Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 43

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The episode starts with Kabir supporting Riddhima and he was trying to relief the stress that has happened to her after he told her about Siya’s truth.
He comes near her.
Then he has hugged her a very caring and supportive hug.
Kabir: I don’t want to see that fearful reaction on your face Riddhima. I don’t want to see any action from you that could make that stupid girl observe that you are afraid from her. I want you always to appear to her how you are super super strong and you must to always appear to her how you aren’t afraid from her at all. That stupid Siya must never feel even for just a second that you are afraid from her as she is the one who must to be afraid from us Riddhima. She is the evil one who very soon will be exposed. God will always be with us and he will never allow such a cheap girl like Siya to win against us. You must never feel that you are alone Riddhima as your brother Kabir is with you. I will never allow that girl to just touch a strand from your hair. She would never be able to harm you Riddhima even on my dead body. So please relax and calm down otherwise you will make me regret that I have told you about Siya’s truth.
Riddhima: I know that you will always support me Kabir bro, but I’m also still afraid along with being very shocked and surprised. How you are telling me not to worry while the great enemy to Vansh and I is being living with us at the same house?! How I will not worry and I’m sure that Siya will never leave me and Vansh without destroying our lives?! How I will not worry and I’m knowing that my Vansh’s life is in danger along with mine life also?! But trust me Kabir I’m not caring about my life at all I just care about Vansh and his safety. I’m afraid Kabir. I’m really scared. I can’t tolerate seeing any bad thing happening to Vansh. I can’t tolerate that I could be away from Vansh. I have seen what she has done with her partner just to not be caught and she is actually doing all that plans to get rid of her own cousin so the girl who could do an evil and cheap thing like that could do anything just to reach to her motive.
Kabir puts his hands on Riddhima’s shoulders trying to comfort her.
Kabir: Riddhima, I know that what you have known today isn’t easy at all but you have to be strong for Vansh’s sake. You just must to be with him and support him. You must never allow that stupid girl to do anything to you both during the remaining rituals of your marriage with Vansh. You must to know that it isn’t so much time left until that girl will be exposed as I’m sure that Aunprya will admit everything about her when she will gain consciousness. You must to also remember that God is with us and he will help us to expose and get rid of that Siya like what he has done with us while exposing Aryan and get rid of him forever even if it will take much time, but at the end the good will win and the evil will lose even if this will take time. But still God will support the good ones and will make them win at the end. So you have to chill now and celebrate that we finally have gotten rid of that Aryan and God has given him the punishment that he deserves it and I’m sure that he is now taking more punishment at hell. You just now must focus on your marriage rituals with Vansh and you must to enjoy it very much after that Aryan has gotten out from your both lives forever and about Siya’s matter so just leave it to me I will be able to handle her and I will not allow her to cause any problems until I could make her be the one who admit everything about her own self as you know me very well Riddhima when I put someone on my mind I don’t leave that person without making him/her hate his/her life and this person could merely commit suicide just to get rid of my irritating behavior and my eyes that are always watching his/her moves! So I think that you must to feel a kind of pity on that Siya from what your brother will do with her as Kabir Singh Travidi will make her got crazy very soon! *Winking at her*
Kabir has said the last words in a sarcastic tone and he was smiling an sarcastic smile.
He was trying to make Riddhima to get out of the mood by making her laugh on his words.
Actually, his trail has got succeeded.
As after Kabir has finished his words, a smile has drawn on Riddhima’s face.
Kabir was smiling seeing Riddhima’s smile.
Kabir to himself: Finally the brother has succeeded in drawing a smile on his sister’s face! I promise you my little sister that very soon the one who has made you that worry and stressed will take her punishment. I promise you to not leave that Siya live peacefully until I could expose her and give her the punishment that she deserves it.
At the same time, another brother was caring about his sister.
As Vansh was at Sejal’s room taking care of her and showering her with his love and care.
He was knowing how she is very sad and heartbroken for what has happened today so he was trying to spend so much time with her to not make her feel that she is alone.
He was hugging her while making her eat her food.
Then he makes her drink a juice.
She was looking at him in a very caring and surprised way.
She was feeling very happy while seeing him caring about her that much.
She was also surprised that how he is caring about her even after what she has done with him.
Vansh has observed how Sejal was looking at him that deeply.
Vansh: Hold on why you are staring at me that much?! Do I have another head so that’s why you are staring at me that much in surprised way as if I’m an alien?! (in a sarcastic tone)
She smiles a short smile.
