Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 50

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The episode starts with Siya coming very close from Riddhima’s back while she was holding a vase on her hand.
Siya to herself: Just a couple of minutes and I will make you unconscious Riddhima and your marriage will always be incomplete and I will not allow you to marry Vansh and be a member of VR family.
While Siya was very close to kidnap Riddhima, the black hoodie person hits Siya on her head.Then she gets unconscious and the black hoodie person has got her.
Riddhima felt that there is a person beside her.
So she turns around, but she didn’t has seen anyone.
Riddhima to herself: I don’t know why I felt that there was a person beside me?! Anyway, I have to go to the mandap now as of course Vansh is waiting for me and I must never make him wait more for me.
The hoodie person was hiding while holding Siya to not make Riddhima notices them.
Afterwards, Riddhima went downstairs.
She has found Vansh waiting for her in the mandap.
He was smiling while he was staring at her.
She was also smiling very much.
Kabir was looking at them while he was happy.
Then he has looked at Ishani in a laughing look.
Kabir(laughing and making fun): If we left them stare at each other that much, the auspicious time will be wasted and we will not be able to make them get married.
Ishani(laughing): Yeah you are right Kabir. We have to stop that glare between them so we could make our love birds get married.
Ishani has came to Riddhima and made her sit beside Vansh in the mandap.
Ishani: No more stares and glares Vansh bro and Riddhima bhabi otherwise you both will not be able to get married!
Kabir: So please you both sit like the good girl and the good boy and let us finish that wedding.
Ishani: As this wedding is the most long wedding I have ever witnessed it.
Kabir: It really has a lot of stuff that have happened on it and we want the last ritual in your both wedding could pass comfortably without any problem.
Riddhima was looking at Kabir and Ishani in an surprising and investigating way.
Riddhima: I can observe that you both got to have a very strong bond that makes you both join hands against us.
Vansh: We are noticing that since some time and don’t you both think that we will leave you both without knowing everything.
Riddhima: We are just waiting for our marriage to be completed and then a confessing conversation will happen between the 4 of us so we could know everything that is happening from our backs.
Iahani and Kabir have looked at each other.
Then they got panicked and they left Vansh and Riddhima to not investigate about them more.
Vansh and Riddhima were smiling after Kabir and Ishani have left.
Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! They were the ones who supposed to irritate us and we got to be the ones who have irritated them! I loved it! I’m sure that those two are hiding something.
Riddhima: I already could observe what they both hide it, but let’s make them be sure of what they are feeling and then we will catch them at the right time.
Vansh: Our love story was the first one to happen in the gang and I don’t think that it will be the last one. Angre and Ragini have completed the track after us and I think that another love story is on its way to occur.
Riddhima: There will be more than one love story in that gang and I’m sure that very soon a lot of weddings will occur.
He holds her hand after she has finished her words.
Vansh: But none of those love stories could beat our love story Riddhu as our love story will always be the most unique and special love story, Am I right or am I right?!
She smiles at him.
Riddhima: Of course you are right Mr. organizer.
Vansh and Riddhima were being very happy while they were in the mandap starting the rituals of their wedding.
There was a huge happiness at that moment.
They were feeling very happy that they have finally got to be at the last step in their wedding.
This step is what will make them always with each other till the end of their loves.
At the same time, Angre and Ragini were looking at Vansh and Riddhima while doing the puja of their marriage.
Ragini: They are looking so beautiful together, right?
Angre: Yeah they are looking so perfect and amazing while they are together, but actually there is another couple who will look more beautiful than them.
Ragini: Who is that couple?!
He holds her hands and made her close to him.
Angre: We Ragini. We will be the best and the most beautiful couple. I’m super eager for our marriage.
She got shy when he has opened up about marriage.
So she removed her eyes from looking at him and she starts looking down.
He made her look at his eyes.
Angre: Don’t be that shy as of course one day we will get married as I will not leave my lovely Ragini. I’m just leaving everything to move on its normal way until we could feel that it its time especially that there is so many stuff left for us to do it together. I have just said that to you to make you sure that from the day that we have confessed about our feelings to each other you got to be mine forever and I got to be yours forever, Am I clear?!
He tried to be serious on saying the last words, but when he has looked at her cute face reaction a smile has drawn on his face.
They both have laughed and smiled very much.
Then they have hugged each other a very long hug.
Afterwards, dadi has came to tie the knot to Vansh and Riddhima.
Dadi was smiling very much.
