Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 44

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The episode starts with Angre being burning in the jealousy fire.
He pushed his hand very angrily.
Due to this huge push his hand got injured a very deep wound.
Ragini and Vishal have heard the huge noise that has happened after Angre has broken the glass by pushing his hand.
So they both have gotten out from each other’s arms and they went near Angre to see what has happened.
Ragini got surprised and shocked to see Angre’s hand bleeding.
She hurries up to him.
Then she holds his hand.
Ragini: Oh my God! Angre, you are bleeding! How you have caused that wound to yourself?! Please wait here so I could get to you the aid kit to cure your wound as it is a very deep wound and it has to be cured immediately.
Angre doesn’t listened to her.
He just left the garden without saying a word after he gave her and Vishal a very strict look.
He was very jealous and angry.
He was just trying to control his anger and not get it on Ragini as he got a kind of satisfied after he has gotten his anger on himself.
So he directly left the garden without saying a word to Ragini.
He just left her shocked and confused.
Vishal: Who is that weird man Ragini?! Why he is so rude like that?!
Ragini: Please Vishal don’t say about Angre those words as I don’t allow anyone to say any bad stuff about Angre. He is so special and important to me. Actually, I have to leave now as I must to not leave him in that state and I must to be with him. I’m really sorry that I will leave you after you have came especially to me, but I can’t leave Angre alone. Of course we will meet very soon.
Vishal: Don’t worry as we will meet a lot nowadays especially tomorrow at Vansh and Riddhima’s haldi ceremony.
Ragini: What do you mean?! How you will be at Vansh and Riddhima’s haldi ceremony?! Actually, I was already going to ask you how you have known that I’m here and from when you know Vansh and Riddhima? How this is….
Before Ragini could complete her endless questions, Vishal has putted his finger on her lips to stop her from talking.
Then he has putted his hand on her shoulder.
Vishal: Relax Ragini. You will never stop that habit of you which is keeping giving questions and I’m sure that if I will not stop you, you will keep questioning me till morning. You will always be my little chatter box who keeps talking and questioning everyone especially me. I’m really happy that you didn’t have changed this lovely habit about you. Anyway, I will answer your questions as I know that your curiosity will not leave you live your life peacefully. Firstly, I have decided to settle at India and I will not live abroad once again so that’s why I will be here at India forever and I will be near you. Secondly, and about Vansh and Riddhima so yes I will attend the rest of their marriage rituals as my brother is Ishani’s college colleague so she has invited him and me when she has known that I’m your childhood best friend. So I have came now just to surprise you and see you for awhile until I could spend the whole day with you tomorrow. By the way, I will call you when I will return home so please give me your new phone number.
Without giving her any chance to give him her phone number, he has taken her mobile and saved his phone number on it and he has taken her phone number.
She was smiling from his attitude.
Ragini: You also will never stop this habit about you as you always don’t give me any chance to do anything. By the way, I’m really super excited to talk with you more and know different stuff about you as I really want to know what has changed on my childhood best friend after all those years.
Vishal has putted his hand on Ragini’s cheek.
Vishal: Don’t worry my chatter box as nothing has changed on your handsome childhood best friend.
The both smiled.
Angre was watching everything was happening from a far area.
He was very jealous so he left to his room angrily.
At the same time, Riddhima was being in her room sitting alone after Kabir has left her to take some rest.
She wasn’t sleepy so she kept looking at her Mehendi while a smile has drawn on her face.
She was feeling very happy while seeing Vansh’s name glowing on her hand.
Riddhima to herself: Today’s day was a mixture of good and bad stuff. Today, Vansh and I got more closer and we have enjoyed our Mehendi ceremony a lot but also we have passed through a very tough thing when that idiot has kidnapped me. Thank God that now the day got ended in a good way after I have seen how my mehendi’s color is very dark and Vansh’s name is very glowing on my hand and that what makes me very happy. I just hope that God could always support us and could help us to get rid of that enemy who is still in our lives and she will never leave us without destroying us. So please God help Vansh and I and don’t make that Siya succeed in her motive.
While Riddhima was looking at her Mehendi, Vansh has came from her back.
Then he has hugged her from her back.
He was making her so close to him.
Vansh: What is the thing that makes my Riddhu distracted like that and isn’t thinking about her love Vansh?!
She turned herself so she could face him and look at his eyes while talking to him.
She has putted her hands around Vansh’s neck to make him very very close to her.
