Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 45

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The episode starts with Ragini walking towards the garden.
She was very heartbroken and shattered.
She was crying very much.
Ragini to herself(being crying): Why Angre’s behavior could be changed in that way?! Why he could treat me in that way and be that angry?! I didn’t have seen him like an angry bird before! There is something that has changed his attitude, but I don’t know what is that! Actually, I don’t know why he has got that angry from Vishal’s arrive! I’m not able to go to sleep after he got that angry on me. I can’t leave him while he is that sad, but what could I do?! As he is the one who has kicked me out of his room so how I will be with him when he himself doesn’t want me to be near him?! Today’s moment was just supposed to me mine moment with Angre so I will keep being in the garden as if I’m with you Angre. I just hope that I could know the reason behind your unexpected behavior!
Ragini was being at the beginning of the garden and while she was going forward, she starts to observe a paper being thrown in a corner side of the garden.
Ragini has found Angre’s poetry paper being fallen beside the garden.
She takes the paper and starts reading it.
She got surprised and amazed when she has read Angre’s poetry.
A smile has drawn on Ragini’s face.
Ragini to herself( smiling and being very happy): So that means that Angre loves me and the change in his attitude is because he is jealous when he has seen me with another guy! Angre is loving me!! I can’t believe that! I have to use his jealousy to make him confess his feelings directly to me without hurting him or hurting my own self and I know how I will do that. I know you so much and I know how I will use your jealousy and take an advantage from it. Just wait Angre, I will make you confess your feelings to me very soon and your jealousy is the thing that will make you do that.
At that moment, Vansh and Riddhima were still hugging each other.
Then Vansh has looked at Riddhima in a very caring and romantic way.
Vansh: I have liked the Mehendi so much. It is very dark like I was expecting and it is the most beautiful Mehendi I have seen it in my whole life. I’m sure that you will be the most beautiful and unique bride in the whole world sweetheart.
He has said those words to make Riddhima get out of the shyness that was filling her after their first kiss.
After he has said those words, he kissed her in her cheek.
Then he starts to move towards her room’s door to leave.
Vansh: See you tomorrow at our haldi ceremony sweetheart.
He winked at her while he was smiling.
Then he left her.
Riddhima was still shocked and amazed from the first unexpected kiss that Vansh has taken it from her.
She wasn’t believing that Vansh has stolen her first kiss.
She was putting her hand on her lips while she was smiling.
Riddhima to herself: You always make me very speechless Mr. organizer. You don’t know how much you have made my day by that action. I love you so much my would be husband.
At Siya’s room, Siya was thinking about her new plan.
Siya to herself: I will not make you Vansh and Riddhima celebrate your both success of getting rid of Aryan as I will not leave you both be happy and I will not give you both the chance to get married. I will not make that Riddhima be a member of VR family. Just wait and watch Vansh and Riddhima as today will be the last day in your both lives and tomorrow will be the death of you both. No one will forbids me from killing you both now.
At morning, the whole family was preparing for the haldi ceremony.
The preparations start to be ready in the house.
This time the preparations will be at the garden.
They decided to make the haldi ceremony in the garden so they could do something special.There were a lot of white, yellow, and pink flowers used in the decorations.The decorations were very colorful and there were a lot of colors. Everything was just perfect and awesome.The preparations of the haldi ceremony was very suitable to be Vansh and Riddhima’s haldi as it was very unique and special.
Afterwards, dadi went to Vansh’s room.
She has found him getting ready by wearing his kurta.
She came to help him.
Then she made him sit on the edge of the bed.
Meanwhile, she blesses him.
Dadi: I hope that no one could put his/her eyes on your happiness beta. I hope you could always be happy. I’m sure that Riddhima will shower you with all the love that you deserve it. I know that she is the perfect partner for you and I’m sure that you both will be the best couple ever.
She comes near him and she kissed him in his forehead.
Dadi: I’m very happy while seeing my grandson’s marriage. I know that you are now missing your mom as she isn’t able to be with you in that beautiful and special occasion, but I promise you beta that I will do all the duty that the mother do it. Your dadi will always be with you Vansh and she will never leave you.
Vansh was very happy feeling dadi’s love and support.
He was really needing to feel the mother’s presence and he has found that when dadi has came to talk with him.
Vansh comes closer to dadi.
Then he has hugged her a very long hug.
