Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 48

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The episode starts with Kabir has returned to the garden.
Riddhima has discovered from his face reaction his happiness.
Riddhima to herself: Kabir’s happiness appears on his face so that means that he has succeeded in punishing that stupid Siya. I’m really grateful to have a brother like Kabir.
Riddhima: You are late Kabir bro as Vansh has finished applying the haldi.
Kabir: The haldi ceremony is still occurring so that means that I’m still able to put the haldi to my would be sister’s husband.
He comes near Vansh.
Then he has putted the haldi to him.
Kabir: The haldi ceremony can’t be completed without me, right Vansh?
Vansh: Of course Kabir. How we could be able to celebrate the ceremony without our police officer Kabir Singh Travidi?! Actually, if you didn’t came so who will make us laugh from the silly jokes that you say it?!
Everyone has laughed on what Vansh has said.
Kabir: Hold on hold on does I’m just a joker to you Vansh?!
Vansh gets up from his place.
He was laughing while seeing that confused reaction that was appearing on Kabir’s face.
Kabir: Vansh don’t laugh as that irritates me so much.
Riddhima has came and she has joined Vansh in laughing.
Kabir: Stop it guys! It is not funny!
Ishani has came to support Kabir.
Ishani: I can observe that our lovely bride and groom are enjoying a lot while irritating Kabir, but don’t worry Kabir I will be here to support you as you aren’t a joker at all Kabir. You are a very professional and amazing person.
Kabir has looked at Ishani in a thankful way.
Kabir: Finally there is a person who has came to support me and don’t laugh on me. Thank you so much Ishani.
Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! I can observe that my little sister is supporting you so much Kabir! Does this has a hidden reason that I don’t know it Ishani?!
Ishani got tensed and shy.
Ishani( in a nervously way): Me…no…I’m just..supporting him because I have noticed how you are laughing at him as you don’t have to forget that Kabir is my lovely bhabi’s brother so he is a family member now.
Riddhima and Vansh have looked at each while they were smiling.
Riddhima: Regardless that your answer isn’t making us being convinced…
Vansh: But we will try to be convinced for now until we could finish our marriage and then..
Riddhima: We will not leave you Ishani.
Ishani: Oh! So you both have joined hands together against me now. Firstly was Kabir and now you both start to concentrate on me!! I can notice how the bond between the would be wife and the would be husband very strong! Impressive!
Vansh and Riddhima got to have an eye look.
They were smiling very much while looking at each other.
Kabir: By the way, I’m still waiting for a justification for what you have said Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania as I can’t be convinced that I’m just a joker!!
Vansh comes more closer to Kabir.
Then he has putted his hand above Kabir’s shoulder.
Vansh: Finally I have succeeded in irritating you in the same way that you always do it with me Kabir.
Kabir: Really?! So you are taking your right from me Vansh?!
Vansh: Of course. Vansh Rai Singhania will never leave his right until he could get it back. Anyway, I was just joking. I was just wanting to see that irritated reaction that appears on your face Kabir. So chill bro as there was still a person who was supporting you, right Ishani.
Ishani didn’t said a word especially after Kabir has stared at her in a caring look.
At the same time, Ragini was still isn’t able to believe what she has heard it from Angre.
She was holding his hand so tightly while she was still surprised from what she has heard from him.
Vishal was angry while seeing Ragini close to Angre.
So he comes between them and he has separated their hands.
Vishal: Angre please be away from Ragini. Don’t be that close to her without any right.
Angre: Do you want to know my right on Ragini that could makes me allowed to be that close to her?!
Vishal: Do you actually have one?!
Angre: Of course. Just wait and watch and I think that after what I will do, you will not be able to interfere between Ragini and I once again.
Angre holds Ragini’s hand and he takes her with him.Then he comes while holding Ragini’s hand to the center of the garden.
Ragini wasn’t knowing what Angre will do, but she was feeling that Angre’s jealousy will turn to be the thing that will make them together forever.
He has taken the microphone so he could make everyone hears him.
Angre: I’m sorry guys to interrupt you all and forbids you all from completing celebrating Vansh and Riddhima’s haldi ceremony, but I have an important announcement that I want to announce it in front of you.
Vanish, Riddhima, and Kabir were smiling.
Kabir: I think that our boy will do it now.
Riddhima: Yeah finally!!
Vansh: So stop talking guys as I want to see how Angre will learn from his boss and how he will confess his feelings to Ragini.
Angre: I have something that I’m owing it to a very special person to me and I kept hiding it since a lot and I decided that I must to confess about that feeling in front of you all so I could be able to make everyone observe how my feelings are really pure.
Vishal was looking at Angre while he was burning from inside.