Riddhima: Nothing could make me not able to think about my love Vansh as I was already thinking about you so much Vansh. Actually, I was looking at my Mehendi after it got dried and we didn’t got the time to look at it after what has happened today. So I was looking at it and I was thinking about you. It is really look very special and unique Mehendi. By the way, to make you know how much I think a lot about you. I have written a poetry for you my love.Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! I can observe that my would be wife is a very special poet. Please say the shayri very fast as I’m sure that it will be amazing like you sweetheart.Riddhima: Aapke prati mera pyaar beyhadh paar kar sakta hai …aapse mera pyaar kise bhi sitaron tak pahunch sakta hai.Main sirf tumhare saath rahane ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hai… bhale hi mein tumhare khaatir hi marjaaun. Tere ishq mein marjawan!Vanish got very emotional after hearing Riddhima’s poetry.He has hugged her very closely.Then he has kissed her in her cheek.Vansh: How so romantic sweetheart?! I can’t imagine how someone could love me that much. I didn’t imagine that a girl could merely die for my love. I promise you Riddhima that I will always shower you with my love and I will always give you everything you deserve. You will always be my priority sweetheart.They have hugged each other very much.Then Vansh looked at Riddhima and her hand.
Vansh: By the way, you are making me very curious to see your Mehendi. Please let me see it now as I’m sure that it will be very beautiful like you and I want to see how much your Mehendi is very dark and how my name is glowing on your hand.
Vansh was going to take Riddhima’s hand to look at the Mehendi when Riddhima has stopped him.
Riddhima: No Mr. organizer it is not that easy. I will not make you merely look at my Mehendi as you have to exert a lot of effort until you could see my Mehendi.
She starts to get away from him.
Until a difference in distance start to be observed between Vansh and Riddhima.
Riddhima: You have to do something that could make me come to you very quickly. Let’s see what magic you will use to make Riddhima Singh Travidi come to you by her own self and make you see her Mehendi.
Vansh: Interesting, very interesting! So would be Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania is challenging her would be husband! Very impressive Riddhu! If you have forgotten, I’m a party planner not a magical man!
Riddhima: I didn’t have forgotten that. Actually, you were the one who was always saying that you could do anything and everything so where is that confidence of Vansh Rai Singhania?! I think that you will surrender this time!
Vansh: This will never happen as you know Vansh Rai Singhania never has getting used in giving up or surrendering.
Riddhima: Let’s see.
Vansh starts removing his shirt.
Riddhima got shy and she has putted her hands on her eyes.
Riddhima: Vansh, what you are doing?! Do you think with that trail you will make me come to you?!
Vansh: I don’t care if you will come to me or not as this challenge isn’t in my mind at all. I’m just wanting to be shirtless so what is your problem?!
Vansh was behaving as if he doesn’t care about the challenge.
He has seated on the chair while he was looking at Riddhima while she was surprised from his attitude and at the same time she wasn’t able to remove her eyes from him as he was looking so hot.
Riddhima: Do you really will not do anything that could make me come to you?!
Vansh: No. As I know that you will immediately come to me. You will never be able to tolerate being that away from me especially that I’m looking very hot while being shirtless so you will never be able to control yourself, Am I right or am I right?! And by the way, if I want I could make you come to me in 2 seconds.
Riddhima: Really?! How?!
Vansh didn’t respond to her.
He just winked at her and kept staring at her cute confessed reaction face.
Riddhima: Come on Vansh you really made me very curious. I really want to know how you will make me come to you.
She starts coming towards Vansh.
Then he drags her to him and he has made her sit on his lap.
Riddhima: So tell me how you will do that?!
He holds her hand and he looks at her Mehendi.
Vansh( smiling): I don’t need to do anything now as you have came to me by yourself and I have already seen the Mehendi so I have won the challenge sweetheart.
Riddhima got irritated from Vansh.
So she gets out from his lap.
Riddhima: It is cheating! You are a cheater Mr. organizer! This wasn’t the challenge! You have influenced me to make me come to you by my own self and this is called cheating.
She was very annoyed from him.
So he comes near her and he has dragged her towards the nearest wall.
Then he got more closer to her.
Their both heart beats were increasing very much while they were that close.
Vansh puts one hand around Riddhima’s neck and the other hand he has putted it on her cheek.
Riddhima was feeling that Vansh will do something special and unexpected, but she wasn’t understanding what he will exactly do.She was shy, but she she wasn’t wanting to make him stop what he is going to do.He didn’t gave her any chance to think about what he will do as he has stolen her first kiss.He came very close to her then he made his lips touched her lips and he has kissed her their first kiss.