Vansh: Thank you dadi for making me feeling the mother’s love. Thank you for always showering me with your love and care. You are a very important person to me. You are the reason of who am I now. You and my mom are the ones who have supported me a lot since I was young. You are both who have raised me in the way that I could be with it be able to control the whole VR businesses. If anyone could have the right on me after my mother, so it will be you dadi. You are so special to me. You are from those few people who their presence is very important to me. I love you so much dadi.
Dadi: I love you too beta.
Vansh to himself: May God always bless you for me dadi and you could always be with me forever. I really will never be able to tolerate that you could be away from me especially that mom isn’t here at the same country and dad has been died since a lot so I don’t have any elder supporter other than you.
At that moment, Kabir has gotten a call from one of his team.
One of Kabir’s team: Inspector Kabir, Anuprya has gained coincidences.
Kabir: Great! Does she has finally confessed about Siya? Does she has said that Siya was the one that has being involved with her and Aryan in that conspiracy against Vansh and Riddhima?
Kabir’s man didn’t has said anything.
Silence was spread throughout the call.
That silence has worried Kabir so much.
Kabir: Why are you silent?! Please say something. Don’t make me worry by your silence. What has happened with Anuprya? Does she didn’t has said anything?
Kabir’s man: Unfortunately, she will not be useful to us at all.
Kabir: Why?!
Kabir’s man: Because she got to has a very mental illness issues that made her isn’t knowing anything or anyone around her. Doctors have said that this has happened because of the shock that she has passed through it because of the death of her son.
Kabir: What?! What you are saying?! A cunning woman like Anuprya couldn’t have a mental illness. I’m sure that she is acting to not make the police arrest her and be always at the mental hospital.
Kabir’s man: We have thought about the same meanwhile we have made one of the police doctors to check her and he has said the same. She is really suffering from a very critical mental illness. So we will shift her to one of the mental health hospitals that it is under our control so she could take there her treatment under our security until she could be cured and we could be able to take her to the police station.
Kabir: But that will not make us be able to expose Siya now!!
Kabir’s man: Unfortunately yes, but you don’t have to worry inspector Kabir as we are all with you and this case is very important to all the police inspectors and we will do our best to get all the proofs against that Siya and we will never allow her to do anything to your sister or to anyone close to you. If you need any security to protect you and your sister, we are ready to support you with it.
Kabir: No, I don’t need that. I’m a police officer and I could be able to protect my sister. You just be ready in any time as I could need you to help me in some stuff. This case we will work on it like we have done that when we were small police officers. This case will be a very important case for me as it is related to my sister’s security and I will need all of my team on that case to help me.
Kabir’s team: We all will always be here for you Kabir not just as your team and as a police officers, but as your supporters and friends.
Kabir: That’s my boys.
Kabir’s man: Just tell me what you want us for?
Kabir: Right now I just want you all to keep putting your eyes on that Anuprya and work hard to collect proofs against Siya and I will handle her at home. When I will need you all for other stuff, I will inform you before it. Just leave everything happen on its time.
Kabir’s man: Okay Kabir as you like. Don’t worry everything will be under control. See you soon. Bye.
Kabir: Bye.
Siya was listening to Kabir’s call and she was happy.
She was smiling while hearing the conversation.
Siya to herself: I can admit that luck is still with me even after all those stuff have happened. Finally, Anuprya got to be useless for Kabir and I will not be afraid from her at all as she will never cause any problem to me. Now, there will never be any obstacle in my way to kill Vansh and Riddhima and control VR business.
Siya has left to start her plan.
Kabir was still at his room thinking about what he will do next.
Kabir to himself: Even if Anuprya will not help me in exposing Siya, but I will not give up. I will keep watching her moves to stop her and not make her be able to do anything on the remaining rituals of Vansh and Riddhima’s marriage. I have to go now and watch her moves before she could do something unexpected.
Afterwards, Angre was being with Vansh discussing some business stuff.
Then Vansh turned to talk about the unknown enemy.
Vansh: Angre, I want everything to be perfect as I want you to double the security and make the security system very powerful. We have to know who is that family member who is my hidden enemy who wants to destroy me and Riddhima together. Be very alert Angre. I don’t want any tiny mistake. I want the remaining rituals of my marriage with Riddhima to pass without any problems. Please do your investigations very quickly as I want the identity of that enemy very fast, am I clear?
Angre( in an incomplete concentration): Yes boss. Don’t worry everything will be under control.
Vansh has observed Angre’s sadness and not being that concentrate.
He comes near him.
Then he has putted his hand on his shoulder.
