Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 51

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The episode starts with Riddhima and Vansh are taking the elders blessings.
They have taken the blessings from dadi, chanchel, and Rudra.
Dadi: May your marriage life could be filled with all the peace and love.
Chanchel: I hope that you both could keep loving each other in the same way you are both doing right now.
Rudra: I just hope that you both could always be happy being together and nothing bad could harm you both. God bless you both my lovely children.
Riddhima and Vansh were very happy while hearing the blessings and wishes from Chanchel, Rudra, and dadi.
Vansh: We will always be happy and relaxed when you are all happy from us and you are all always praying for us.
Riddhima: Our happiness has increased very much when we have taken all of yours blessings.
They have all hugged each other.
Then Ishani, Kabir, Angre, and Ragini have came to Riddhima and Vansh to congratulate them.
Ishani: Finally you became Vansh bro’s wife Riddhima bhabi. I was really dreaming to have you as my bhabi and finally that dream has came true. I will always be sure that you are the perfect partner for Vansh bhai. Now we will enjoy a lot Riddhima bhabi when we will team against Vansh bro.
Riddhima: Of course Ishu as we will enjoy so much while teaming against Vansh. Stay tuned Vansh as your sister and your wife will trouble you a lot.
Riddhima has looked at Vansh while she was laughing and winking at him.
Vansh has looked at her in an irritated way.
Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! I can observe that the sister and the wife have teamed against me that much in that very short time as the marriage has just happened now! It isn’t fair at all guys!
Kabir: Don’t worry Vansh as Kabir is here to support you and they will not be able to trouble you while I’m with you. As from the moment that you have married my sister Riddhima on it you became not just only my friend and a member in my gang but you also became my brother and no one could trouble my brother when I’m here.
Vansh and Kabir have high five and they have laughed out loud.
The 4 of them start debating as if they are two groups against each other.
Ragini and Angre have interfered to stop that debate.
Ragini: Hold on guys it is not the time to debate that much.
Angre: Yeah. It is Vansh and Riddhima’s marriage so you all must to enjoy that moment guys and don’t debate that much.
Ragini: We have to celebrate that our lovely love birds have finally got married.
Angre: We have to party guys not to debate.
Ishani, Kabir, Vansh, and Riddhima have looked at each other.
They have got to be convinced from Ragini and Angre’s words.
Kabir: I think that Angre and Ragini are right guys.
Ishani: We have to celebrate seeing our lovely Vansh and Riddhima together and stop that debate for now.
Angre: I’m really very happy for you both Riddhima and Vansh that you are both got to be together and you have got married. I hope to always see your happiness my dear friends.
Ragini: I’m so happy while seeing your happiness my lovely best friend. I hope that I always see you that happy my adorable Riddhima.
Ragini has hugged Riddhima very tightly.
Then Kabir, Ishani, Angre, and Vansh have joined Riddhima and Ragini in that hug.
The 6 of them have gone into a very long and warm hug.
They were all happy and enjoying their happiness.
Dadi: Can we stop that lovely group hug now? As we have to welcome the new and lovely bride by doing the welcoming rituals. So let’s start the welcoming rituals now.
Vansh: Okay dadi.
The welcoming rituals start.
Vansh and Riddhima were standing at the entrance of the house.
Then Riddhima has pushed a bottle of rice.
Then she has putted her legs on a red fluid.
Afterwards, she starts walking through the house by leaving her footprints.
Riddhima was very happy while doing these welcoming rituals.
She was looking at Vansh while she was smiling very much.
He was also smiling very noticeable smile while he was seeing Riddhima doing the welcoming rituals after their marriage got done.
Vansh has said some words by just moving his lips.
Vansh( without a voice): I love you sweetheart.
Riddhima was smiling very much.
She just sent to Vansh a flying kiss.
He has smiled and he has pretended as if the smile that she has sent it to him a sensible thing.
So he holds it while he was smiling and he makes it to his heart.