Dadi: I’m super happy for you both. I just hope that your both happiness could last forever. God bless you both my lovely children.
She blesses them.
Then she has left them so they could start doing the marriage rounds.
At that moment, the black hoodie person has taken Siya to the store room.
Then the black hoodie person has tied her in the chair.
Afterwards, a person has came to the black hoodie person.
This person appears to be Kabir.
He was looking at the black hoodie person and he was smiling.
Kabir: Well done. You have done a very perfect job that I will never be able to give you the credit on it. You have saved Vansh and Riddhima’s marriage and you have helped me in keeping an eye on that idiot. Without your help I would have never known Siya’s new plans as you were the one who has warned me about the poison in the haldi and you are the one who has controlled the situation before Siya could be able to kidnap Riddhima. Thank you so much.
The black hoodie person has gotten to be noticed.
It got to be Sejal!
Sejal: Don’t thank me Kabir. I have done a lot of bad stuff to Riddhima when I was misunderstanding her and being putting a lot of wrong stuff about her, but after that stupid Aryan’s truth got exposed I got to understand the real Riddhima. I got to feel how she is so innocent and pure hearted girl so that’s why I wasn’t able to sit quiet after knowing what that cunning girl has done.
Sejal has looked at unconscious Siya in a disgusting way.
Sejal: That stupid girl has fooled me and made me thought that she loves and respect Vansh bro a lot, but thank God that I got to know her truth.
Flashback shows Sejal seeing Siya putting the poison in the haldi.
Siya to herself( in a loud voice): Good bye Vansh and Riddhima. Enjoy your marriage at heaven.
Sejal got shocked.
Sejal to herself( shocked and panicked): Oh my God!! I have to do something very quickly. I can’t allow any danger could come near Vansh and Riddhima especially after I got to be able to see everything clearly and I have known who is the real cunning girl. * Flashback ends*
Kabir: Thank God that I have crushed on you on that moment otherwise a huge dhamaka could has happened if you have told Vansh that without a proof.
Flashback shows Sejal going to her way to Vansh.
Sejal to herself: I have to tell Vansh bro everything and make him know how Siya hates him and hates Riddhima a lot. He has to stop her and put her in her limits.
While Sejal was in her shock and confusion, she has crushed on Kabir.
Kabir has noticed her shock.
So he asked her and after some time of hesitation she has told him everything she has seen it.
Sejal: I have to tell Vansh bhai everything.
Kabir: No Sejal, you will create a huge disaster between the family members without having a strong proof against Siya. Actually, I got to know her truth since a lot but I’m still isn’t able to expose her without a strong proof.
Sejal: So what we will do now?
Kabir: You don’t have to do anything as I will go now and replace the poisoned haldi with normal one and I will punish that Siya a very hard punishment.
Sejal: And I will be stand by for you if you have needed my help and I will keep watching her moves instead of you so you could be able to enjoy your time with your sister.
Kabir: That’s very kind of you Sejal. Thank you very much.
Sejal: I’m not doing anything to make you thank me about it Kabir as I’m trying to atone my mistakes by trying to make Vansh bro and Riddhima bhabi together after I have known my fault. *Flashback ends*
Kabir: I will never forget what you have done with me Sejal and how you have helped me. If you weren’t keeping your eye on Siya when I was busy in preparing for my sister’s wedding, we would have never be able to forbid Siya from kidnapping Riddhima.
Sejal: I have done a lot of mistakes Kabir and now it got the time to fix it all. So I would never waste any time without trying to do my work in the perfect way.
Flashback shows Sejal listening to Siya’s plan.
Then she informs Kabir about it and told him about her plan to kidnap Siya and store her at the store room until the marriage could be done. *Flashback ends*
Kabir: I must to admit that you are very clever Sejal. I have really enjoyed while teaming with you as without your perfect plan we would have never be able to get rid of that Siya just for some time until the marriage could be done.
Sejal: I was using my powers and talents against Riddhima, but from now on all my powers and strength will be just to protect Riddhima bhabi and Vansh bro. So you just go now and don’t waste that beautiful moment to see your sister getting married and I will be here with that idiot.
Kabir: I will record everything to you to not miss it as it is your brother’s wedding and I will come to you after some time so we could enjoy seeing that idiot in that state when she gain consciousness.Sejal: Okay. See you.
Kabir: Bye.
At the hale of the house, Vansh and Riddhima were going to start doing the rounds.
Kabir has came and he was standing behind Ishani.
Ishani: Thank God that you have came now Kabir as you were really near to miss that beautiful moment. Actually, where were you?
