Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 47

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The episode starts with Siya being desperately waiting for dadi to put the haldi to Riddhima.
Dadi has taken the leaf that contains on it parts of the haldi to put it on Riddhima’s face.
This situation was happening in an slow motion one.
Siya was very eager to see Riddhima paining.
Siya to herself( in an excitement tone): Please dadi hurry up and make that Riddhima suffer until death.
Afterwards, dadi has putted the haldi on Riddhima’s face, hands, and legs.
Riddhima was smiling and feeling very happy.
Vansh was looking at Riddhima while he was smiling very much.
Siya got shocked when she didn’t found any painful reaction from Riddhima.
She got more shocked when Chanchel, Rudra, and Angre has putted haldi for Riddhima and nothing has happened to her.
Siya starts to be very angry and shocked.
She was trying to control her anger when dadi has called her to put the haldi to Riddhima.
She got forced to put the haldi to Riddhima.
Siya was checking the haldi in a surprised way.
Siya to herself: This is the same haldi that I have putted on it the poison. So how the poison’s effect is not being noticed on that Riddhima?!! She is now very happy and my plan got totally failed along with that I’m also going to share with her that happiness by putting to her the haldi that supposed to be her way to death!
Siya comes near Riddhima.
Then she starts applying the haldi to her while she was very angry and aren’t accepting what she is doing at all.
Riddhima was noticing her anger.
So she comes closer to her to whisper in her ears.
Riddhima(in an irritating way): Don’t be that angry Siya as that too much anger isn’t good for your health darling. You have to be happy for your cousin as it is his haldi ceremony so why there is that too much sadness and anger that is found on your face?! You have to enjoy putting haldi to your would be bhabi as your bhabi is very happy while putting her haldi ceremony so you also must to be happy or you were expecting something else to happen with me while putting the haldi?!
Riddhima’s iterating attitude has made Siya more angry.
She wasn’t able to say anything to not make anyone doubt her and think that she isn’t accepting this marriage.
So after she has putted the haldi to Riddhima, she directly left the whole ceremony and went back to the hale of the house.
Kabir has came to Riddhima to put to her the haldi.
Kabir: No one knows how the good way to put haldi with it to my little sister. I will make you all know how the perfect way to put haldi with it. Let’s make the enjoyment starts.
Kabir has taken so much amount of haldi in his both hands.
He was looking at Riddhima in an evil and challenging way.
Riddhima(being worried): No Kabir, don’t do that plea…
Before Riddhima could be able to complete her words, Kabir has shocked her with pitting so much haldi on her face.
She was looking as the haldi girl due to the so much haldi that was on her face.
Kabir kept laughing very much.
Riddhima got irritated from him.
So she gets out from her place and she starts running after him.
Riddhima: You are laughing, right?! Trust me I will not leave you Kabir.
She kept running after him to catch him.
Then they both have fallen on each other on the garden while they were laughing very much.
Everyone was watching them while they were smiling.
Kabir and Riddhima were still laughing.
Then Kabir comes near her to whisper on her ears while he was removing some haldi from her face so she could be able to look like his own Riddhima.
Kabir: I have promised you Riddhima that nothing could happen to you while your elder brother is with you. Now, Siya’s plan will be flipped on her. I’m sure that she is burning now from inside and I must to go to her to punish her for just thinking to harm my sister.
Riddhima: I don’t know if you didn’t got to know about the poisoned haldi what could have happened to me now?! Actually, I’m still aren’t able to understand how you have known that?!
Kabir: It is one of my abilities Riddhu as don’t forget that I’m a police officer and I could know anything in any time! Nothing could be hidden from me dear.
Riddhima: Really?! Kabir please stop that as I really want to know how you have learned that as you were very busy with us in our gang meeting so how you have known what Siya is going to do?!
Kabir: Let’s keep it as a secret now and very soon I will make you know everything. I just had to tell you what she has done to make you more alert and be careful from that girl. Now, you just must to go to complete your haldi ceremony and enjoy your time until I could punish that girl for what she has done and return back.
