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Feels like Ishq~ Riansh OS by Tanya K


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‘Who did this riddhima’ He roared in anger seeing her burnt feets which pained his heart too.
‘I promise it will be his/her last day whoever tried to hurt you, you just tell me who did this with you.’  He said looking into her red puffy eyes which were swollen because of crying.
She flinched seeing his red eyes dripping out anger and drifted back to the incident that took place just few minutes ago which can even take her life.
If he wouldn’t have came to save her even if it was a illusion of hers she wouldn’t have been alive and would have died in the room full of coal.
There was time when she used to close her eyes in any trouble and imagined Kabir who saved her everytime. But this time it was not Kabir…. but Vansh her ‘CRIMINAL HUSBAND’ saved her holding her hand pulling her out from the room.

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Riddhima was walking in corridor when her eyes fell upon the bangle she was finding from do long time.

She went there to take it before someone can come there and see her. But before she can take the bangle her feet got stick on the glue which was spread on the floor.

She tried to pull her sandal but failed miserably. Freeing her feet from her sandal she was about to go from there but before she can do that she was pushed by someone in a big room.

She was shocked to see coal all over there in the room and tried to get out from the room but found the door locked from outside.

She tried numerous times to open the door but failed badly. Coughing badly because of smoke she was inhaling of coal she tried to call some one for help.

‘Vanshhhh!! Dadiiii!! Please save Me. I’m not able to breath!! Please save me!!’ She shouted trying to call someone who can help her out from this death room.

Finding no other way out she started loosing her consciousness. Resting her head with a door she closed her eyes with no hope left in her heart.

‘Sweetheart’. She heard a similar voice calling her softly opening her eyes quickly she looked at the man of her life standing there with a concern look on his face.

Walking towards her he came closer to her, holding her shoulder softly in his hands he made her look into his eyes which were having only one emotion which was ‘LOVE’ ‘PURE LOVE’.

‘You can’t fell weak riddhima. You are Sherni, my sherni and a wounded lioness do not fell weak rather fight back‘. He said looking into her eyes as she looked at him with utmost love.

‘And I know my sweetheart is the strongest person I have ever saw in my life. You have to fight back for me riddhima. You have to leave from this room.’ He said and forwarded his hand to her while she smiled sadly and kept her hand on his.

‘1…. 2…. 3…’. He counted and pulled her with him towards the window.

She looked into his eyes, he looked into her eyes. Being lost in his eyes she didn’t felt pain even waking on the burning hot coal.

Reaching to the window situated at the end of the room he blinked his eyes assuring her that now everything is fine. Opening the window he indicated her to jump.

She holded his hand more tightly and jumped from window still looking into his eyes. Falling on ground she felt sudden pain in her feet and winced.

‘Vansh! Look we did it! Your sherni did it! We are out now.’  She said and looked back but found none and tried to find him ‘HER SAVIOR’.

‘Was it just my imagination, I imagined vansh in my tough time.’ She thought to herself and tears rolled down from her already red swollen eyes.

‘Mere pass naa hote huye bhi usne mujhe bachaya.’ She Whispered to her self and smiled thinking about him.

‘Riddhima all this fear are just a trap of our mind. If something happens with you don’t fear about it. Just close your eyes and imagine me. I will come there to save you.’

Kabir’s words echoed in her ears. Wasn’t it Kabir who supposed to come there and save her. Then how come she imagined Vansh to save her.

‘Har baar Jab main moosibat mein fasi hun Kabir ko mehsoos kiyaa hai Maine apne paas. Lekin abb Jab mein moosibat mein thi to Vansh kese!!’ She thought to herself as tears rolled down from her eyes. Why the hell she imagined Vansh instead of Kabir when she was in danger, in trouble?

‘Vansh!’ She Whispered and cleaned her tears, getting up from her knees she made her way towards the Vr Mansion.

Walking with many difficulties, holding walls to support herself from falling. Walking with burnt feet is not at all a easy work.

