Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 53

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The episode starts with Vansh and Riddhima being very close to each other.
Vansh was surrounding Riddhima very much.
He was wanting to make her feel his love towards her.
He wasn’t just thinking about Riddhima in just a desirable way.
He was feeling attached to her and he was wanting to make her feel that she is the most happiest girl ever.
His love to her could cross any limits and could pass any barrier.
So he was being sure to make her happy and relaxed while he was that close to her.
He was being close to her from her back.
He was trying to sense each and every smell of her.
He was feeling as if he is breathing her.
Then he has grabbed her to make her very close to him and he has hugged her very tightly and closely to him.
He was wanting to hear her heart beats.
She was feeling very relaxed and comfortable while being that close to Vansh.
The way he was treating her on it was making her very comfortable.
She was feeling how he is understanding her shyness so that’s why he is very careful to not make anything that could make her feel uncomfortable.
His care and love was making her very happy.
She was trying her best to be very close to him to feel his breathes and heart beats.
They were holding each other very closely to them.
Due to the so much attachment and closeness that was between them that made them aren’t concentrating on anything around them it lead to that the water of the bath tub starts being on them.They were surprised from how they have reach to that point, but a smile has drawn on their faces.
As that water has given that moment more hotness.
They weren’t needing to say any word to each other during that night.
As everything was noticeable in their eyes so none of them was needing any word from the other.
They have taken the advantage from that water that was falling on them and they got more closer to each other.
Vansh gets closer to Riddhima.
Then he starts kissing her.
She was holding him from his shirt very closely.
Then she also starts kissing him back and making him very close to her.
He grabs her on the ground.
He was holding her very closely to him.
They were very very close to each other while they were kissing each other repeatedly everywhere.
Vansh starts removing Riddhima’s wet clothes.
She got to be very shy from that.
He has observed her shyness.
So he gets up and made her get up with him.
Then he gets closer to her to whisper in her ears.
Vansh: Don’t worry sweetheart. I will just make you wear something else as you could have cold if you kept wearing that wet clothes. So you don’t have to worry at all as I will not do something that you aren’t comfortable with it.
She has grabbed him closer to her.
Riddhima: I never worry when you are with me. Actually, I’m feeling very comfortable while you are that close to me so you don’t have to stop.
She winks at him in shying way.
He was smiling from her lovely cute attitude.
Then he gets closer to her and he completes removing her clothes.
He was removing her clothes in a very romantic way.
She was very shy, but she was very comfortable and attached being with Vansh.
He makes her wear his shirt.
He looks at her while he was smiling.Then he has kissed her in her cheek.
Vansh: You look so hot and beautiful while wearing my shirt sweetheart. I can observe how it suits you so much Riddhu.
She smiles very much from Vansh’s words.Then she gets closer to him and she starts making him remove his shirt while they were very close to each other.
Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! I can observe that my sweetheart has gotten to learn some naughty behaviours, Am I right or am I right?!
Riddhima: Being with the great naughty Vansh Rai Singhania I must to learn some naughty behaviours from him.
They both have smiled.
After Riddhima made Vansh shirtless, she gets closer to him.
Then she starts kissing him very much.
He has engaged very much with her.
Then Vansh has lifted Riddhima while they were both holding each other very tightly.
They weren’t wanting to miss any moment without being close to each other.
They got into their room.
Then Vansh gets Riddhima down and he has putted his hands around her waist and he has kissed her in her forehead.
They were getting very close to each other.
While they were that close, Riddhima has lost her balance.
So she has fallen on Vansh on the bed.
She was going to get out from that state when Vansh has stopped her from doing that by holding her very closely to him while she was above him.
Vansh: Where are you going sweetheart?! You will not be able to escape from me tonight. We are very near to unit and be just one and being that close to me while make us unit easily.
She didn’t has said a word.
She was staring at him happily.
They start to be super super close to each other.
There wasn’t any limits between them.
They were kissing each other in a very romantic way along with being very close.
The hotness was spread allover that night.
That night has witnessed the unit of Vansh and Riddhima.
They have finally got to be just one.
They have united and they have crossed all the limits that were between them.
