Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 46

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The episode starts with Vansh, Riddhima and Kabir looking at each other while they were smiling.
They were happy that Angre has finally understood his feelings and he has stopped blinding his eyes on the truth that he loves Ragini so much.
They also have gotten up from their places.
Kabir and Vansh come near Angre and they hugged him.
Kabir: That’s our boy.
Vansh: You have to not waste more time. You have to confess your feelings to Ragini very fast and don’t allow anyone to take your love from you Angre otherwise you will spend your whole life regretting that you didn’t got the chance to express about what you own in your heart to Ragini.
Riddhima: Yes Angre, Vansh is absolutely right. You haven’t to waste more time. You have to go to Ragini and confess your feelings to her.
Kabir: I just hope that you don’t get angry again on her as you could immediately destroy everything we kept trying to make you understand it.
Riddhima: Yeah! Please Angre control your anger as if you got angry once again you will not be able to clear everything between you and Ragini. Even if you have seen that Vishal with Ragini, you must to not give any angry reaction.
Vansh: You have to just make her know how much you love her by being so romantic with her not being angry on her.
Kabir(in a sarcastic tone): You have to learn from Vansh Angre as he always romance with Riddhima in any place and at any time. He doesn’t waste any time without expressing his love to Riddhima. So you have to learn from your boss, right Vansh?!
He winks at Vansh after he has finished his words.
Vansh has looked at Kabir in a strict way.
Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! I can observe that there is a person here who is very jealous to see his beloved sister being loved that much. Don’t worry Mr. Kabir Singh Travidi. Your sister will not be taken from you and by the way it is a good thing that the man could be able to express his love to his woman. It will never be a good thing that men don’t give women the love that they deserve it. So you must to be blessed that your sister has found a man like Vansh Rai Singhania.
Kabir smiles.
He comes near Vansh.
Then he has putted his hand on his shoulder.
Kabir: Come on bro. I’m just joking. Actually, I’m really thankful to you Vansh that you have showered my sister with all your love. I’m really grateful that God has sent you to my sister. I will always be sure that you are the perfect partner for my sister. The happiness that my sister Riddhima is feeling it right now is because of you Vansh and that what makes me very happy and thankful to you. Thank you bro.
They hugged each other.
Kabir was very happy to be sure of Vansh’s love towards Riddhima.
While Riddhima was very happy seeing that bond between her brother and her would be husband.
Anvre: Can we stop that lovely bond now and that emotional situation? As I’m the one who has a problem now and I need my gang to help me.
They all have laughed at that attitude of Angre.
Riddhima: We have already finished our advices to you Angre.
Kabir: You must now to rush to Ragini and confess your feelings to her.
Vansh: You just mustn’t forget to show to her so much love. You must to express your love to her by being very romantic. You have to stop giving hints and start to be more direct.
Riddhima: You must to make her feel that she is a very special person.
Vansh: So what you are waiting for it now?! Just rush to your Ragini and make her yours forever.
Angre was smiling and he got very encouraged from his gang’s advices and support.
He left them.
Before he could totally leave, he stands beside the room’s door.Then he has looked at them in a loving and thankful way.
Anvre: I promise you all that I will never allow anything or anyone to separate me from Ragini. Today, Ragini and I will be together forever. Thank you guys for always being my support system. Love you all my lovely gang.
Kabir, Vansh, and Riddhima at the same time: We love you too our dearest Angre.
Then Angre has left.
After Angre has left, Vansh along with Riddhima and Kabir kept looking at each other while they were smiling very much.
Riddhima: Perfect! Our plan got to be successful now. I have to inform the mastermind of that plan now.
Riddhima has called Ragini.
Riddhima: Everything has gone the way you want it Ragini. Now your Angre will not take so much time until he could confess his feelings to you dear. He is now coming to you so start the next part of the plan.
Ragini: Thank you so much Riddhima for your support. Thank you for helping me. Angre could have never understood his feelings without the help of you all. Thank you so much my lovely best friend.
Riddhima: Come on Ragini why you are thanking me that much?! Don’t be that casual dear. We are beat friends and there is no thank you or sorry between friends. So don’t treat me as if I’m a stranger as this is my duty to support my best friend. You also mustn’t forget that Angre is one of my gang’s members so I must to always do the stuff that is better for him. I know that you are the most suitable partner for him so that’s why I’m helping you darling. You just must be ready for the next part of the plan that could make Angre can’t wait more until he could confess his feelings to you.
Ragini: Don’t worry Riddhima. I will do everything very perfectly.
Riddhima: I will come very soon to witness what our boy will do.
Ragini: Okay Riddhima. See you at the garden for the haldi ceremony.
Riddhima: See you dear. Bye.
Ragini: Bye Riddhima.
After Riddhima has ended the call with Ragini, she has looked at Vansh and Kabir.
Kabir: So finally our plan got succeeded and we have got able to help Ragini to make Angre confess his feelings to her.
Vansh: So let’s go downstairs to see what Angre will do and also don’t forget sweetheart that today is our haldi ceremony so we have to celebrate it together and enjoy our time.Kabir: So let’s go guys. I want to see my beloved one’s haldi ceremony as I will make your both faces’ filled with haldi so I can’t wait more.The 3 of them start laughing out loud.
Then Kabir starts to leave at the head. Afterwards, Riddhima and Vansh have followed him.
Vansh holds Riddhima’s hand while they were walking towards the garden.
Vansh: Riddhima, I have forgotten a very important thing! I really don’t know how I have forgotten that?!!
Riddhima has stopped and she got worried from Vansh’s words.
She comes to face him.
Riddhima: What you have forgotten Vansh?! Everything is just perfect today so what you could have forgotten it??!
He grabs her towards him by holding her waist and making her very close to him.