Vansh who was coming from back looked at her state shockingly. He felt his breath going uneven seeing this girl’s devastated condition who have become his ‘LIFE’ and reason to be ‘ALIVE’ in a short time.

‘RIDDDDHIMAAA!!’. He shouted before running towards her to hold her tightly.

While she looked back at him with teary red eyes and a small smile crept on her face. She opened her arms before her to let him cage her in his arms.

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He came running to him and took her in his arms, pulling her in a much needed hug he Whispered some soothing words in her ears making her smile and calm.

‘Thank you Vansh’. She said before passing out in his arms while he panicked seeing her unconscious.

Picking her in his arms he took her to their room making her lay on the bed carefully with her head resting on the bed rest he placed a small kiss on her forehead.

Taking a glass of water from side table he sprinkled some on her face causing her to wake up with jerk and she started coughing badly because of the effects of the coal smoke.

He passed her the glass of water to her and told her to drink while she nodded and drank the whole water in a go.

Stroking her hair softly he looked at her lovingly. But his eyes darken seeing her condition.

‘Who did this riddhima?’ He asked in calm yet dangerous voice while shiver ran down her spine seeing his red eyes.


‘I’m asking you something riddhima, answer me! Damn it!’ He shouted and banged his hand on the table while she looked at him shocked.

She can’t tell him right, she can’t create a rift between a brother and sister. She herself an orphan and understands how painful it to be away from parents, siblings and their love.

She can’t separate him with her sister telling him that the reason behind her burnt feet is none other that his own sister Ishani.

‘Vansh no one did this! It’s just that I was arranging barbecue for the family and in the process kept my feet on burning coal.’ She lied simply while he shook his head because of her foolishness.

‘Why you keep going towards the troubles? I was right you are a magnet, magnet of trouble. Moosibat kahi bhi ho tum uss tak pohunch hi jaati hoo.’ He said while she pout cutely.

Seeing her wound he groaned and went to get the first aid box. Kneeling down on his knees he took her one foot in his hand and kept it no his thigh. Looking into her eyes he started applying ointment on her foot while she winced in pain feeling a burning sensation on her foot.

Leaving the first one he did the same with her other foot while she looked at him with love. Finally she found someone who loved her without any selfishness.

Leaving her feet he looked at her and again made her lay down muttering her to sleep, he was about to go from there covering her with a duvet but she stopped him by holding his wrist in her tiny fist. He looked at her confused.

‘Stay here by my side today. This injured lioness needs her lion.’ She said looking at him with smile while he too smiled at her.

‘I’m here only jaan, with you by your side. Just give me a minute I’ll be back hmm…’ He said and kissed her forehead while she nodded and let him go loosing her hold from his wrist.

If imagining him in her tough time, if finding her solace in his arms, if seeing him every where he is not, if feeling him gives her peace, if his glance is enough to calm her down, if his smile is the reason of her smile, if his laugh is reason of her laugh, if her arms & embrace are her most safest place for her, where she finds her real home is his embrace is called ‘LOVE’ ‘TRUE LOVE’, then she is in head over heal in love with her ‘CRIMINAL HUSBAND’, her ‘RAKSHAS PATI’.

Yes I love him with everything I have, I love him from bottom of my heart. And now it’s time to confess it infront of him along with my past. She thought with determined face.

Just then he came there with a glass of juice and passed it to her while she smiled seeing his care for her and took it happily and sip a sip from the juice. And offered some him too which he also accepted happily. Finishing the juice he made her lay and took her in his embrace.

Covering themselves with a duvet he kissed her forehead softly. While she smiled and smuggled into him more and he kept stroking her hair softly until she was drifted into a peaceful slumber being in his love’s arm.

Love is a burning desire, that makes your heart light on fire.
Love is being with you, someone saying I love you too.
Love is your tender kiss, something you don’t want to miss.
Love is you and me, And that is all I want to see.


Word count; 1707

So how was the OS hope you’ll liked it, do leave your reviews in the comment section. Will waiting for your comments.

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