Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 55

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The episode starts with everyone waiting for Sejal to tell them what she wants to say.
Dadi: What you want to say Sejal? You have stopped the ritual so of course you are going to say a very important thing so what is that?
Kabir was looking at Sejal in a worrying look.
He was afraid that she could expose Siya and destroy everything they have done and prepared it.
Kabir to himself: No Sejal please don’t do that. If you have exposed Siya right now without having a proof, you will cause a very huge disaster between the family members. Vansh is already near to reach to the truth by his own self so please don’t destroy that in an hasty moment. I just hope that you don’t say that stuff please.
Kabir was waiting for what Sejal will say while he was putting his hand above his heart due to his so much worry and stress!
Vansh and Riddhima were looking at each other while they weren’t understanding what Sejal will say.
They were just waiting for Sejal to talk.
Vansh: Sejal, what you want to say? Please tell us now and don’t be silent more than that.
Sejal: I have done a lot of bad stuff to a person here. I have treated her in a very bad way and I was misunderstanding her. I was scolding her and always accusing her for stuff that she didn’t have done it. I was always very rude with her and I didn’t have given her a true chance to know her true character. I didn’t have taken a few time to try to know how much she is a very kind hearted person and she is a very innocent girl. I was very cruel with her and she didn’t have responded to any of my stupid behaviours. She was always kind to me and she was trying to clear that misunderstanding that was between us. Actually, she has protected me and supported me at the time that I was still treating her in a very bad way.
Sejal starts to be very teary and emotional.
Then she comes near Riddhima.
Sejal: I was very stupid and I wasn’t able to know how much she is so lovely person. I didn’t just has scolded her and treated her in a bad way, but I was also trying my best to make her sad and upset her. I wasn’t wanting her to be a member of our family as I was believing that she doesn’t deserve that, but then I have got to know how I was stupid and a fixed mind girl who wasn’t able to understand the people around her. I have understood how our whole family is so lucky to have her as a new member to us. This amazing person that I’m talking about her is Riddhima bhabi. My gorgeous Vansh bro’s wife.
Riddhima was looking at Sejal in a very happily way.
Riddhima has stood up from her place.
Then she comes very near to Sejal.
She was putting her hands around her.
Sejal: I have stopped the ritual from being happen so I could be able to apologize to you bhabi in front of everyone. I’m really sorry Riddhima bhabi. I’m really sorry for being against you. I’m really sorry for being so rude and stupid with you. I’m really sorry for not understanding your pure heart from the first time. I’m really sorry for all the bad stuff that I have done it to you. I really regret for each and every behavior I have done it and I promise you to not repeat it once again. I promise you that I will always treat you with the way that you deserve it. You will always be my lovely and dearest bhabi who I will keep loving her so much.
Riddhima was very emotional while hearing Sejal’s words.
Sejal: I hope that you could accept my apologize bhabi. I know that you have a very pure and warm heart that will forgive me with it very quickly. Even if you will not forgive me, I could do anything to you just to make you forgive me.
Riddhima got to have a very serious face reaction.
Riddhima: You could do anything Sejal? Even if it will be hard to you?
Sejal: Of course bhabi. Just tell me anything and I will immediately do it for you just to please you with it.
Riddhima( in the same serious way): So you have to be ready for that huge stuff.
Sejal was very stressed and she wasn’t knowing what Riddhima will make her do.
Afterwards, Riddhima’s serious face reaction has turned to be a very laughing and smiling face reaction.
Riddhima was smiling very much.
That smile has relaxed Sejal.
Riddhima( smiling): Relax my dearest Sejal I was just joking with you. What I just want you to do is to tolerate the so much hugs that I will spread you with it and you could be able to accept the too much talks and stuff that I will tell you about it so this will be the way that I will be able to forgive you with it.
She winks at her in a laughing attitude.
Sejal was also laughing and smiling.
Sejal: Of course I will be always ready to hear from you anything my lovely bhabi.
After Sejal has finished her words, she has immediately hugged Riddhima a very warm hug.
Kabir was looking at them while he was smiling.
Kabir to himself: Thank God that Sejal has just apologized to Riddhima. Actually, I’m really happy that everything got cleared between them. I’m really happy that Sejal got finally to accept Riddhima. Now, no one will be upsetting my little sister when that stupid Siya will be exposed as everyone in VR family is loving my lovely sister. I’m super happy while seeing Riddhima’s happiness. I promise you Riddhima that your happiness will last forever especially when that stupid Siya will be exposed very soon.