Riddhima: Take care about yourself bro and please come fast. My happiness is incomplete without you.
He kissed her in her forehead.
Kabir: Don’t worry my little sister your brother will not be late on you.
They got up from their places.
Then Kabir has made Riddhima sit on her place to complete her haldi ceremony.
Afterwards, he got to leave without making anyone notices him.
After Riddhima got to her place, Ishani and Ragini have came and have putted the haldi for her.
They have putted so much haldi for her.
They were all smiling and enjoying their time.
Ishani comes near Riddhima and she blesses her.
Ishani: God bless you bhabi. I’m really happy while calling you bhabi as I don’t have to wait for more time to call you bhabi as your wedding with Vansh bhai will be tomorrow so I could start practicing call you bhabi from now. I just hope that your both happiness could last forever. You both really look so perfect being together. God bless you both and you both could make me a bua very soon.
Riddhima and Vansh have an eye look after Ishani had said those words.
They were very happy that they got to be very near to complete their marriage rituals and be together forever.
After everyone has putted the haldi to Riddhima, dadi has taken the remaining of Riddhima’s haldi to put it on Vansh.
Dadi: So let’s now start putting the haldi for the groom.
Ishani: Yeah dadi let’s do that very fast as I want to put too much haldi for Vansh bro in the same way that Kabir has putted the haldi on it to Riddhima.
Vansh has raised his eyebrows in a surprising way.
Ishani has looked at him and smiled to minimize his shock.
He also has smiled when he has seen her smiling.
Afterwards, everyone starts applying the haldi to Vansh.
The happiness was spread allover the ceremony.
While at the hale of the house, sadness and anger were just spread as Siya was very angry.
She starts breaking anything could come in front of her due to her so much anger.
Siya to herself( screaming): How this is possible?! How could my plan got to be failed?! How the haldi got to be replaced?! The plan was perfect! Vansh and Riddhima were very near to die so how they got saved?! If I didn’t got answers for those so many questions, I could turn crazy!!
She was going to break a very huge vase when Kabir has came and take it from her.
Kabir: Relax darling. Why you are very angry like that?! You don’t have to break that vase just to get your anger out as this vase is very poor and it didn’t has done to you anything. Oh! Actually, I have forgotten that you always enjoy punishing the innocent ones who trust you a lot so this isn’t an unusual thing about you.
He has putted the vase on its place.
Then he starts to come towards Siya.
Siya: Why you have came to me now?! You must to be with your beloved sister now to enjoy that stupid ceremony. So why you have left her and came to me?! I really need to be alone so I don’t need your annoy and nonsense now at all!!
Kabir: How I could leave my lovely Siya especially when she is very angry like that?! As you don’t know how much I’m enjoying while seeing your reaction after your plan got failed.
Siya(shocked): What?! How you have known that?!
She got closer to him and she holds his shirt.
Siya(being angry): So you are the one who has failed my plan!! How dare you?!
He removes her hands from his shirt.
Kabir: Yes. I’m the one who has failed your plan idiot and I will always fail your plans. I will never make you succeed in your motive and I’ve already told you that, but I think that you have problems in understanding so that’s why you didn’t got my words.
Siya was going to slap Kabir due to her anger when Kabir has stopped her and he holds her hand aggressively.
Kabir: Don’t you dare to think for a second to raise your hand on me otherwise you must to face a very tough consequences.
He pushed her to fall on the floor.
Then he left her for a moment and then he comes while holding a haldi plate.
Kabir: This is the same plate that you have putted on it the poison to kill with it my sister Riddhima. Thank God that I have came at the right time and I have changed the plates before mom could take the haldi to the garden.
Flashback shows Chanchel taking the poisoned haldi plate to the garden.
Kabir has came and stopped her.
Kabir: Mom, can you please leave the haldi plate here and help me fixing that bottom of my shirt.
Chanchel: Okay. Let’s do that fast as I have to take the haldi to the garden.
Kabir: Don’t worry it will not take so much time.
Chanchel has left the plate on a table beside Kabir.
Then kabir got succeeded in changing the plates without making Chanchel notices him.