She was smiling very much while she was seeing him doing that stuff.
Kabir was witnessing what Vansh and Riddhima were doing it.
So he starts laughing.
Kabir(laughing): I think that we have to finish the welcoming rituals quickly as I can observe that the bride and groom are very hasty and they will not be able to control themselves more than that, right Vansh and Riddhima?!
He has looked at them while he was still laughing.
Vansh and Riddhima have looked at Kabir in a serious way.
Kabir: Come on guys don’t look at me in that serious way as I’m just joking. So chill guys.
Vansh: I will make you know how the joking is, but let this night pass and then you will not be saved from me my wife’s brother.
After Vansh has finished those words, everyone starts laughing.
At the store room, Siya starts to gain consciousness.
Sejal was standing in a far area watching the records of the marriage that Kabir has recorded it and has sent it to her.
Sejal to herself( teary): I was dreaming to be with you Vansh bro while you are getting married and share with you your huge happiness especially after I got to accept Riddhima as my bhabi, but unfortunately that idiot that is called Siya has forbidden me from doing that. But it is okay as even if I’m not with you, I still could be able to see you while you are being the best groom ever. I’m really happy even if I didn’t got the chance to be with you in your wedding day as I’m doing a very important thing to you which is being sure to be near that idiot so I could be sure that your marriage will happen safely.
Siya starts to scream as she was still isn’t able to know the identity of her kidnapper.
Then she got shocked to see Sejal in front of her.
Siya: Sejal?! You?! You are the one who has kidnapped me?!! But why?! I was very near to kidnap that idiot Riddhima and forbids her from marrying our innocent Vansh. So why you have forbidden me along with kidnapping me?!!
Sejal got angry on Siya as she wasn’t able to tolerate her lying more.
So she has slapped her a very hard slap.
Sejal: Just shut up Siya. Enough lying and fooling me. Just stop that fake sympathy. You are a very cunning girl who doesn’t love anyone other than her own self. Your real face has got exposed in front of me idiot and you will not be able to fool me once again.
Siya: What?!
Siya has got shocked and her shock got increased when she has seen Kabir in front of her.
Kabir: Don’t be that shocked stupid Siya. Sejal is with me and she has known your whole truth by seeing you by her eyes. She has helped me and she was the one who has forbidden you from causing any problems in Vansh and Riddhima’s wedding.
Sejal: You will not be able to do anything now Siya as Vansh and Riddhima has gotten married and all your plans got failed so surrender idiot.
Sejal has made Siya sees Vansh and Riddhima’s wedding photos to be sure that they have gotten married.Siya got shocked seeing Vansh and Riddhima have already gotten married.
Kabir( smiling): I can observe that you are very shocked Siya that’s why you aren’t able to say a word. I told you before that I will not allow you to cause any problems in their marriage and that what has happened now and the credit of that must go the lovely Sejal who has proved how she is a very loyal sister to her brother.
Siya starts laughing on Kabir.
Siya(while laughing): Loyal?! Really?! You have made me laugh so much and I’m not in the mood of that at all! That girl that you are very proud of her support was the one who was helping me in torturing your sister. That girl has teamed with me in hurting your sister so much. Do you remember the chili powder incident?! Not only me who was involved in that plan as Sejal has also helped me in that. I really feel pity on you Kabir as even the girl that has helped you isn’t innocent at all!
Kabir has looked at Sejal in a doubting way.
Sejal starts to panic.
Siya: What has happened to both of you now?! As you both were keeping talking with so much confidence, but I think that everything got vanished now!! Before you could be very confident about your partner Kabir, you have to be sure of her innocence first.
Sejal: Kabir please listen to me I have already told you that I have done many mistakes before, but trust me I have understood that I was wrong and now I’m trying to atone all my mistakes so please don’t listen to that idiot’s words.
Siya: Really?! I’m idiot and a cunning girl, but what about you? Do you will be able to not admit about what you have done with me to hurt Riddhima with it?!
