Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 41

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The episode starts with the whole family being very anxious and worried about Riddhima.
Chanchel was crying very much.
Chanchel(crying): I want my daughter back. Please Vansh get my daughter Riddhima back to me. Please Vansh get her from the captivity of that idiot. I don’t know what he could do with her as he is a very shameless man who could do anything and he could merely harm my daughter. Please Vansh do something.
Vansh comes near Chanchel.
Vansh: Nothing could happen to Riddhima while I’m here so please Chanchel aunt don’t worry. That idiot will never be able to just touch my Riddhima. I promise you aunt that I will reach to Riddhima’s place and I will rescue you her and she will return to you safely. I could risk my life just to get her safe. I promise you that I will not return to here without Riddhu being with me. This is Vansh Rai Singhania’s promise to you aunt. Vansh Rai Singhania will never break his promise whatever are the circumstances especially when it is related to the love of his life.
He has hugged her to calm her down.
He was trying to comfort Chanchel and everyone from the family members while he was burning from inside.
He was worried about Riddhima and he wasn’t able to imagine that Aryan could harm her.
Vansh was trying to not appear his worry and stress in front of anyone so he couldn’t make them worry more.
Siya was looking at Vansh while she was smiling and feeling very happy.
Siya to herself( smiling): You don’t know how much I’m very happy while seeing you in that state Vansh. I’m feeling very satisfied while I’m seeing you that shattered and heartbroken. Hats of to my partner Aryan as he has done the perfect thing by kidnapping that stupid girl that is called Riddhima. I have to go to Aryan now to celebrate together this huge success and get rid of that Riddhima forever. I just must to leave without making Kabir notices me as he is now busy in trying to find his sister so he will not be able to keep his eye on me.
Siya has left VR mansion after she has escaped from Kabir’s eyes as he wasn’t concentrating on anything other than finding Riddhima so he wasn’t concentrating on what Siya is doing.
At the same time, Vansh was still very worried and he wasn’t able to know how he could find Riddhima.
He was still in the hale of the house where Riddhima has got kidnapped from it.
Angre and Kabir were standing beside him while the rest of the family have taken Chanchel to her room to relax.
Vansh( being very angry): How dare that idiot to kidnap Riddhima on front of me?! How he could has that huge courage to take Riddhima forcefully from VR mansion?! How he could merely leave from here after taking my Riddhima from me and none of us became able to forbid him?! I want my Riddhima now. I can’t tolerate being away from her. I will never allow that idiot to harm Riddhima. I will not leave him. He has crossed all the limits after kidnapping Riddhima and he will never be able to be saved from me.
Vansh was very shattered and worried about Riddhima.
He starts breaking everything around him.He hurt his hand while he was breaking the stuff that was around him.
Angre: Please Vansh calm down. All this anger will not help you at all. Please don’t hurt yourself more. What you are doing will not be beneficial to you. You must to relax so you could be able to know Riddhima’s place and rescue her from that idiot before he could harm her.
Kabir: He will never be able to do anything to my sister. I will not leave him. We just must now to control our anger and worry so we could know Riddhima’s location.
Vansh’s engagement ring got fallen.
He gets down to get it.
While he has getting his ring, he found a tissue thrown on the floor.
He takes the tissue and he was feeling that this tissue will make him reach to Riddhima’s place.
He opens the tissue.
It was written on it a message from Riddhima and it was written by her blood.
Vansh has stood up from his place.
Vansh: Let’s leave now guys at I have known Riddhima’s place.
At that moment, Riddhima was being in a dark room.
She was very frightened.
Riddhima to herself: Vansh please come fast and save me. I need you so much please come and rescue me. I just hope that the message that I have written it to you could have reached to you right now.
Flashback shows Riddhima being under Aryan’s captivity at the hale of the house while the lights went off and he was putting one of his hands on her mouth to forbid her from screaming or calling Vansh.
Anuprya has came near Aryan.
Anuprya: We have to take her from here before the lights could be switched on and Vansh could catch us.
Aryan: Open the car until I could take that Riddhima with me. We must to go to our old factory as it is an archaism one and no one will be able to know that we have taken that Riddhima there.
Riddhima to herself: Aryan’s old factory! I have to inform Vansh about that otherwise he will not be able to find me at all. I must to guide him to my place, but how?!
Riddhima takes her tissue.
Then she hurts her finger to write with her blood what she wants to say it to Vansh.
Then she throws the tissue without making Aryan notices her.