Angre turns to face Ragini so he could look at her eyes while he was talking to her.
Angre: This girl is a very unique person to me. That girl is my everything. She is the special diamond that God has gifted it to me and I will never be able to lose her even if I will die just to protect her. I was very idiot to hide my feelings from you that much time Ragini, but no more hide and sike game between us. Today, I will confess my feelings to you Ragini in front of everyone.
Angre has gotten a remote and then he clicks on it.
After Angre has clicked on the remote, flowers start to be thrown on Ragini.Ragini was smiling while she was holding the flowers.
Angre: You are so pure and special Ragini. You have a very kind heart that has surrounded me with so much care and support. You are my supporter, best friend, and my comfort zone. And now I want to make you something else. I want to make you my love and soul mate Ragini.
He lays on his knees and he gets a red flower from his pocket.
Angre: I want you to always be with me Ragini and not make anyone separate us and that will happen when I could make you know what feelings I own to you Ragini. I love you so much Ragini. You are my true love Ragini. You are the only girl who is being in my heart. I love you so much Ragini.
Ragini got teary after hearing Angre’s confession.
She gets down to be in the same state like Angre.
Then she takes the flower from him.
Ragini: You were my dream boy since I got to know the meaning of love. You are the one who I was dreaming to be with him forever. You will always be the one and only man who is being in my heart and I’m thinking about him the most. I love you too Angre. I love you even before you have noticed me. I love you and I will always love you till the last breath of mine.
They have hugged each other a very tight and long hug.
They were happy that they have confessed their love to each other and they became together.
Everyone starts clapping after Angre and Ragini have confessed to each other.
Kabir, Vansh, and Riddhima were laughing and smiling very much.
The 3 of them have made a high five.
Riddhima: Finally we got succeeded in making our boy be able to confess his feelings to Ragini.
Kabir: Finally our boy has found his soul mate. Hooray!!
The 3 of them have gone to Angre and Ragini to congratulate them.
They all have a group hug.
Vansh: I’m happy that you finally got the courage to confess your feelings to Ragini. Congratulations to you both.
Riddhima: I’m very happy that my best friend and my special member in my gang got to be together. I’m happy to see your both happiness.
Kabir has hugged Angre a very warm hug.
Kabir: I’m happy for you my best friend that you have found your soul mate. I’m happy that you and Ragini are together now as you are really suit each other so much.
Angre: Thank you Kabir. I hope that you also could find your soul mate very soon.
Kabir: I believe that I will be the only one in that gang who is single as each one of you has found his and her soul mate and I’m still alone! Do I will just be the one who will make each one of you found the perfect partner for him and her and I will keep standing alone!!
Riddhima: Don’t worry Kabir bro as I’m sure that you will find your soul mate very soon. Just wait for her.
Kabir: Let’s see.
They were smiling and feeling very happy.
While Vishal was very angry and heartbroken when he was seeing the confession of Angre and Ragini.
Ragini has noticed that so she takes Angre with her and comes to Vishal.
Ragini: Vishal, I know what you own it to me since we were young. Unfortunately, I really don’t own the same feelings for you. I’m sorry, but he is the one that I really love. I’m sorry Vishal, but Angre is the one who my heart has chosen him. I’m really sorry for you Vishal.
Angre has putted his hand on Vishal’s shoulder to support him and minimize his sadness and shatter.
Angre: Regardless that I was really jealous from you Vishal, but I still respect you so much and I could feel what you are feeling now. I know that we aren’t able to have the control on our feelings. We don’t choose who we love and who we hate so I’m respecting you and your feelings so much. I just hope that you could find your true love soon.
Ragini: I will always be there for you Vishal as your great childhood best friend. Nothing could cause any problem in our friendship. Do what I’m saying is right or you have another opinion?! As if you have another opinion, I will pull your leg so much!
A smile has drawn on Vishal’s face.Regardless that he was very shattered and heartbroken, but Ragini and Angre’s support have made him a kind of relaxed.
Vishal: Of course nothing will disturb our friendship Ragini. I’m very happy for you Ragini that you have found your true love and I’m sure that Angre is the perfect partner for you and he will make you very happy. I hope that nothing could disturb your relationship with him. God bless you both. Ragini, you will always be my childhood best friend and your partner will be also my best friend. I just want you Angre to take care about Ragini and always make her happy.Angre: Don’t worry Vishal Ragini will be in my eyes. I will protect her and will always support her till the end of my life.
The 3 of them got to have a group hug.
Angre: Thank you Vishal for having that pure and kind heart. I’m sure that God will send you a lovely girl like you that could suits a very amazing person like you.After everything got cleared between Angre and Ragini, Rudra was going to end the ceremony.