There wasn’t any barrier between them.
They were very connected and attached to each other.
They were enjoying while they were uniting.
At morning, Sejal and Kabir have freed Siya.
Sejal: Now you could go as we have succeeded in being sure that you will not disturb Vansh bro and Riddhima bhabi during their first night.
Kabir: I hope that you have liked our hostility and I hope that you have enjoyed it. You are welcomed at any time if you want to repeat it once again.
Kabir was looking at Siya in a way that makes her very annoyed and angry.
Siya(being angry): I promise you that I will not leave you Kabir. Stay tuned for what I will do as Siya Rai Singhania will never leave her right and she will never leave her plan incomplete. I will shock you all with a huge plan that none of you will be able to stop it or change it. Just wait and watch while seeing Riddhima and Vansh being destroyed.
After Siya has said those words, she has left Kabir and Sejal.
Sejal was very worried after she has heard Siya’s words.
Sejal( being worried): Kabir, I’m really afraid from what that stupid girl could do it. She will not stay quiet after what we have done with her. We have to tell Vansh everything so he could be ready for anything she could do it.
Kabir: Nothing will change if Vansh has known that without proofs. Just relax Sejal. I know that this cunning girl will do a very huge plan to take revenge for what has happened with her, but don’t worry I’m ready for anything she could do it especially that you are also teaming with me so controlling her will be easier.
Sejal: Don’t worry Kabir I will always keep an eye on her until we could expose her and get rid of her, but Kabir Vansh really must to know her truth very fast.
Kabir: Vansh must know Siya’s real face by his own self not from us.
Sejal: What do you mean?
At that moment, Vansh and Riddhima were still sleeping while they were hugging each other very tightly.
Then Riddhima has waked up before Vansh and she kept staring at him.
Riddhima to herself: How a man could be looking that attractive while sleeping?! You are looking so damn handsome while you are sleeping Mr. organizer! I’m very lucky to have a very attractive and amazing husband like you.
She gets closer to him.
Then she has kissed him in his cheek.
At that moment, Vansh has waked up and he has made Riddhima very close to him.
Then he has kissed her a very long kiss.
It was a very hot and romantic morning kiss.
Vansh: This is the best way to start with it my day. Good morning sweetheart.
Riddhima was silent as she was just putting her hand on her lips due to how that kiss was special to her.
He has putted his hands around her and he has grabbed her very closely by making her sit on his lap.
Then he has putted his hand on her face in a caring and romantic way.
Vansh: You look so cute and lovely while you are that shy.
She smiles at him.
Riddhima( putting her hands around his neck): Where is that shyness?! You have made all that shyness vanish yesterday!! Where was yesterday wasn’t the normal Riddhima that I knows her as there was another Riddhima. That was Riddhima that is fallen so deeply for Vansh who could cross any limit just to be with her Vansh forever.
Vansh( smiling): By the way, I have liked that new Riddhima a lot.
He has winked at her.
Then they have hugged each other a very warm hug.
Afterwards, Kabir and Sejal were still discussing about Siya and how they could tell Vansh everything.
Kabir: I want Vansh to reach to Siya’s truth by himself so he could be sure of that and don’t make the cousin inside him blind his eyes on the truth.
Sejal: But how that will happen without having any proof against her?
Kabir: I will start the doubt inside him and I’m sure that he will not take so much time until he could go for the deep of that truth as you know your brother very well Sejal when the doubt enters inside him he doesn’t get satisfied without reaching to the whole truth.
Sejal: Yes Kabir you are right. Vansh is the perfect person to get Siya’s truth and I’m sure that he will collect so many proofs against her.
Kabir: I will just start the doubt fire and Vansh will complete the next. But I will also complete my investigation until I could trap that Siya.
Sejal: I hope that this could happen soon and we could get rid of her forever.
Kabir: So let’s go now to get ready for the ritual that is after Vansh and Riddhima’s marriage.
Sejal: Okay.
After some time, Vansh and Riddhima were getting ready to get downstairs for the morning ritual that they will do it after their marriage.
Vansh has gotten ready quickly.