He has kissed her a very special and amazing kiss.
It was a long and amazed kiss.
Riddhima has kissed him back while she was very shy.Vansh was holding Riddhima’s cheek while he was kissing her in a very romantic way.They were kissing each other while their breathes were being very heavy.They were feeling very attached to each other while they were having their first kiss.Riddhima was very shy and shocked from the unexpected thing that Vansh has done it, but she was very happy from how he has stolen her first kiss even before their marriage to occur and this what made this first kiss more special to happen separately from their first night.
After they had this special first kiss, Vansh kept staring at Riddhima while she was very shy and isn’t able to look at his eyes.
So he has hugged her to minimize her shyness.
Vansh: So finally I have stolen your first kiss sweetheart. It is very special and unique like you. Our first kiss must to be special and unique and that what has happened now. I was wanting this first kiss to not be at our first night so they both could have that special feeling and that what has happened finally.
Riddhima wasn’t saying a word as she was very shy.She just has hugged Vansh more tightly.
She was trying to minimize her shyness by hugging him very tightly like that.
Riddhima: I love you.
She has said those three words while the shyness was very appeared from her voice.
Vansh has felt her shyness so he has hugged her more closely to him.
Vansh: I love you too sweetheart.
Afterwards, Angre was being at his room while the anger and jealousy were very noticeable on him.
Angre to himself( being angry): I don’t know from where does this stupid guy has came?! Why Ragini could hug him that tight hug?! I don’t know why that man has came now?! I was very near to confess everything I feel it to Ragini, but now everything got spoiled! I’m very angry from you Ragini. You mustn’t has hugged that man.
At that moment, Ragini has nocked Angre’s room door.
Then she has entered the room.
She has found him very angry and she was still wasn’t able to understand the reason behind his anger.
She comes near him and she puts her hand on his shoulder to calm him down.
Ragini: Angre, can you please tell me what is happening with you? I can observe that you are very angry. I didn’t have seen you that angry before. I’m here for you so you could tell me what you are feeling and of course I will understand you and I will support you.
Angre removed Ragini’s hand in anger.
Angre: Really?! Do you are really caring about me and being that supportive?! So why you were being with that guy and you were very close to him?! Why you were hugging that man Ragini?! This time supposed to be just our time and I was going to you to tell you a very special thing, but I think that I was wrong. There is a more special person to you Ragini more than me.
Ragini: Angre please listen to me. This man is my childhood best friend and his name is Vishal. It has been a lot since we didn’t meet so that’s why he has came to surprise me as he was being living abroad since many years and we just gone on a friend’s hug not more than that. Please don’t be angry on something that it isn’t true.
While Ragini was trying to calm Angre down and convince him, her mobile rings.
Angre has seen the name of the person who was calling which was Vishal.
Angre: Go to your best friend and leave me alone. I can feel that he is much important than me. Actually, I don’t need you in my life as he of course will be needing you more. Go to him Ragini as he will not leave you without answering his calls. Go and leave me alone. I don’t want to feel that I’m interfering in your matter with Mr. Vishal. I will manage to support myself with my own self. So please leave me alone and got to your lovely best friend.
Angre has made Ragini leave his room and then he has locked the door while he was very shattered and jealous.
A tear has came from Ragini’s eyes while she was still being outside Angre’s room.
Ragini( raising her voice to make Angre listen to her): I will leave you now Angre, buy you have to know something that you are the most important person to me in my whole life and no one could be more special and important for me more than you. You are not just a best friend to me Angre and I was thinking that this is the same thing that you feel it to me, but your change in attitude has really shocked me and I don’t know why you have treated me in that way. I will leave, but not to answer Vishal’s call as that moment was supposed to be yours and I will not make anyone take it. *In a teary voice”Precap: Ragini has found Angre’s poetry paper being fallen beside the garden.The end of the episode. I hope you like it. This was my first poetry in Hindi so please guys tell me your feedback on it. Let’s see what will happen between Angre and Ragini and how the jealousy track will end. Let’s see what is awaited for Vansh and Riddhima during their haldi ceremony. Thank you guys for making me has reached to my target on the previous episode. I hope you could make me reach to my target on this episode. My target is the same. My target is to reach to 25 comments( excluding my comments). I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode. The upcoming episode will be published depending on all of yours respond and after making me reached to my target. The next episode will be published when you all could make me succeed in reaching to my target. I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could publish the next episode daily. I know that you are very supporters and you will make me reach to my target. Please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. So please don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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