Siya was looking at Sejal and Riddhima in a disgusting and annoyed way.
Siya it herself: Even if Sejal got to be with you Riddhima, still no one will be able to save you and Vansh from me.
At the same time, Vansh was smiling very much seeing Sejal and Riddhima hugging each other and being in a good mood.
Sejal: Thank you bhabi for forgiving me. You are so kind person. Thank you so much.
Riddhima: You don’t have to thank me dear as each one of us do some mistakes and the good ones are those who could accept their mistakes and try to solve it and atone for it. So how I can’t be able to forgive you especially while I’m noticing how much you have changed?! Let’s forget what has happened at the past and let’s start from that moment.
Sejal: From that moment you are just my lovely and amazing bhabi.
Riddhima: And you are my husband’s lovely sister.
They were both smiling.
Vansh: Can you Riddhima please stop the bhabi’s role for just some time and play the role of the wife? As your husband is waiting for you to start the ritual or do you are afraid to lose against me?He has looked at Riddhima in a challenging way.
Riddhima has looked at him in the same challenging way.
Riddhima( returning to her place beside Vansh): Hold on Vansh Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania can’t be afraid from losing because she always win.
She was smiling at him in a challenging way.
Dadi: So let’s start now.
The ritual starts.
Vansh and Riddhima have putted their hands on the bowl that is full of milk after dadi has putted her ring on the bowl so they could search about it.
Riddhima and Vansh were doing their best to search about the ring.
Vansh: Don’t search so much about the ring Riddhima as I will be the one who will get the ring.
Riddhima was looking at Vansh in a very surprised and challenging way.
Riddhima: Really?! You have a very huge confidence Vansh and that what will vanish now!
Vansh has done a very surprised and cute reaction.
Riddhima has copied him and has done the same face reaction.
Then both of them have laughed.
Everyone was laughing while seeing them doing that behaviors.
While Vansh and Riddhima were searching about the ring, their hands have gotten above each other’s hands.
So Vansh starts holding Riddhima’s hands very tightly.
Riddhima( in a low voice): Vansh leave my hand as I have to find the ring.
Vansh: Forget about that ritual as I’m just enjoying my time with my lovely wife and I will not leave her hand.
He winks at her.
Then he smiles at her.
She also smiles at him very much.
Afterwards, Vansh and Riddhima have completed doing their best to find the ring.
Then they both have gotten the ring together at the same time.
Ragini: Wow! You both have reached to the ring together!!
Ishani: It seems how much Vansh bro and Riddhima bhabi love each other so much.
Kabir: Yeah. That’s why they both have reached to the ring together and at the same time and none of them has gotten it before the other. It is a very impressive thing!
Vansh and Riddhima have looked at each other and they were smiling very much.
They were very happy for that huge connection that is between each other.
Dadi has came to them.
Then she has hugged them.
Dadi(smiling): I’m so happy while seeing you both having that lovely and strong connection. You both have proved to me how much you both love each other so much. God bless you both and I wish that you both could always be happy together.
Rudra: I’m really impressed to see that lovely love story. God bless your love story my dearest Riddhima and Vansh.
Vansh and Riddhima were staring at each other very much.
They were on the 9th clouds from the happiness that they were feeling it.
Vansh: So after that ritual, we have to do the reception party tonight. Do you are all ready for it?
Rudra: Of course our lovely shield. The preparations are ready and everything will be perfect like you want it.
Ishani: So let’s all go to get ready for the reception party.
Ragini: Yeah let’s go.
Everyone has gone to get ready for the reception party of Vansh and Riddhima.
Riddhima and Vansh were still being at the hale of the house.
They were still staring so much at each other.
Vansh has came closer to Riddhima.
Then he has putted his hand on her head to make her very close to him.
Vansh: Everytime I got to be with you I got to be very happy while noticing how much we have that strong bond. I’m very happy while spending any single moment with you Riddhu. I hope we always have that lovely bond my dearest wife.
She was smiling so much while hearing his words.
Then she comes more closer to him and she was holding his hands very tightly.
Riddhima: I’m sure that by our love we will always be together Mr. Husband.
They have hugged each other very tightly.
They were making each other very closely to their hearts so they could reach to the relaxation.
Afterwards, Vansh was being alone thinking about what Sejal has done from some time.
