For you and with you (Episode 10)

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Episode starts with Riddhima panicking and looking all around,huge trees ,their shadow,sunlight not reaching her and dark,it seems as it has been night in day time.She asked herself to stay calm,nothing will happen and started moving to find the way out.She was lost.
On the other hand in college Vansh was waiting for Riddhima.He wished to see that if she is fine and had moved out of the pain he gave her last day or not.
But to his surprise ,Riddhima’s didn’t come.He felt if something is wrong.He was very tensed but what could he do.He thought to call her.”But with what right can I call her? i am not even her friend now.And what if the mobile is with her or not,because if her family hadit then she was not going to be spared by them….” All these thoughts were running in his mind.
On the other hand Riddhima was constantly crying and rushing from here to there in forest to find the way out.
But all in vain,she could hear only her footsteps ,and crying voice.She decided to scream for help but the thought of goons stopped her.
Then she heard a voice.She his behing trees and went towards that voice slowly,all hiding behind trees.
Riddhima saw those goons laughing and talking in the mid of jungle.She then saw her dupatta in one fo goons hand.She became furious,her mind became blank with all fears and she was about to go to them to take her dupatta back,but only then she saw gun in one of the goon’s hand.Her legs stopped.All the thought that she is in mid of dense forest,perhaps the most dense in that area,and goons outnumber her and even they have gun.She looked at her dupatta and then at her.
She remembered her dad’s saying that do the work at right time,otherwise even right deed become wrong.
She slowly got back and started going away from there without making any noise so that they don’t see her.She heard one goon saying ,” Fiends its not good,we should have grabbed that girl instead of her dupatta”…
She could only hear this and came very far from them.
But where could she go now.
All where she saw,everything seems to be same.
@ hours passed wandering here and there.She was becoming exhausted.No clue that where she needs to go,no clue from where she came.She was unable to move now,her legs were resisting moving but mind was saying that move on.She could not die here.And even if she stayed there for waiting for some help,she knew that what storm would come in her life,when her family would know about it.She couldn’t take the risk of stopping,so she continued.
Vansh in the college was becoming completely restless,so he moved home midway,he went to Angre and gave him Riddhima’s number,Vansh got the location from him and moved to that location.He reached Riddhima’s house.He thought to himself,
” You were becoming restless without any reason,see the location,she is inside the house.”
He became a little calm,but not still that calmness seemed on his face,he was still not comfortable.His mind was telling that mystery is solved,Riddhima is fine,inside her house,but heart was not accepting yet.
But still he moved back to VR Mansion.He didn’t hae any idea that only riddhima’s mobile is in her house not she.
Riddhima’s mother was cooking food in kitchen when the house telephone rang.She was a lady,not allowed to pick up call if there is any male in house and if it is unknown number.Still she checked out and found its from Riddhima’s college,sso she could not resist and picked it up.
Riddhima’s mother: Hello,
College counter: Hello,good afternoon mam,this is just an enquiry call from college side,Riddhima Thakur had not come to college today,we have niether recieved any leave application from your side.Will you prefer to tell the reason..
And for Riddhima’s mother it seemed like floor had slipped beneath her foot.
Scene shifts to jungle.Riddhima is moving with keeping even one leg forward with very difficulty,and then she fall.
There were tears in her eyes,fear of losing life,fear of the upcoming storm that is going to come when her family will know about it.Her hair had entangled with one or two small twig of trees in them,her lips had become dried because of not having water from 2 hours,her face had one or two scratches which she recieved after falling one or two times,but his time her legs seemed to be dead and so her mind,all thoughtswere arrested,she fell completely,She then forced herself,to sit besides trees,she sat forcing herself taking support of a huge tree.She was all stopped.Only breath were coming oin and out of her,that too with great difficulty,everything else arrested in her.She decided to keep her eyes open.Those eyes which were full of life ,yet painful life,but had lived today were now completely full of helplessness,pain ,fear and gloom.She had no power to keep them open but she did ,because she wanted to be sure that those goons,or anyone else doesn’t come near her till someone come to save her.She had no wish to be saved by her family because in her heart she knew that she will die then,but even now ,she was not going to be saved,she was helpless now to wait for the storm.At VR mansion Vansh’s friend called Vansh.He had no wish to pick it up.He never consider these batchmates as his friend.They were not even faithful so he never picked anyone’s call.Still today,the restlessness in his heart was such that even if it would have been a company’s add call,he would have picked it,may be in the hope that it might be some info about Riddhima.So he picked it up.Vansh: HmmShirish: Hi you picked my call dude..Vansh: Speak.Shirish: Ok so I have such a masala news that after that you are going to be super..Vansh: Speak Shirish..Shirish: Ok ok the news is…that girl who was fighting you yesterday…she had not returned home for 78 hours,..Vansh heart seemed to be stopped.Precap: Vansh screams Riddhimaa………

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