Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 56

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The episode starts with Vansh being shocked from what Angre has said to him.
He wasn’t believing that what he has guessed it is right.
He wasn’t imagining that his doubts could be right.
He was hopping that for the first time to him he could has guessed something wrong, but unfortunately what he has guessed it is what was already the truth.
Vansh: How you have known that Angre? Please tell me everything you have reached to it.
Angre: Let’s get out from the house and we could talk in any nearby place as we can’t risk that she could know that we have known her truth especially that still not everything is cleared.
Vansh: Okay. Let’s go now.
Vansh and Angre have left VR mansion.
Then they have gotten into Vansh car.Then they kept siting inside it without getting into any place.
Vansh: I think that she will not listen to us while we are in my car. So can you please explain what you have said to me? Do you have got confirmed that she is the one who has bought the poison that has putted in the haldi??
Angre: Unfortunately yes boss. I have known that she is the one who has gotten that poison.
Vansh: How?? Please say everything quickly.
Angre: I have made my men search about the identity of the person that has bought that poison. They have gotten to reach to the place that it got bought from it that poison. Then they have known from the seller that Siya is the one who has bought that poison when they have made the seller see her picture as I have told my men to make the seller see Sejal and Siya’s pictures. As you were doubting both of them and when that happens, the seller has recognized Siya and he didn’t known Sejal.
Vansh got to be very angry while he was listening to Angre’s words.Vansh( being angry): I will not leave her. I was just doubting her, but now after it got proved that she is that hidden enemy that wants to destroy the whole family so she will not be saved from me now. I will end her chapter forever.
Vansh was going to get out from the car while he was very angry, but Angre has succeeded in foreboding him from doing that.
Angre: Boss, you have to relax and calm down. If you have made your anger rule you, you will not be able to expose her and get rid of her. Don’t forget that this is the only thing that we have reached to it till now. We still didn’t have gotten any strong proofs against her. What we have just known it could make us be sure of Siya’s real face, but we still will not be able to make the others know that without having a proof.
Vansh: We just got to be in the same state that Kabir was on it.
Angre: Yes.
Vansh: But I can’t sit quietly after knowing Siya’s truth. I can’t leave her be free to destroy me and my wife. Vansh Rai Singhania never leave his enemies do whatever they want.
Angre: Don’t worry boss. We will collect a lot of proofs against her very fast and will expose her very quickly. My men are working very much and they are concentrating in getting all the information about Siya and I’m sure that we will be able to get all the proofs against her. I just came to you to tell you that so you could be sure of her true colors and to be aware and careful as of course she will not sit quiet.
Vansh’s face reaction has turned to be a very dangerous face reaction.
Vansh: Siya doesn’t know what is being stored for her. She will know how much she has done a huge mistake to mess with Vansh Rai Singhania. I will expose her very soon. I will not make my anger destroy everything. I will be very calm while playing that game with my cousin Siya. I didn’t imagined that one day life will make me face my own cousin as my enemy, but actually the one who could hurt her family that much and want to destroy her own family members that much I must never feel pity on her. Siya is the one who has started that game, but I will be the one who will end that game. Now, she will see the revenge of Vansh Rai Singhania. This game’s end will be by the hand of the great Vansh Rai Singhania.
At the same time, Siya was in her room thinking about what she will do in the reception party.
Siya to herself: I have to do something very quickly. Vansh and Riddhima’s happiness must never last forever. I have to end my plan after succeeding on it very soon. Enough that game as it has taken so many time. I will not be patient anymore. Everything must end today. I have to do a plan very fast before everyone in the family could know my truth as not only Kabir that has know my truth but also Sejal and Riddhima so that means that isn’t so much time left until Vansh and dad along with the rest of the family members could know my truth. So I have to be more alert and be able to escape from everyone’s eyes.
She has looked at Vansh and Riddhima picture that she was holding it in her hands.
She was looking at their picture in a very evil way.
Siya to herself: Today’s reception party will be the end of everything. It will be the end of the love story of Vansh and Riddhima and this time I will be sure of being succeeded in that plan. You both will suffer a lot. I have planned something that will end everything. One of you will face it and the other will suffer from its consequences and this will be so much enjoyable to me. I will be very happy while destroying one of you both in a slow way while I have gotten rid from the other.
