For you and with you (Episode 3)

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Episode starts with Riddhima entering the second class.
It was the first day of her in electromagnetics class,it was her favourite subject and she had become the topper fdue to this subject,but today she couldn’t focus on even a single word of her teacher.Her eyes were continously peeping out of the main class door,she was just praying to god in her heart that please send Vansh soon,his class is getting missed due to me..Due to tension her eyes were getting teary again and again but she was holding.Then vansh came running and stood up at the gate.It seemed for Riddhima as her breath had came back.
She felt calm,.
Vansh was exhausting as he had finished all the work really very fast.
Professor: So ,is this is time of coming to class?Stay out now…
Again tension flew in Riddhima.Vansh’s eyes were searching for Riddhima ,he then at a moment looked back at teacher.
Vansh: Sir,here is written hand note from Roy sir,he had stopped me for punishment,and..
Professor: Okay go aand sit,next time I am not going to alllow you.
Riddhima was not sitting here on front seat as due to Vansh’s tension she didn’t bother about first seat.
WhenVansh was entering the class she took her bag to aside ,all thanking God in hearrt for sending Vansh and his whole class didn’t get missed.She was like a burden had been lifted up from her head.
She thought that Vansh would come to her but when she came out of her thoughts she found Vansh already sitted onn front sit.
She at a moment stayed stunned.
She then looked aside and pretended as she was taking something out of her bag and not vaacating the seat.She kept her bag back.
But she was not angry.All she was feeling removed from burden of taking someone’s precious time .
after the class,everyone starrted moving.Riddhima was collecting all her books and packing her bag back when a shadow felt on her.She looked up and fouund Vansh standing besides her.She smiled a little bit.
She then stood up.
Vansh was continously staring at her.
Riddhima was about to speak..
but Vansh spoke.
Vansh: Would you accompany me to library…I want a book.
Riddhima was stunned,as college was over shhe would have moved straight to home as she was not allowed to stay out even for a moment out of home after college.But she couldn’t say No too Vansh as he had already helped her a lot.So she nodded a yes and moved with him.
They moved from corridor,there was a hustle everywhere as all were rushing here and there,some were leaving for home some to hostel.They were walking together to library but in the rustle none could say that they are going together.But in their hearts they knew that they are together.While walking Riddhima looked once at Vansh ,he was walking viewing his phone.She then looked towards his phone for a second and then somehwere else,means none of them were speaking anything.They reached library.
Librarian: Be fast,take whatever you want just 15 min are left for library closing.
Riddhima looked at Vansh.
Riddhima: What book do you want…?
Vansh: A criminal’s real life story…
Riddhima shockingly: What??
Vansh laughed.
Vansh: Jocking…just a few notes and best book for electoromagnetics.
HE sat down on chair and looked at her.
Vansh: I know you are best at that .
Riddhima smilesd little and went finding that book.Vansh was just looking at her.
Vansh in his heart was thinking that this book search…its just a mean to take you out from the feeling oof my favour.You will feel better after doing this for me.
Riddhima looked back at him but he pretended looking at other side.Riddhima felt as he was saying something to her.
Riddhima shouted,Vansh I found it.Its here.
Vansh: So take it to me.
He then looked Riddhima looking up at book.Book was on the top shelf and Riddhima was searching for a stool to stand upon it to take that out.
Vansh reached to her.
vansh: May I help you your highness?
Riddhima looked t him and laughed.Vansh took that book out.
Vansh: Thankyou.
Riddhima: Thanks to you… did a lot for me today.
Vansh : actually we both did for each other..
Vansh: Won’t you askk whyy I didn”t come to youu at the class…
Riddhima: Because you prefer to sit at front seat and yoou won’t change that for anyone…
Vansh: Little wrong.I can change that rule for my dear ones.
Riddhima smiled.
Vansh: Will you become that?
Riddhima looked at him stunned…
Vansh: Can we be friends?
HE forwarded his hand to her for shake.
Riddhima: But you hate coward people…
Vansh: But you are not .
Riddhima smiled.
Riddhima held his hand back .
Riddhima: We can be college friends.
Vansh looked at her questioningly.
Riddhima: I am not allowed to make male friends ,my famile dosesn’t allow me.
Vansh nodded.
Vansh: Fine,college friends.
They both smiled.They then heard a sound of gate closing.They ran back at gate with full speed.They found gate losed and stayed shocked.
Precapa: Riddhima and Vansh are taken to dean.Dean says call their parents.Riddhima stayed stunned and looked at Vansh shockingly.

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