Vansh: Let’s stop talking about business and all the irritating stuff. Switch off the boss and the employee role and switch on the friend and his friend role. What is happening with you Angre? I feel that you are not okay since morning. What has happened? Does this thing is related to Ragini?
Before Angre could say anything, Kabir has came and interfered.
Kabir: Yes Vansh you are right. I’m also noticing the same. There is a change in Angre’s behaviour. So let’s do a gang meeting as it has been a lot since we have done the last gang meeting.
Vansh: I totally agree especially that there is still time until the haldi ceremony could start so we have time to make Angre tell us everything.
Kabir: So let’s do that.
The 3 of them were going to Vansh’s room when Riddhima has stopped them.
Riddhima: Hold on! Do the 3 of you will do a gang meeting without me?! This is called cheating by the way! I could apply the gang’s rules on you all, but I will not do that as it is my haldi ceremony and I’m very happy so I will forgive you all so the 3 of you could know how much I’m a very kind girl! I also want to know what is happening with our boy Angre so let’s do the gang’s meet.
She has pushed them all.
Then she has entered the first one to the room.
Riddhima looks at them.
Riddhima: Come on guys let’s start. I will not leave this meeting and it will not be a males meeting as I’m a member in that gang and I will be like that so let’s start otherwise I will cancel that meeting and I will punish you all especially you Vansh Rai Singhania.
Vansh( raising his eyebrows): Interesting, very interesting! I observe that Riddhu is in an complete mood to just punish me specifically!
Riddhima: Yes. Because you are my future husband so how you couldn’t tell me about that meeting?!
He comes near her.
Then he has putted his hands around her waist and he makes her very close to him so he could calm her down.
Vansh: Relax sweetheart. I can’t hide anything from you.
He grabs her more closer to him in a very romantic way.
She has putted her hands on his face.
Riddhima: That’s my boy.
Vansh and Riddhima were in a complete romantic mood.
While Angre and Kabir were looking at them in a surprised way.
Kabir comes between them.
Kabir: Knock knock! We are here guys. You both need to stop that too much romance as one of the gang’s members is in problem and we have to solve it now.
Vansh and Riddhima got in their concentration.
Then the gang meeting got started.
Angre has told them everything has happened yesterday.
Vansh, Riddhima, and Kabir have looked at each other in a mixture reaction of surprised and happy reactions.
Vansh, Riddhima, and Kabir at the same time: Our boy Angre is in love along of being very jealous!! Interesting!
Amgre: Guys stop it! It is a serious thing. I admit that I’m really jealous, but for what?! What makes me sure that she loves me back?! The way she was hugging that Vishal makes me doubt that she couldn’t be loving me at all and actually I have told her a lot of stupid words yesterday when I was angry and she isn’t talking with me since morning. She is just keeping calling that Vishal and she smiles a lot when she talks with him and that makes me burn from inside!
Kabir: Angre, you are an idiot.
Angre: Why you are calling me idiot now?!
Riddhima: Because simply you didn’t understood what Ragini wants to make you understand it from her behavior today.
Angre: What do you mean?!
Vansh: I’m sorry Angre, but you are really an idiot like Kabir has said! Do you still didn’t have understood?! Ragini loves you Angre and what she is doing today is a way from her to use your jealousy to make you confess your love and not hesitate like you are always doing, but as usual you haven’t understood that stupid! I can admit that she is very clever more than you as of course she has noticed your jealousy yesterday and that what she has decided to use it today to make you confess your feelings and you still aren’t understanding anything!!
Angre(confusing way): Ragini loves me?!
Riddhima: She loves you a lot.
Kabir: You have to confess your feelings to her otherwise that Vishal could take her from you as from what you have told us about him and the way he treats Ragini with it could appear that he loves her so you must to hurry up before he could confess to her and take her from you.
Angre stood up.
Angre: I will never allow anyone to take Ragini from me. Ragini is just mine.
Precap: A poison being putted on Vansh and Riddhima’s haldi. A message from the author of unearth your love: My dearest RianshRocks wants to inform you all that she will not be active since 24th March till 30th March as she will start her exams. The end of the episode. I hope you like it. Thank you guys for your support and encouragement. Thank you for making me have reached to me target on the previous episode. I hope you could make me reach to my target on this episode. My target is the same. My target is to reach to 25 comments( excluding my comments). I hope you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode. The upcoming episode will be published depending on all of yours respond. The next episode will be published when you all could make me reach to my target. I hope that you all could make me reach to my target soon so I could be encouraged to update the next episode daily. I know that you are all very supporters and you all will help me reaching to my target. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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