Kabir: I was just getting rid of a very irritating stuff. Anyway, forget about that and let’s enjoy our sibling’s marriage and let’s throw flowers on them while they are doing the rounds.
At that moment, Vansh and Riddhima gets up to start the rounds.
Then Vansh has shocked everyone along with Riddhima when he has lifted her.
Rudra: Vansh, what are you doing?! You both must now do the rounds together so why you are lifting her now?!
Riddhima was looking at Vansh in a surprising way.
Riddhima: We have to start doing the rounds now. Get me down Vansh.
Vansh: Relax sweetheart as we will do the rounds, but while I’m lifting you in that way.
Everyone got surprised after hearing Vansh’s words, but they were all smiling from how Vansh didn’t miss any ritual of his marriage with Riddhima without doing that special stuff.
Vansh: Does anyone isn’t accepting that?!
Kabir: Of cause not Vansh. Go on.
Ishani: We are all very happy while seeing you getting married to Riddhima bhabi in that special way.
Chanchel: So please guys start doing the rounds now before the auspicious time could end.
Vansh has looked at Riddhima while he was lifting her.
Vansh: So let’s start making each other his and hers forever.
They were smiling at each other.
Then they start doing the rounds together.
Vansh: I promise you Riddhima that I will always be your supporter and encourager who will never leave you.
Riddhima: I promise you Vansh that your happiness and joy will always be my first priority.
Vansh: Trust, love, care, and friendly are the words that will be spreading in our marriage’s life.
Riddhima: You will always be my best friend before being my husband and lover.
Vansh: I promise you to always shower you with all the love that is found in the whole world. I promise you to make you the most happiest girl in the universe.
Riddhima: I promise you to always love you and I will always be your backbone who will always be by your side.
Vansh: I promise you that I will always trust you and I will never make anything or anyone to come between us.
Riddhima: Our relationship will always be protected by us and nothing could have an affect on our relationship and our love will always be the thing that will win.
Vansh: I promise you that nothing could harm you when I’m with you.
Riddhima: I promise you that I will be your barrier who any danger must pass on me before it could reach to you.
Vansh: I promise you to make you and your family very secured and safe.
Riddhima: I promise you to be the best wife, daughter, and sister to you and you family.
Riddhima and Vansh at the same time: I promise you to love you till the last breath of mine.
Vansh and Riddhima have completed doing the rounds while Vansh was still lifting Riddhima.
They have completed all the marriage rounds.
They were happy while doing the rounds together.
After they have finished doing the rounds, Vansh has got Riddhima down and has made Riddhima wear the marriage necklace and he has completed all the stuff that could make her with it his wife.
Everyone was throwing flowers on them.
Then they all have clapped after Vansh and Riddhima have finished their marriage rituals.
Dadi: Now, you both got to be a wife and a husband.
Chanchel: Congratulations my lovely children.
Vansh and Riddhima were smiling very much.
They weren’t believing that they have finally got married.
Vansh: Finally you became Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania. Now you are my wife and nothing could separate you from me now sweetheart.
Riddhima: It is the best moment in my life.
They have hugged each other a very long hug.
Riddhima: I love you my husband.
Vansh: I love you too my wife.
Precap: “That girl that you are very proud of her support was the one who was helping me in torturing your sister”So today is the birthday of one of the very special friends to me which is my lovely @Amna or like I love to call her with it which is Myno. So I wish her a very happy Birthday dear. I wish you all the happiness that you deserve it. Enjoy it till the max mere Myno. Lots of love to you dear and take care.The end of the episode. I hope you like it. So finally our Riansh have got married and yeah we have known who is the black hoodie person. So Riansh marriage is the best thing to happen in the half century episode of that ff as this is episode 50! Actually, no one has guessed the black hoodie person right as you all were thinking about Kabir or Angre but I was really aware to think about someone different so that’s why I though about Sejal since I thought about that track. So that’s why I was sure to not mention any stuff about her the previous episodes to give that shock. I just hope that you have liked that twist and wait for more twists and turns. Thank you guys for making me have reached to my target on the previous episode. I hope you could all make me reach to my target on this episode. My target is the same. My target is to reach to 25 comments( excluding my comments). I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode. The upcoming episode will be published depending on all of yours respond. The next episode will be published when you all could make me reach to my target on this episode. I hope you you all could be succeed in making me reaching to my target soon so I could be encouraged to update daily. I know that you are all very supporters and you all will help me in reaching to my target. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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