Riddhima to herself: I’m sure that you will understand my message and you will come to rescue me Vansh. *Flashback ends*
Riddhima to herself: I’m 100% sure that you will understand my hidden message to you Vansh. I know that you will know my location and you will come to rescue me. Please come fast Vansh. I’m really scared and afraid without you. Please come and take me from that place.
She starts praying to God while she was crying.
Afterwards, Vansh was driving his car very fast while Angre and Kabir were being with him.
Kabir: I’m still isn’t understating how you have known Riddhima’s location?
Vansh: Riddhima is the one who has given me the clue to her place by this tissue.
He gave the tissue to Kabir.
While Kabir was reading what was written on the tissue loudly, Vansh wasn’t hearing his voice as he was hearing Riddhima’s voice instead of Kabir’s voice as if she is the one who is saying those words to him.
Riddhima’s voice in Vansh’s mind(saying what is written in the tissue): Jab khud ko roshni me dekha toh mere mehbub ka aks ban gya..
Puri duniya bhula di meri chahat me..
Wo esa shaks ban gya..
mujhe har mushkil se bachaya ..mera har dard apnaya..
Or phir , mujhe sine se laga kr wo mera humsafar ban gya. I know that you will get the hidden message from that poetry and you will get my place. Remember your first poetry that you have written it to me and connect it to that poetry and you will know my place.
Vansh to himself: Don’t worry sweetheart I’m very near to reach to you as I have understood your hidden message and I will save you.
Vansh has imagined Riddhima being with him and replying to him.
Riddhima(in Vansh’s imaginary): I know that you will come and rescue me as always. Come fast Mr. organizer your Riddhu is waiting for you.
While Vansh was sinking on his imaginations, Kabir has raised his voice to get Vansh out from that huge imagination.
Kabir: Vansh, where you have gone? I was talking to you a lot, but you weren’t responding! Are you okay?
Kabir’s words has waked Vansh up from his dreams.
He has got understood that he was just imagining Riddhima.
Vansh to himself: Oh my God! It was just my imagination! I have really felt as if you are with me Riddhu, but don’t worry we will not take so many time until we could be together once again.
Vansh: I’m okay Kabir. What you were saying?
Kabir: I was wondering how this message will help us? How this poetry has made you got Riddhima’s location?
Vansh: This is what makes Riddhima and I have a special and unique connection. Riddhima has written this poetry just to make me get the hidden words that makes me understood her location. If you rearrange the poetry you will understand Riddhima’s hidden message. She also has related to my previous poetry that I have written it to her so after connecting all those stuff together I could be sure that Riddhima is kidnapped in one of the old and archaism places. I know that Aryan’s most hidden and archaism place is his family’s factory so of course Riddhima will be there. So that’s how I got Riddhima’s location as this Shayari is what has given the way to find Riddhima with it.Vansh to himself: Thank you sweetheart for giving me that clue to reach to your location. Your Vansh has understood your hidden message. I’m on my way to you sweetheart and I will rescue you. Nothing could harm you Riddhima.
Regardless that Angre and Kabir were still aren’t able to understand the hidden message in the poetry and they weren’t imagining how Vansh got succeeded in that, but they were feeling that Vansh is moving in the right path.
Kabir: I have called my police inspectors team and they are on their way to the location that you have sent it to me Vansh.
Vansh: Great! We must to be sure that this stupid Aryan will never be able to escape to any other place. Today we will be his end. I will not leave him after putting my Riddhima’s life in danger. I don’t know if the police will find any part of Aryan’s body when they will arrive or not as I will not spare him. He will not be saved from my hand.
Vansh to himself: Please God protect Riddhima for me. Please God don’t make anything bad could happen to her.
At Aryan’s archaism factory, Riddhima was still very afraid and waiting for Vansh’s arrive.
Then Anuprya has came to her.
Anuprya: You don’t know how I’m very satisfied seeing you in that state. This is what you deserve stupid girl after what you have done with my son. You will suffer a lot Riddhima and then we will feel pity on you and we will kill you.
Riddhima: None of you will be able to do anything. My Vansh will come now and he will rescue me and you all will suffer a lot when he will catch you as he will not leave you both.
Anuprya starts laughing.
Anuprya( making fun of Riddhima): Really?! And how he will do that? Does he will come to rescue you from a helicopter or does he will break the wall and will come to rescue you?! Your Vansh will never be able to find your place poor girl. Keep trusting your love that much, but this will not help you at all. Complete being in that lovely dreams and complete imaging that Vanish will rescue you, but don’t worry those imaginations will never happen. Enjoy your impossible dreams Riddhima.
After Anuprya has finished her words, she left Riddhima alone.