Siya has gotten a bottle from her purse.
Siya to herself: This time I will be very careful and accurate while I’m doing that plan. I will never leave this day could pass without ending everything. Today will be the day of my victory. Just wait and watch Vansh and Riddhima Rai Singhania.
At Vansh’s car, Vansh was giving Angre some rules to apply on it so they could be aware of every single move Siya will do it.
Vansh: Angre, you have to be very alert. We both must be careful and concentrate on each and every move Siya will do as I’m sure that she will do a very dangerous thing at the reception party. I’m sure that she will never give up so we have to be ready for anything that she could do it. You also must make your men finish their investigations very soon. We have to trap her and expose her as soon as possible.
Angre: Don’t worry boss as everything will be under control. My men are working and I’m sure that they will reach to every single detail about her. I will get you every bad deed she has done it supported with all the proofs that could make you expose her with it. Actually, you also don’t worry as not only you and me who are watching her moves as Kabir is with us and will help us so much.
At that moment, Kabir has came and has stood in front of Vansh’s car.
Vansh was till being in his car.
Then he and Angre have gotten out from the car.
Vansh: Kabir, are you here? Why?
Kabir: I must to come to congratulate you for being finally able to know the whole truth. I was sure that you will be able to get the identity of the hidden enemy, but I wasn’t imagining that you will get her identity that fast! You have really impressed me so much Vansh!
Angre: Hey hey hey! Don’t forget that I’m also a reason in getting Siya’s truth so you have to give me some credit!
Kabir has smiled after hearing Angre’s words.
Kabir: Relax bro of course no one could forget your abilities and how you are a very perfect investigator so chill bro.
Angre smiles.
Vansh: I could be now relaxed that not only Angre and I who will be keeping our eyes on Siya as you also will be here to help us in that Kabir.
Kabir: Actually, not only me who will help you both on keeping an eye on Siya an there is another person who has helped me and will help us so much and here is the time to know that person Vansh.
Vansh: Who is that person?
Sejal: Me Vansh.
Sejal’s voice has came from a far area.
Then she has appeared in front of Vansh who was very shocked seeing her in front of him.
Sejal: You don’t have to be that shocked bro as your sister has totally changed and now I’m just a shield to you and Riddhima bhabi.
Kabir and Sejal start telling Vansh everything they have done it together.
Vansh was very proud of Sejal while listening to what she has done with Kabir to protect his marriage with Riddhima and make it happen without any problems.
After they have finished their words, Vansh has hugged Sejal very tightly.
Vansh: I’m so proud of you Sejal. I’m so proud of my lovely and little sister who has proved to me how she has totally changed and she has proved to me that she is really Vansh Rai Singhania’s sister. I will always be thankful for you my lovely sister for foreboding that stupid girl from destroying my marriage with Riddhima. Thank you so much Sejal.
Sejal: Please Vansh bro don’t thank me. It is my duty to support and protect my dearest brother. So I didn’t have done anything to thank me for it.
Kabir: So now everything got arranged and the 4 of us will be ready to be against that stupid girl and we all will forbid her from doing any bad behavior until we could get rid of her forever.
Vansh has offered his hand to all of them.
Vansh: So you are all with me to expose Siya and forbid her from doing anything bad?
Sejal, Kabir, and Angre have putted their hands above Vansh’s hand.
Angre, Kabir, and Sejal at the same: Of course with you and the end of that Siya will be very soon.
They were smiling while they were supporting each other.
Afterwards, Riddhima were at the room getting ready for the reception party.
Then dadi has came to her.
She was smiling very much while seeing Riddhima wearing that saree.
Dadi: Wow! You look so beautiful Riddhima beta while wearing that lovely black saree.
Riddhima was smiling very much.
Then she comes near dadi and she has hugged her very tightly.
Riddhima: Of course dadi I must to look beautiful while wearing that saree because you are the one who has gifted it to me. My dadi’s choice will always be perfect like her. Thank you so much dadi for this lovely gift and that so much love that you are showering me with it. I’m thankful to Vansh that he has made me have so caring and loving dadi like you. I love you so much dadi.
Dadi: I love you too Riddhima beta. I’m so blessed to have a grandson’s wife like you dear. May you always be happy darling. Anyway, I just have came to you to give you that necklace. This necklace is a very special one as it is one of our family’s old necklaces so it is very precious to us especially to me as Vansh’s grandpa is the one who has gifted it me and here is the time to give it to the most precious bahu to me which is you Riddhima dear.