Then she comes closer to Vansh and she kissed him in his cheek.
Vansh: And this is for what?!
Sejal: This is for everything you have done it to me and you are still doing it till now bro. You have done a lot of things to me just to prove how you are a very caring and loving brother, but what I have done to return what you are doing to me?! Nothing Vansh bro! I wasn’t listening to your words and I wasn’t trusting you. I was listening to those stupid and cunning people who were just concentrating on using me to destroy you and because of my stupidity I was helping them in that without knowing. I’m just a stupid girl who wasn’t able to understand anything. I was always thinking that you love Ishani the most and you don’t care about me at all and that what that idiot and his mother have taken an advantage of it. I was always dreaming to find a person who loves me a lot and cares so much about me. I was dreaming to find that person who I could be his first priority so I could forget how you aren’t loving me like you are doing with Ishani and that what Aryan has used it after he has known everything about me from his mom so that’s what has made his mission easier in making me has fallen for him and got trapped in his fake love and care. I was really an idiot when I have trusted him that much and I have blinded my eyes on everything you were saying it to me. I’m really a big fool! I don’t deserve your love and care bro. I don’t deserve that you care about me that much. I’m the one who has putted herself on that situation and I have to pay for it. I don’t deserve such an awesome brother like you. The sister who couldn’t trust her brother who cares about her the most doesn’t deserve to have that brother at all. You know what is the best punishment to me?! This punishment is that I could lose a brother like you. My punishment who I really deserves it is to be forbidden to have a brother like you Vansh bro. I really don’t deserve a caring family like you all.
She was crying while saying those words.
Sejal was regretting about each and every immature behavior she has done it.
She was crying very much while she was blaming herself very much.
Vansh has came more closer to her.
Then he has hugged her very tightly to make her relax and calmed down.
Vansh: Don’t say those words once again Sejal. You are my lovely sister and you will always be my lovely sister and this fact will never be changed so please don’t say those nonsense words. You aren’t a fool, stupid, or idiot like you are saying about yourself. You just weren’t understanding the whole truth and thank God that now everything got clear to you. Don’t even think once again that I’m not loving and caring about you as this was the thing that made a cheap man like Aryan to trap you. Your family will always love you so much Sejal. No one in the whole world will love you more than your family. So don’t allow anyone to make you against your family. You have to always know that I love Ishani and you equally, I don’t make one of you above the other. You are both will always be my lovely sisters who I will keep caring about them a lot. Your sister Ishani is your younger sister who has lost her father when she was very young as actually we both got the chance to be showered with our father’s love, but Ishani didn’t have this chance as she didn’t spent with him so much time. Maybe that’s why I try my best to not make her feel the father’s absence and I’m sure that this is the same way that everyone in the family think about it, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t love you Sejal. You are very important to all of us. Please don’t think in that way once again. Please don’t make anyone put any fake words against your family. We all love you so much and we will always do that. I promise you that I will always be with you and I will always support you very much. You just must promise me that you will change all those bad stereotypes that you were thinking through it and be that cute Sejal who I was always dreaming to see her.
Sejal: I promise you bhai that I will change myself a lot and I will work hard to be that Sejal that you were always dreaming to see her. I also promise you that I will never make anyone use me or make me be against my family. I promise you that I will always be sure of my family’s love towards me and I will always be a very supportive family member. I promise you that I will never cause any problem and I will always be a shield to my family.
Vansh: That’s my lovely sister.
She has hugged him.
Sejal: Thank you so much bhai for always being here for me. Thank you so much for guiding me to the right path. I love you so much Vansh bro.
Vansh: I love you too my lovely sister.
Afterwards, Kabir was still at Riddhima’s room thinking about what shall they do now to trap Siya and expose her in front of Vansh.
Riddhima: Of cause now Siya will not sit quiet and she will do something very dangerous at tomorrow’s ceremony. She will never sit silently seeing Vansh and I happy. We have to be very alert and careful Kabir bro.
Kabir: You don’t have to worry at all Riddhima. I know how to handle that idiot. I have just told you about her truth so you could be careful while reacting with her. You must never make her near you as she could harm you so you mustn’t trust her, Am I clear?
Riddhima: Yes bro don’t worry. At the end I’m a police officer’s sister so I’m able to handle a cunning girl like that Siya. Don’t forget that I’m Riddhima Singh Travidi who always know how to handle the tough problems and always be able to pass though any battle and win it at the end. You also must to keep me on the loop if you have reached to anything new as I will not leave my brother work alone in that plan and I must to help you on it as I’m sure that if I became in that plan I will make you succeed on it very soon!