Then he has entered the room finding Riddhima still getting ready and she wasn’t 100% ready as she was still arranging her saree.
She got shy when she has seen him in front of her.
He comes near her.
He takes from her the saree.
Riddhima: What you are doing Vansh??!
Vansh: Today, the husband is the one who will make his wife wear the saree as it is a very tiny right from my rights, Am I right or am I right?!Riddhima just nods her head in a smiling way.
Then Vansh starts making Riddhima wear the saree in a very romantic way.
Riddhima was happy seeing Vansh that caring about her.
She was feeling very happy being with him.
He made her wear the saree.She was looking stunning in that saree.
Then he comes from her back and he hugs her very tightly.
Vansh: You have to praise my abilities sweetheart. As I have made you wear the saree in a very perfect way so I have to take a credit on that.
She turns to face him.
Riddhima: So what you want Mr. husband for making me wear the saree in that amazing way?
He puts his hands around her waist.
Vansh: A kiss.
He winks at her.
She smiles in a shy way.
Then they both start to be very close to each other to have a kiss.
They were very near to kiss each other when Ishani has entered suddenly.
When Ishani has seen them in that state, she has putted her hand on her eyes while she was laughing.
Ishani(in a sarcastic way): I’m really sorry Vansh bro and Riddhima bhabi. I wasn’t knowing that you are both still doing that stuff in that early morning!!
Vansh: Instead of making fun of us Ishani, you were have to knock the door before entering that suddenly.
Ishani: I’m really sorry bhai. I have totally forgotten that you are newly married couple. I’m also still isn’t getting used that you have already got married. So I really apologize.
Riddhima: It is okay Ishani. Just tell me do you were wanting something?
Ishani: Yeah. Dadi was calling you both for the ritual that will happen now so she has told me to come to you both and take you with me bahbi so we could start the ritual.
Riddhima: Okay I’m coming with you.
Vansh was holding Riddhima’s hand to not make her leave.She has looked at him in a caring way.
Riddhima: I will not go anywhere. I will just go downstairs and you will follow me so you don’t have to worry.
She comes near him and kisses him in his cheek and she leaves with Ishani.
He smiles.Then he also gets out from his room and he finds Kabir in front of him.
Kabir: Congratulations bro. I can observe that you are very happy so that means that so many stuff have happened yesterday, right?
Kabir has smiled and winked at Vansh.
Vansh was just smiling.
Vansh: When you will get married, you will know everything.
Kabir: I don’t think that this will happen now.
Vansh: Just be patient and I’m sure that God will send her to you very soon.
Kabir: I hope so.
Vansh has observed Kabir’s worry.
So he has putted his hand on Kabir’s shoulder.
Vansh: What is going on with you Kabir? I can notice that you are worrying very much. What has happened?
Kabir: I’m just worrying about you and Riddhima Vansh. I’m afraid that any bad thing could happen to you both especially that the danger is still around you both.
Vansh: You mean the hidden enemy?
Kabir: Yes Vansh.
Vansh: I’m not being quiet Kabir as Angre and I are trying our best to get the identity of that person. I’m just wondering who could be that person?!
Kabir: Vansh, that person is a very close person to you so you have to be very alert. That enemy will not leave you live happily either you or Riddhima. You mustn’t trust anyone even your family members. You have to take care from your family as not all your family members love you.
Vansh( in a shocking and doubtful way): What do you mean?!
Precap: “I’m sure that you are knowing everything. I’m sure that you are the saver angel and you know the whole truth and you have to say it to me.”The end of the episode. I hope you like it. I hope that you have enjoyed Vansh and Riddhima’s romance and wait for more stuff and new twists in its way!! Thank you so much guys for your support. I’m really thankful for you all for making me succeeded in reaching to my target on the previous episode. I hope you that you could make me reach to my target on this episode. My target is the same. My target is to reach to 25 comments( excluding my comments). I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode. The upcoming episode will be published depending on all of yours respond. The next episode will be published when you all could make me reach to my target. I hope that you all could make me succeed in reaching to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode daily. I know that you are all very supporters and you all will help me reach to my target soon. Please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. So please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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