Then Chanchel has taken the haldi plate with her to the garden. *Flashback ends*
Kabir: God will always be with us idiot and he will never allow your plans to be succeeded. Wining will always be for us stupid girl. Let’s stop talking now as now it is the punishment time.
Siya: What do you mean?!
Kabir: Do you think that I will leave you without punishing you for what you were going to do with my sister?! Of course not Siya. You will take the punishment for trying to harm my sister.
He comes near her then he has taken a leaf and takes a part of the haldi.
Kabir has putted the poisoned haldi on Siya’s face.
Siya starts to pain and suffer.
She starts screaming, but Kabir has putted his hand on her mouth to not make her voice reach to anyone.
Kabir: This is the same pain that you were wanting my sister to pass through it. Now you are the one who is passing through that pain because you are the one who deserves to suffer not Riddhima.
He keeps putting more haldi on Siya’s hands and face.
He didn’t putted so much haldi.
He just has putted the amount that could make Siya suffer and pain from it.
He was very relaxed while seeing Siya suffer and crying from the pain.
Afterwards, he gets from his place.
Kabir: That’s enough for you Siya. I will not put more. Regardless that I was now able to kill you by putting so much poisoned haldi to you and make you die in the same way that you were wanting Vansh and Riddhima to die with it, but I will not do that. I’m just satisfied seeing you in that pain and I will not make you be relaxed by killing you. I will make you suffer a lot when I could be able to expose you in front of Vansh and everyone. This punishment is just a lesson to you to make you always remember what will be the result if you tried once again to harm my sister.
He looked at the clock.
Kabir: Actually, I must to leave you now as I want to go to celebrate with Riddhima and Vansh their haldi ceremony. You must now to think about a lie that you will say it when you everyone will ask you about the burns that will be noticed in your face and hands as of course you will not be able to tell them the truth and expose yourself by your own self. Enjoy your pain darling. I have to admit that I have enjoyed that time with you a lot. See you at tomorrow’s wedding day if you will be able to attend it with all that burns that you will have! Bye sweetie. Don’t forget to enjoy Kabir’s punishment.
He sent her a flying kiss to irritate her more.
Then he has left Siya.
Siya was paining very much.
Siya to herself(being angry and suffering): I will not leave you Kabir. I will punish you all and I will not leave you for what you done with me.
At the garden, everyone was enjoying applying the haldi to Vansh.At the other hand, Angre was making sure to be very close to Ragini during the haldi ceremony.
He was holding her hands very tightly.
She was happy for that.
She was waiting for him to confess his feelings to her, but he was still wasn’t saying anything.
Vishal was trying to be closer to Ragini and talk with her and that what Ragini was using it to make Angre confess to her without hurting neither Angre nor Vishal.
Angre was jealous so he kept to interfere between Ragini and Vishal.Visual got angry from Angre and he wasn’t able to control himself.
Vishal: Angre, what is wrong with you?! Why you aren’t making me very near Ragini?! To inform you with something if you don’t know it, I’m also Ragini’s best friend and I have the right on her.
Angre: Who tells you that I’m being close to Ragini with the friendship right? I’m close to her for more special reason than that?!
Vishal: What do you mean?!
Anhre: I’m closer to her because she is the only girl who has a place in my heart. She is more than just a best friend to me. She is my life and my whole world.
Vishal was shocked hearing those words from Angre.
While Ragini was surprised and amazed hearing Angre expressing some stuff from what he owns it to her.
She was staring at him.
Ragini: What do you mean Angre with those words?
Angre: I own feelings to you Ragini and that what I will not be able to hide it more than that.
Precap: ” I’m sorry, but he is the one that I really love”The end of the episode. I hope you like it. Thank you guys for making me have reached to my target on the previous episode. I’m really thankful to you all. I hope that you all could make me reach to my target on this episode. My target is the same. My target is to reach to 25 comments( excluding my comments). I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode. The upcoming episode will be published depending on all of yours respond. The next episode will be published when you all could make me reach to my target. I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could update the next episode daily. I know that you are all very supporters and you all will help me reach to my target. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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