Dadi has given the necklace to Riddhima.
Riddhima was very happy seeing that necklace.
It was a very precious and special  diamond necklace.
Riddhima: Thank you so much dadi for that lovely necklace. I promise you that I will care about it so much.
Dadi: I’m sure of that dear as I trust you so much. So you have to wear that necklace in today’s reception party.
Riddhima: Of course dadi I will wear it at the reception party.
Dadi: That’s my girl. So I will leave you now as you could be able to complete getting ready. Come fast.
Riddhima: Okay dadi.
After dadi has left Riddhima, Riddhima was standing in front of the mirror doing the last touches before wearing the necklace.
She was very happy feeling dadi’s love towards her.
Riddhima to herself: Even if Vansh isn’t with me, he still also the reason of my happiness. He is the reason that I got to have a very other new caring family. I will always be thankful to you my dearest husband.
While Riddhima was still in front of the mirror, Vansh has came from her back and he has hugged her and making her close to him.
She was smiling very much.
Riddhima: Finally, Mr. husband has arrived. Welcome back my love. Your wife was missing you so much.
He grabs her towards him so he could look at her eyes.
Vansh: That’s why I have came quickly as I was feeling that my sweetheart is missing me so much, but just a second let me see something.
He kept looking at her very much.
He got admired seeing her wearing that hot black saree.
Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! You look damn hot while wearing that black saree sweetheart. Your beauty will really drive me crazy.He holds her so high.She was very happy while he was making her that high.Afterwards, he has made her down.
So she smiles then she puts her hands around his neck.
Riddhima: If I’m the virus, so I could also be its antivirus. So if I have driven you crazy, I still could be able to get you back in your senses. I still have my won abilities Mr. organizer.
She winks at him while she is smiling.
He also smiles very much from her killing attitude.
Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! I have liked your killer attitude sweetheart.
They both have smiled.
Riddhima: So leave me now as I have to complete getting ready by finishing those tiny stuff.
Vansh: No sweetheart. You will not do that.
Riddhima: Why?!
Vansh: Because I will be the one who will complete making my wife getting ready.
He didn’t gave her a chance to reply as after he has finished his words he turns her to face the mirror and he starts making her complete getting ready in a very romantic way.
He has made her wear the necklace along with completing the last touches.
He was being very close to her while doing that.
Both of them were very happy while they were enjoying their time together.
They were staring at each other very much.
Then Vansh has kissed Riddhima in her cheek after he has made her got ready.
She gets close to him.
Then she has hugged him very tightly.
He has also hugged her back.
Riddhima: I love you so much Vansh. I just hope that I could always be very close to you and spend my whole life with you.
Vansh: I promise you that we will always be that close to each other and we will spend every moment together Riddhu. I love you so much sweetheart.
They were hugging each other very tightly.
They were hoping that they could be together forever without making anything come between them.
Riddhima to herself: Please God protect my relationship with Vansh. Please God expose that Siya very fast and make us live peacefully.
Vansh to himself: I promise you sweetheart that everything will be fine very soon. I promise you that there will not be any danger able to come near you or near our relationship. I promise you that I will kick Siya out of our lives very soon.
Precap: The waiter has given a juice to Vansh during the reception party.
Siya was smiling while seeing that.
Siya to herself: Good bye Vansh. Now, no one will come between you and your death. Checkmate my cousin!The end of the episode. I hope you like it. Let’s see what will happen next and what is that new twist that it is on its way. Wait for it very much as it is very near and yeah try to guess that twist and tell me in the comments. I will be waiting for all of your guesses and the ones who will be right I will announce their names on the episode that will happen on it that twist. So stay tuned and keep guessing. Thank you so much guys for making me succeeded in reaching to my target on the previous episode. I hope you could make me reach to my target on this episode. My target is the same. My target is to reach to 25 comments( excluding my comments). I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode. The upcoming episode will be published depending on all of yours respond. The next episode will be published when you all could make me reach to my target. I hope that you all could make me reach to my target soon so I could be encouraged to update the next episode daily. I know that you are all very supporters and you all will help me in reaching to my target. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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