Rudra: Let’s end the ceremony guys as there is so many preparations will start to be ready for tomorrow’s wedding day.
Vansh: Just a second Rudra uncle, we will not end the ceremony now.
Rudra: Why Vansh?! What else didn’t has happened in today’s ceremony?!
Vansh: There is something that I want to make it in the haldi ceremony. Actually, it is a change in this ceremony. I think that you all have gotten used in the changes that I made it in each ritual of my marriage rituals with Riddhima so today’s ceremony will not be ended without doing that special thing on it.
Ishani: So what is that new stuff that you will change it in the haldi ceremony of yours and Riddhima?
Vansh: In today’s haldi ceremony, the groom and the bride will put the haldi to each other and that will make our haldi a very special and unique haldi, Am I right or am I right?
Ishani: Wow bro! It is a very brilliant idea!
Angre: You always amaze us with your lovely ideas!
Kabir: So start Vansh. What you are waiting for?! As of course Riddhima will not mind that. Actually, we are eager to see how you both will put haldi to each other.
Afterwards, Vansh was coming to Riddhima with an evil look while he was holding so much haldi.
Then Riddhima has surprised him when she has thrown the haldi from his hand.
Riddhima( laughing): You will not be able to succeed in what you want Vansh! I have thrown all the remaining haldi that was on your hand so you will not be able to cover my face with that haldi.
She was standing in her place with a huge confidence.
Vansh wasn’t giving any reaction.
He just starts moving towards her with a smile on his face.
He comes closer to her.
Then he puts his hands around her waist to not make her escape from him.
Then he makes his cheek near her cheek and he starts putting the haldi that was on his cheek on Riddhima’s cheek.
He was putting the haldi on her in that very amazing romantic way.
Riddhima wasn’t able to do anything as she was surprised from his way in putting the haldi on it to her.
She was very happy while Vansh was putting the haldi to her.
After Vansh has finished putting the haldi to Riddhima, he looks at her while he was smiling.
Vansh: I never give up sweetheart as I always have plan B.
Ragini: Now it is your turn Riddhima. So think about a special way that you could return to it the haldi to Vansh especially that you have dropped the remaining haldi.
Vansh: Actually, I’m giving a challenge to Riddhima after what she has done to me when she has dropped the haldi.
Riddhima: And what is that challenge Mr. organizer?!
Vansh: You have to put the haldi to me while you aren’t touching the ground.
Riddhima: What?! And how I will do that?!
Vansh: I don’t know. Think about it otherwise you could surrender.
Riddhima: I never give up Mr. organizer.
Vansh: Let’s see.
Everyone was watching what is happening between Vansh and Riddhima while they were smiling and enjoying seeing them that happy and being together.
At that moment, Riddhima comes near Vansh.
Then she makes him puts his hands on her.
She puts her hands around his neck and she made him hold her.
He was making her very high.
Their heart beats were being very fast while they were that very close to each other.
While they were that close, Riddhima starts putting the haldi to Vansh when he was holding her and she wasn’t touching the ground.
Vansh was amazed from Riddhima’s smart thinking.
He was sinking in her beauty while he was holding her that close and high.
After she has finished putting the haldi to him, she starts requesting him to get her down.
He wasn’t listening to her as he was being busy staring at her.
Riddhima: Vansh, can you please put me down. I have already putted the haldi to you.
Afterwards, Vansh has made Riddhima being down.
Riddhima: I can observe that you have liked the way that I have putted the haldi to you on it, right?
Vansh: I have liked it a lot sweetheart. I just hope that I could be able to be that close to you everytime.
She smiles and he joins her in smiling.
He grabs her closer to him.
Then he kissed her in her cheek.
She got shy after she has seen everyone staring at them.
Riddhima: Vansh, everyone is staring at us!
Vansh: What is the problem in that?! You are my would be wife and we are going to get married very soon so I have the right to do anything with you, Am I right or am I right?!
Riddhima: My Vansh always right.
She puts her hand on Vansh’s lips to remove the haldi that got to be in his lips.
He kissed her hand while she was doing that.
Then they have hugged each other a very special hug.
Riddhima whispered at Vansh’s ear.
Riddhima: I love you so much my would be husband.
Vansh: I love you too my would be wife.
Precap: “This marriage will not happen tomorrow anymore”The end of the episode. I hope you like it. Thank you so much guys for making me succeeded to reach to my target. I hope you all could make me reach to my target on this episode. My target is the same. My target is to reach to 25 comments( excluding my comments). I hope you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode. The upcoming episode will be published depending on all of yours respond. The next episode will be published when you all could make me reach to my target. I hope you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode daily. I know that you are all very supporters and you all will help me reach to my target. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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