Sejal(in a regretting way): I can’t forget that I have teamed with Siya against Riddhima bhabi, but this was before I could know how much Riddhima bhabi is a very innocent and loving girl. Trust me Kabir I’m not doing any plan. I really have learned from my mistakes. Please trust me.
Siya: I think that you will be fooled once again Kabir. She is just faking her innocence.
Siya was enjoying a lot while trying to make Kabir doubt Sejal.
She was trying to make them suffer like what they are doing with her now by kidnapping her and succeeding in foreboding her from stopping Vansh and Riddhima’s marriage.
Kabir was being very angry along with being silent.
At the same time, Riddhima was being in the room waiting for Vansh.
The room was decorated in a very amazing and romantic decoration that could be ready to welcome the new couple.
She was sitting on the bed while still wearing the bride dress.
She was happy along with being very shy.
Riddhima to herself: Now, a new journey will start in my relationship with you Vansh. It is a very special and different journey and I’m sure that we will enjoy on it a lot. Today, we will unit and we will be together forever. I’m very happy along with being very shy and a little of nervous. Please Vansh come quickly as I’m waiting for you as I’m sure that you will be able to minimize my nervous and shyness.Vansh was also very excited for today’s night.
He was going very fast to his room as he wasn’t wanting Riddhima to wait for him more.
Vansh to himself: I’m coming to you Riddhima. Today’s night will just be yours and mine. Today, we will be very close to each other and we will cross all the limits. Finally the only girl that I have loved her during my whole life got to be mine and I will never make her away from me. I’m coming to you sweetheart.
He has opened the door of the room, but before he could be able to enter Ishani has came in front of him.
Ishani: No Vansh bhai, you will not be able to enter to your room in that easy way. Today is your wedding day so of course I will not make you go to Riddhima bhabi in that easy way.
Vansh: Ishani, what you are doing?! Don’t do that childish behaviors and make me enter to my room.
Ishani: I will make you enter to your room and you will be able to go to your wife, but after some time.
Riddhima was looking at them while she was laughing.
Vansh: So tell me what you want so you could make me enter my room.
Ishani starts thinking about something to make Vansh wait outside his room more as she already knows what she wants from him.
Ishani: Give me so much amount of money and I will leave.
Vansh: Do you are doing all of those stuff just for the money?! You could request any amount of money and I will give it to you so you don’t need to do all of those stuff.
He gets his wallet from his pocket and he gives her all the money that was in his wallet.
Vansh: Happy now?
Ishani: Oh! All of this amount money just to enter to bhabi! I can observe that you love Riddhima bhabi so much! By the way, I wasn’t wanting money as I was just wanting to irritate you for some time and make you wait for more time before entering to Riddhima bhabi.
Vansh has looked at Ishani in an annoyed way.
Vansh: Okay Ishani I will not forget it for you and I will punish you for that of course, but not now as I have waited so much for my wife and I can’t wait more. So go now as I will not allow anyone to separate me from my Riddhima even if this person is my sister.
Ishani: Relax Vansh bhai. No one will take your Riddhima from you. I’m leaving now. Celebrate so much. Welcome to romance world Vansh bhai.
After Ishani has said those words, she has left.
Then Vansh has entered the room and he has closed the room.
Vansh: Now, nothing will come between us sweetheart. It will be just you and me.
Precap: “I hate you. I promise you to not leave you as your end is very near.”The end of the episode. I hope you like it. Thank you so much guys for making succeeded in reaching to my target on the previous episode. I hope you could make me reach to my target on this episode. My target is the same. My target is to reach to 25 comments( excluding my comments). I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode. The upcoming episode will be published depending on all of yours respond. The next episode will be published when you all could make me reach to my target. I hope that you all could make me succeed in reaching to my target so I could update the next episode daily. I know that you are all very supporters and you all will make me reach to my target. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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