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Hello all here is next chapter. Hope you like this tooChapter 6: SaviourRiddhima steps out of her house and starts to walk towards the college. She feels like being followed and turns to see Kabir few steps behind her. Her intuition suspects something wrong and she increases her pace. Her steps her quicker and longer.Kabir in mind: Ridhimaa..I planned to woo you and take it smoothly but my aid has been killed by that Vansh. I cant wait anymore. Im going to take you with me today itself before that Vansh could do something to youKabir calls someone and : We have reached that street. Get readyThe call disconnectsRiddhima is walking as fast as she could. Suddenly many guys surround herRiddhima: Who are you?Kabir: Ridhimaa I did not want this but I cant help it anymoreHe gestures and two of the guys hold Riddhima’s hands. She struggles hard to get away. Kabir moves closer to make her unconscious. Ridhimaa closes her eyes in fright. But to her surprise she hears a thud and opens her eyes to see Vansh. Vansh bashes the guy’s holding Riddhima and sets her free. Riddhima slips, Vansh holds her. They share a eyelock for barely few seconds when one guy comes to attack her. Vansh steadies himself and Riddhima.The fight continues. Riddhima watches in shock and awe at the fury with which Vansh is fighting. He is beating them like he wants to kill them all there. With Vansh occupied fighting with many of them Kabir goes to Riddhima. He receives another blow and its Aryan this time. Vansh turns back to himVansh: Ill handle everything here..you take her to collegeAryan: Ill..Vansh: I know you can fight but her safety is important escort her safely to the college. My car is there with the key too. Take it and goRiddhima: We..Vansh: Ridhimaa..its not the time ( he bashes one of the goons in frustration that Riddhima is adamant to not use his car, the guy’s jaw cracks jerking Riddhima) understand the seriousness . Aryan take my car and go at onceRiddhima is taken to the car by Aryan and they leave. Vansh continues to fight. He realises that no one is in the street and takes his wand out. Seeing that Kabir disappears from that place. This angers Vansh to the core and he shouts in frustrationVansh: Kabirrrrr….you…..rascal…Ill not leave youHe extends his wand and : Mrityu Dansham ( Avada Kedavra)The killing curse erupts and succumbs the person right in front of Vansh. He kills the rest except one with the same curse. When he is about to use it on the other personAngre: Vansh stop it..you can’t use that much of the killing curse.Vansh: They dared to kidnap Riddhima right under my nose. How can I let them lose..Angre: If you kill them all how can we find out more about their plan?Vansh: Capture him thenHis tone shows the anger boiling deep inside him.Vansh: Ill get to the college and come you reach our place with himAngre and Vansh’s men leave with the goonsVansh leaves to the college. He sees Aryan Sejal and Riddhima standing under a tree with the car parked near them. Vansh walks to themRiddhima: Thank youAryan: How..Vansh: As Riddhima already knows I go this way everyday for a work, when someone tries to kidnap the girl I know how can I stay aside and watch?Aryan: Right..thanks a lotVansh: Fine. Riddhima take care. Why don’t we complain to your management about that guy..he is from your college right?Sejal: Where is he?Vansh: Ran away unfortunately. Anyway stay safeRiddhima nods smiling. His lips dont bear a smile as anger is erupting like a volcano inside him. He simply nods and takes his car to leave from there.Vansh’s placeThe goon is tied to a chair when Vansh entersAngre: Can I prepare truth potion?Vansh: No..sir will have special treatmentHe takes his wand out and : Peditto (Crucio)Once he utters the words the goon starts to feel extreme excruciating pain. Vansh smiles a villainous smile. He enjoys the sight of the guy in painAngre: Vansh what are you doing?Vansh: What am I doing? Haven’t you seen me use this one earlier? Few days ago I did it to the guard right?Angre in mind: But you didn’t after you met Riddhima. You resorted to truth potionAngre: But to the other man of Kabir we used truth potionVansh: He did