Riddhima was saying those words in a sarcastic and confident tone.
She was smiling and Kabir has also joined her in smiling.
Kabir: Of course I will never be able to do anything without my sister’s help. You just now focus on your marriage with Vansh and enjoy so much and if I got to need your help of course I will come to you.Riddhima: Okay bro.
Afterwards, Ragini was being in the garden of the house waiting for Angre.
She was wanting to make him see her Mehendi.
Ragini to herself: Where are you Angre?! I’m missing you so much and I’m really wanting to make you see my Mehendi as I’m sure that if you have seen it you will know all the feelings that I own it to you and you will not hesitate for a second to tell me everything you own it towards me. I’m sure that today will not end without confessing our feelings to each other. I’m sure that you will come to the garden now as since we have came to VR mansion we always talk together at that time and at that place so please come fast Angre I can’t wait more.
Angre was on his way to the garden.
He was smiling while holding a small piece of paper on his hand.
Angre to himself: Today will not end without confessing to you my feelings that I owns it to you Ragini and I decided to make that by doing something special which is writing that short poetry to you. I’m sure that when you will hear it from me you will understand all the feelings that I own it to you and we both will not take so much time until we could confess our feelings to each other.
He starts reading the poetry loudly.
Angre to himself: Ishq ka bhi ek dastur hai..
Zuban se zada nazare bolti hai…
Jiski aankho me tum kho gye.
bas tum usi ke ho gye. I’m sure that you like it a lot and I’m sure that you will understand from that Shayri how I love you so much Ragini. I really love you a lot and I will not allow that day to end without making you mine by confessing my feelings to you.
Angre was going very quickly to the garden and he was very excited to see Ragini’s reaction after confessing his feelings to her.
At the garden, Ragini was till waiting for Angre when someone has putted his hand on her shoulder.
She has thought that this man is Angre.
So she turns quickly while smiling and calling Angre’s name.
Ragini: Anger finally you have ca..
Before she could complete her words, she has found another man not Angre being in front her.
From her face reaction it could be observed that this person is familiar to her as she was happy seeing him.
Ragini: Oh my God! Vishal! It is you?! What a surprise?! How you have came here?!
Vishal: I have just came for you Ragini as at the end you are my childhood best friend who it has been a lot since we have met the last time so I was eager to meet you so much as I have missed you tons.
He has hugged her to express to her how he was missing her so much.
She also has hugged him back.
At that moment, Angre was being at the garden and he was seeing them hugging each other that tightly.
The jealousy fire was burning him from inside.
He was very angry and jealous and he wasn’t able to see Ragini hugging any man.
Due to his anger the poetry paper has fallen from his hand.
Precap: “Go to your best friend and leave me alone. I can feel that he is much important than me. Actually, I don’t need you in my life as he of course will be needing you more”The end of the episode. I hope you like it. All the credit reserved to our lovely Aisha for this lovely and amazing poetry. I’m really thankful to you all for all of yours support and encouragement. Thank you all for making me have reached to my target on the previous episode. Stay tuned as the next episode will witness a poetry, but this time it will be mine. I know that today’s episode wasn’t having Riansh’s moments, but I was just wanting to give some sister and brother moments and to also give a sneak peek of the jealousy track that is related to Angre so all the ones who were saying that the jealousy track is for Angre were right which are @Amna, @Priyanka you have said Vansh and Angre and Angre was right answer so you are almost right, @Thakur Priyanka, and @RianshRocks. But don’t worry guys the upcoming episodes will witness a lot of Riansh’s moments so stay tuned for it. Today’s question: what do you think will happen between both Angre and Ragini? Do that Vishal will make Angre be able to confess his feelings to Ragini or their love story will end before it could start? Let’s see how all of you will guess about the upcoming events. I hope you could make me reach to my target on this episode. My target is the same. My target is to reach to 25 comments( excluding my comments). I hope that you all could make me reach to my target so I could be encouraged to update the next episode. The upcoming episode will be published depending on all of yours respond and after making me reached to my target. The next episode will be published when you all could make me reach to my target. I hope that you all could make me succeed in reaching to my target on this episode so I could update the next episode daily. I know that you are all very supporters and you all will make me reach to my target soon. Please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. So please don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below. A very obsessed fan of immj2. Enjoy writing so much and I hope that I could publish my own novel one day and be a famous writer.

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