Vansh to himself: After what Sejal has done downstairs, I got to exclude that she could be that hidden enemy. Sejal will not do that. So that means that is Siya who has done all of that stuff!! Siya is the hidden enemy!! Sejal has proved to me how she she has got changed and that doesn’t give any other option other than Siya. Siya is the one who has done all those evil behaviors! Siya is the one who hates me that much!
Vansh was shocked and surprised from the conclusion that he has reached to it.
He wasn’t believing that Siya could do something evil like that.
Vansh to himself: No, of course I’m just over thinking! Siya would never do something like that, but why not?! Everything is possible especially when it comes to Siya as she is always having that weird behavior and she doesn’t engage with us at all.
Vansh starts to connect everything has happened at the previous time.
He has got a kind of sure that Siya is that hidden enemy.
Vansh to himself: Unfortunately what I have connected and observed it till now proves that Siya is the hidden enemy, but I have to be sure before saying that at the end she is the daughter of VR family and it will not be an easy thing on anyone of the family when they could know her truth especially that it is all an observations and I still don’t have any strong proofs. I have to get the whole truth today. During today’s reception party, I have to know Siya’s truth and expose her if she got to be the hidden enemy.
At the same time, Ragini has gone to Angre’s room.
She has found him busy with the phone and laptop.
So she comes near him and she has taken those stuff from him and she has seated on his lap.
Ragini: I can observe that you got to be very busy on me since Vansh has taken you with him before the ritual and now you are busy with those electronics and you aren’t concentrating on me at all. By the way, this is not good for us babe especially that our relationship is still on its beginning so you have to give it some concentration. As if you are busy on me from now, so what you will do after a couple of years?! Do you will get bored of me and you leave me?!
Angre has putted his finger on Ragini’s lips to forbid her from talking.
Angre: Please Ragini don’t repeat those words once again. I can’t just imagine my life without you so how I will be able to be bored of you and leave you?! You are very important to me more than my own soul Ragini. You are very precious and special to me and you will be always like that nothing will change till the end of my life.
She was smiling while hearing his words.
So she has hugged him very tightly.
Ragini: That what means for me Angre that I could always feel your love and care towards me.
Angre: I will always do that.
Ragini: But tell me something.
Angre: What?
Ragini: What is making you that worry you and Vansh? I’m feeling that there is a huge problem.
Angre: Nothing is 100% visible yet Ragini, but what I’m sure about it is that the danger is still around Vansh and Riddhima and there is till an enemy that will not leave them.
Ragini: What?! Who is that enemy?
Angre: We still doesn’t know that enemy that’s why we are very worried, but I’m doing my best to get that person’s identity very soon. So I was working on my phone and laptop to do my investigations with my men so we could reach to anything.
She has given him his phone and laptop back.
Then she has seated beside him while she was holding his hand.
Ragini: I’m sure that you will get the identity of that enemy very soon. I’m trusting you and your abilities very much my love.
He has kissed her hand in a thankful way.
Angre: I was really needing that support and encouragement so much. Thank you so much my angel.
While Angre and Ragini were romancing, Angre has received a message.
When he has seen the message, he got shocked.
Angre: Shit!
Ragini: What has happened Angre?
Angre: I have to go Vansh now it is a very urgent thing.
He didn’t gave Ragini any chance to reply as he has rushed outside his room immediately after he has said those words.
He went on his way to Vansh.
Then he has found him in front of him.
Angre(worried and in an hurry way): Boss, I need to talk to you very quickly.
Vansh: Relax Angre. Why you are looking that worried? Tell me what you have.
Angre: Boss, I have known the one who has bought the poison that has been in your haldi with Riddhima bhabi.
Vansh: Who?!
Angre: Siya!!
Vansh(shocked): What?!
Precap: “Today’s reception party will be the end of everything. It will be the end of the love story of Vansh and Riddhima and this time I will be sure of being succeeded in that plan.”The end of the episode. I hope you like it. Let’s see what will happen next. Be ready guys as a new twist is in its way so stay tuned and wait for it. Thank you so much for your support and for making me has succeeded in reaching to my target on the previous episode. I hope that you could make me reach to my target on this episode. My target is the same. My target is to reach to 25 comments( excluding my comments). I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode. The upcoming episode will be published depending on all of yours respond. The next episode will be published when you all could make me reach to my target on this episode. I hope that you all could make me succeed in reaching to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode daily. I know that you are all very supporters and you all will help me in reaching to my target. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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