Riddhima starts crying.
Riddhima to herself: Please Vansh reach to my place fast. I really can’t tolerate that pain more. Please save me from those people.
In another place in Aryan’s factory, Siya and Aryan along with Anuprya were celebrating their success.
They were enjoying a lot and celebrating so much.
While they were celebrating, Vansh along with Kabir and Angre have reached to the factory.
Vansh: I must to enter the factory now and you will join me Angre.
Kabir: What about me Vansh?! Of course I will not keep standing here being quiet while my sister is kidnapped inside.
Vansh: Please Kabir don’t be stubborn. You must to be outside the factory until your team could come so you could all enter together. Don’t forget that you are a police officer and you can’t do anything without the permission of the government and this will be helpful when your team could arrive. I will just rescue Riddhima until you could come with your team so we could punish this stupid Aryan along with punishing his mother Anuprya.
After Kabir got convinced, Vansh and Angre have entered the factory.
Vansh(in a lower voice): I will search about Riddhima and you search about that stupid Aryan to make him under your captivity until I could free Riddhima.
Anhre: Okay.
Vansh starts trying to find Riddhima until he has seen a slightly opened door and he has seen a tight girl.
He wasn’t seeing her face.
He was just seeing her back.
He has seen Riddhima’s engagement ring.
So he has known that he has finally reached to Riddhima.
He immediately has opened the door.
Then he has freed Riddhima.
Riddhima wasn’t seeing the person who is freeing her, but she has known that this person is Vansh.
Riddhima: Vansh?! It is you right?
She turned herself to see him.
Vansh: Yes Riddhima it is me Vansh, your Vansh.
She immediately has hugged him.
Riddhima: Thank God that you have understood my hidden message and you have reached to my place. I was sure that you will come to me.
Vansh and Riddhima were hugging each other very much to comfort themselves after the worry and stress that they have passed through it.
At that moment, Angre has came to the place where Vansh and Riddhima were on it while he was pointing his two guns on Aryan and Anuprya.
Siya was in the same place, but she got succeeded in hiding before Angre could see her and know her truth.
When Vansh has seen Aryan, he left Riddhima.
Then he runs to him and he kept punching and hitting him very badly.
Vansh( being angry): How dare you to kidnap my love Riddhima?! How dare you to just think to harm her?! I will not leave you idiot.
He kept beating Aryan very badly.
Then Riddhima has succeeded in separating them.
Riddhima: Please Vansh relax. Don’t put yourself in a governmental warn because of that idiot.
Angre: Yes boss. Actually, we still need him. We still need to know from him the name of the third person that is joining hands with him and his mother.
Kabir: You must to tell your partner’s name Aryan as you got caught and you will not be able to escape.
Kabir has said those words after he and his team have arrived.
Inspector: You and your mother are under arrest Mr. Aryan Oberoi for all the bad deeds that you both have done it. So for your safety you must to tell us your partner’s name as this could make you in a better state in front of the government.
Aryan was going to admit about Siya.
Aryan to himself: I will not be exposed alone Siya. I’m sorry I must to expose you as I will not take the punishment alone.
Siya has observed from Aryan’s face reaction that he is going to expose her.
Siya to herself: Oh Shit! Aryan is going to expose me! No I can’t allow this to happen. I must to end your chapter Aryan forever.
She gets a gun from her bag.
Then she points her gun on Aryan.
Siya to herself: Goodbye Aryan. You must to die so I could protect myself and not being exposed.
She shoots Aryan.
Aryan has taken the bullet and he has fallen on the ground before he could admit about Siya.
Vansh, Riddhima, Kabir, and Angre have got shocked.
Precap: “What?! Siya is the hidden enemy to us?!”The end of the episode. I hope you like it. I want to thank our amazing poet my lovely Aisha for this amazing Shayari. All the credit reserved to Aisha for that lovely Shayari. I’m really thankful to you dear that you have chosen me to use this lovely Shayari in my ff. Your poetry is really amazing. I also want to thank you all guys for your support and encouragement. Thank you guys for making me has succeeded in reaching to my target on the previous episode. I hope you all could help me in reaching to my target on this episode. My target is the same. My target is to reach to 25 comments( excluding my comments). I hope that you all could help me in reaching to my target on this episode so I could be encouraged to update the next episode soon. The upcoming episode will be published depending on all of yours respond and after making me reached to my target on this episode. The next episode will be published when you all could make me reach to my target. I hope that you could make me reach to my target very soon so I could be encouraged to update the next episode daily. I know that you are very supporters and you will help me in reaching to my target. Please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. So please don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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