Vansh: I have totally forgotten to express how my would be wife is looking so hot and beautiful today while wearing a very amazing and lovely  white and yellow dress. I have liked the lovely flowers that you are wearing it. Actually, the flowers’ beauty aren’t being noticeable at all because your beauty is the thing that is being spread.
Riddhima was smiling very much.
She was feeling very happy while she was hearing Vansh being flirting with her.
She puts her hands around Vansh’s neck.
She has made him very close to her.
Riddhima: I can observe that Mr. organizer is in the complete mood of flirting. By the way, I also could be able to flirt as my would be husband is looking super hot and attractive in that lovely white kurta.
He smiles and winks at her.
Vansh: I will always be in that attractive way so I could suits my gorgeous would be wife.
They both smiled and they have hugged each other very tightly.
Riddhima: I just hope that you could always flirt with me and be that romantic when we get married as all the men keeping being that romantic until the marriage happens and afterwards they don’t say a single romantic word to their wives.
He makes Riddhima more closer to him.
Vansh: I’m not like any man Riddhima. I’m Vansh Rai Singhania who has a special and unique abilities. I promise you that I will be more romantic and I will keep flirting with you even after marriage. I will make you the only wife who will be gained so much flirt from her husband.
He comes closer to her and he kissed her in her cheek.
She got shy as she has remembered that first kiss that has happened between them yesterday.
So she escapes from him.
Riddhima: No Mr. organizer. What has happened yesterday will not be repeated until this marriage could be completed. So let’s go to finish the last ritual before our marriage. So try to be patient Mr. organizer.
He smiles and he got to reach to her and he holds her hand and they start going to their way to the garden.
Everyone was at the garden while waiting for Chanchel to get the haldi plate from the kitchen.
Before Chanchel could reach to the kitchen, a poison being putted on Vansh and Riddhima’s haldi.
The person who has putted the poison on the haldi seems to be Siya.
She was smiling then she hides before Chanchel could see her.
Chanchel comes to the kitchen and she takes the haldi plate and gets to go to the garden.
Siya gets out from the hide place.
She was smiling and being very happy.
Siya to herself( laughing): Today’s ceremony will be the last ceremony in Vansh and Riddhima’s lives. Thank God that Kabir wasn’t concentrating on watching my moves so I got to do my plan. When that haldi will touch Vansh and Riddhima’s faces, a huge pain will occur to them and no one will be able to cure that pain. The too much amount of haldi that will be putted on their bodies from all the people who are here will make too much poison be on their bodies and that will reach them to their death.
Siya went to the garden to not make Kabir doubt her.
She was looking at Vansh and Riddhima while being sitting together waiting for the haldi ceremony to be started.
Siya to herself: That happiness that is appearing on your both faces will not last for so much time as it will be turned into so much pain and hurt. I will be very enjoying while seeing you both suffering while you are both taking your last breathes.
Afterwards, Ragini and Vishal were standing together while they were talking about different stuff and enjoying their conversation.
Angre was very jealous while seeing them that happy and enjoying.
He comes to interfere between them so he could stop that closely conversation.
He tries to control his anger like his gang have told him.
He comes near Ragini and he makes her closer to him by putting his hand around her waist.
Ragini was shocked and surprised from Angre’s unexpected behavior.
Ragini was staring at Angre very much in a mixed reaction between happiness and shock.
Then she has whispered to him.
Ragini: Angre what you are doing?! Why you are making me that close to you in that way?!Angre: I’m doing the thing that I supposed to do it from a long time. I’m just arranging everything with the way that is supposed to be. You and me must be that close to each other. You are just mine Ragini so we must to always be that close to each other.
Ragini has smiled a tiny smile to not make Angre notice her.
She was very happy while hearing those lovely words from Angre.
She wasn’t saying a word.
She was just enjoying feeling Angre’s touch and that closeness that is between him and her.
Vishal was looking at them while he was feeling uncomfortable.
He wasn’t liking seeing Ragini that close to Angre.
Vishal: Hold on guys. You are both staring that much at each other as if there isn’t any third person with you both.
Angre looked at Vishal in a challenging and annoying way.
Angre: I’m sorry Vishal I didn’t noticed that you are here. I just wasn’t able to look at anyone other than Ragini as she is looking so beautiful today.
Ragini and Angre have an eye look.
While they both were very happy being that close to each other.
At the same time, the haldi ceremony has started.
Dadi has taken the haldi plate.
Then she comes near Riddhima.
Dadi: Let’s start the haldi ceremony with the lovely bride then we could put the rest of Riddhima’s haldi to Vansh.
Siya was smiling and being very excited.
Siya to herself: The enjoyment will start now. I’m super eager to see Riddhima while being suffering so much.
Riddhima and Vansh were looking at each other while they were very happy.
They were very excited to start their haldi ceremony.
Dadi takes a leaf and started to take the haldi to put it on Riddhima.
Siya was looking at Riddhima while she was smiling.
Siya to herself: Enjoy your haldi ceremony Miss Riddhima Singh Travidi.
Precap: ” You will take the punishment for trying to harm my sister”
Kabir has putted the poisoned haldi on Siya’s face.A message from the author of Love beyond limits: My dearest Riansh1212 wants to inform you all that she will not be able to update any new episode until 3th April due to the starting of her exams.The end of the episode. I hope you like it. Thank you so much guys for making have reached to my target on the previous episode. I hope that you all could make me reach to my target on this episode. My target is the same. My target is to reach to 25 comments( excluding my comments). I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode soon. The upcoming episode will be published depending on all of yours responds and when I could reach to my target. The next episode will be published when you all could make me reach to my target. I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode daily. I know that you are all very supporters and you all will help me reach to my target. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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