not mention his intention to hurt Riddhima, if I had known that I would not have waited for the truth potion to be made….While this conversation is going on the goon starts to scream in pain. He wriggles like a worm under sunlight. Vansh’s eyes show no sympathy for him on the contrary he is enjoying every bit of painVansh: How dare you try to harm My Riddhima?Angre: Bhai please stop. He is in too much painVansh doesn’t reply. He is still enjoying the guy suffering in pain. Angre is worried about this behaviourAngre: Bhai..he will go mad if this continues then we cant know anything about their planVansh: Sammohito ( Imperio)Once he utters these words the pain stops and the guy sits straightGoon: What information do you need sir?Vansh: Tell me about Kabir’s planGoon: He asked us to kidnap Riddhima. Then he would flee from here to somewhere else , where his boss is there. He will give some love potion to Riddhima and make her fall for him…kya love potion hai..totally mad but he pays well. Then he wants to perform certain rituals on next full moon day and after which his boss didn’t tell him anythingVansh: Mrityu Dansham ( Avada Kedavra)The guy dies and instant deathAngre: What ritual on full moon day he will turn into a wolf that time naVansh: You idiot Angre..that day morning, even under the influence of love potion her power will protect him and he can control is turning into werewolf unlike now when he is forced to change without his knowledge or willingnessAngre: But wont the power go off once the effect of love potion goes ?Vansh: He will give her everytime…actually he had planned to make her fall but that seems impossible after my arrival..he knows me too thats why they have shifted to this love potion planAngre looks at his watchAngre: Bhai..Ishani’s album is releasing today..Vansh: I have to attend a meeting with the movie makers about that story getting remade. You go to the launchAngre is unable to believe his luck but doesn’t show his excitement outVansh: Lets goVansh and Angre leave from thereEvening, CollegeAryan and Riddhima come out . To their relief they dont find Kabir thereAryan: Riddhu Ill walk with you todayRiddhima: Aryan..Aryan: Shut up okay…I have responsibility too.Riddhima: I did not imagine that Kabir will go to this extentAryan: His ego is hurt thats why he did like this. Every girl fell for him except you and you slapped him too thats why he has done like this. By the way Vansh fights too well. Really tall , handsome and a good fighterRiddhima: All his books are like that too, a lot of fightsAryan: But writing is different life is different. He was fighting like an angry lionWith Aryan appreciating Vansh Riddhima’s heart flies to him. But unlike morning she is not annoyed by it. Riddhima actually feels happy to think about Vansh. She years to meet him again.To her surprise she spots Vansh’s car near the coffee shop they stopped at during their journey in the rainRiddhima: See mention of  devil and its hereShe points at the car which is emptyAryan: He saved you na,..then he is a devil only.. come lets go thereRiddhima: No ..(only her lips say no, her heart has already ran to him)Aryan: Arrey come yaarAryan drags Riddhima with him to Vansh’s car. As they reach Vansh comes out with his coffeeVansh (with a fake surprise tone as he already saw them coming from inside the shop) : Hey Riddhima….Aryan..come ..coffee?Aryan: No sir..its fine..woh,,I have read all your books they are awesomeVansh: ThanksAryan: Sir..you fight too wellVansh: You were awesome tooVansh notices that Ridhimaa’s eyes are fixed on him and she has forgotten to blinkVansh: Riddhima…here is my numberHe extends his card. She doesn’t blink even now. Aryan jerks herAryan: Where are you lost?Ridhimaa: Nowhere…card is for?Vansh: If Aryan is not reachable and if you are in trouble you can call meRiddhima: Will you come at anytime?Vansh: Why not?Riddhima: Anywhere?Vansh: Anywhere ..Aryan gets the cardAryan: Thanks a lot sir..Riddhima: Okay we will goVansh: Dont forget that Ill be ready to help you anytime..anywhereRidhimaa smiles and leaves. Vansh freezes at her smile. The scene freezes tooNext Chapter: Logic-less Love

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