!Dev: Now you are making me feel shy huh….everyone calm down he is alright, and he will be fit and fine by tomorrow no worries…Riddhima: Thanks alot dev, for doing all this under such a short notice…Dev: It’s ok..i need to talk to you personally..Riddhima: Yeah sure come with me..They go aside to talk..Dev: Was it kabir?Riddhima: Who else could it be? i am so happy that you are back…Dev: I am also happy to meet you after a long time, i still remember how you came in with wounds and i was one of the doctors handling your case, and rest of our friendship is history..and now i have come to help you….i spoke to bani, she kept me updating about everything, i know you were busy and couldn’t  inform me! But now i am here right!Riddhima: Yeah i know, what about vansh will he be ok?Dev: No he will not be ok!Riddhima: What? Then why did you lie..Dev: Listen to me..i said he will not be ok but he will be perfect! What happened to your sense of humour Ms.Riddhima? Oh sorry its Mrs. Vansh right!Riddhima: I will somehow convince vansh and let you stay here for a while…SCENE 5: Vansh is alright the next morning, and thanks devVansh: Thanks dev, my mom told that it was hard to diagnose which poison was running through my body, but somehow you figured it out and saved me! Thanks a lot…Dev: Don’t thank me Mr.Vansh you should thank your wife! She was the one who called me here and trusted me when no one else in your family did!Vansh: I owe her a lot! Mom even told that you are her friend!Dev: Yeah, we go way back!Vansh: Since, she has come into this house, she has never been comfortable with anybody except dadi, so i have a request for you, i would like you to stay for a while…Dev: You wont believe me but your wife also insisted me, since you also want the same i have no problem!Vansh: Thanks, please make yourself at home and dont hesitate to ask anything! I have to talk to Riddhima, i will catch up with you later! Sure!Vansh talks to riddhima..Vansh: You didn’t sleep the whole night right!Riddhima: Yes! But how are you feeling?Vansh: Better than ever!Riddhima: You know people say, that when you are near to the death, your whole life flashes in front of you, did it happen to you?Vansh: No! Maybe i knew that you would save me and i am not near my death! Thats why i didn’t have any flash!Riddhima: Awesome!Vansh leaves to the office and riddhima and dev talk to each other..Dev: You know vansh and you have a telepathic connection! You told that you would convince him, but before you could convince him, he himself told me to stay back for a while!Riddhima: Well thanks for that! It took me long enough to get here and i just want to tell him the truth! But it just seems impossible!Author’s pov: Vansh on the other hand forgets some files in Dev’s room while talking to him and decides to get themDev: Why do you want to tell that you are arohi, only 3 people know this truth! You, me and bani and we both won’t tell him, why dont you continue your life like this happily with vansh and end all these secrets…..Riddhima: If i don’t tell him this truth, then he will never know the real me and i have to live like this…Suddenly Vansh opens the door…Vansh: Just when i think i know everything about you? WHY riddhima!! You lied!?? AGAIN!? Or wait maybe our whole life, relationship, you everything is a lie huh?Riddhima: Vansh!STAY TUNED TO FIND OUT HOW WILL RIDDHIMA ESCAPE THIS TIME, AND IS DEV’S ENTRY IN THEIR LIFE GOING TO BRING HAPPINESS OR MORE TROUBLE FOR RIDDHIMA?LET ME KNOW HOW THIS CHAPTER WAS IN THE COMMENTS!!

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