Falling for my so-called sister (RiAnsh love saga) Episode 8

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Recap : We saw in the previous episode that Riddhima ignores everyone in the house and behaves like a serious person, also, she meets her new friend -Abhi, while Vansh furies with anger and punches on a table which hurts him.Episode starts as..,Riddhima’s room : She is walking when the corner of bed hits her feet. There, Vansh’s hand starts bleeding and here Riddhima’s foot.Hum bane tum bane ek duje ke liyeUsko kasam lage, usko kasam lageJo bichhad ke ik pal bhi jiyeHum bane tum bane ek duje ke liyeHum bane tum bane ek duje ke liyeHer feet get twisted and she screams in pain. Deep, Tara, Arohi and Vansh came running and found her feet bleeding. Deep starts moving towards her.Riddhima : Stop dad, no one will come to me,I’ll dress it myself.She starts to walk but falls down.Riddhima : No stay away..With great difficulty, she gets up again. Deep : Vansh, you go with her please..Vansh : OK dad..Deep, Arohi and Tara go into the hall. Vansh comes and holds her, his bleeding hand is on her arm. She sees it.Riddhima : Vansh..Vansh, how did this happen?Vansh : Shh, let’s dress your wound..Riddhima : No yoursVansh : YoursRiddhima : YoursVansh : Ok, both..Riddhima nods. They both take out first aid boxes supporting each other. Riddhima takes the cotton and cleans his hand, while he dresses the wound of her feet. Aankhon mein aankhein teri,Baahon mein Baahein teri.Mera na mujh mein kuch raha,Hua kyaBaaton mein baaten teri,Raatein saugatein teri.Kyun tera sab yeh ho gaya,Hua kyaThey both look at each other’s eyes. Riddhima : Done..Vansh : Take care of yourself.Riddhima simply nods and he leaves. In Vansh’s room : Vansh : Angree..what about that b****** Abhi..Angre : Boss, he is AMVansh : Abhianshu Malhotra?Angre : Yess boss..Vansh : But how is he here? And his face?Angre : Plastic surgery boss, and about he is here to just harm Riddhima, his intentions are evil.Vansh : How do you know?Angre : Boss, he had given money to our spy who saw him..Vansh : Interesting..Very interesting..The call hangs up. Vansh lies on the bed.Vansh : Main kahin bhi jaata hun,             Tum Se Hi mil jata hun.             Tum Se Hi, Tum Se Hi.             Shor mein khamoshi hai,             Thodi si behoshi hai.             Tum Se Hi, Tum Se HiThe scene changes :Abhi is sitting on the chair.Abhi : I’ll trap Riddhima and then Rai Singhanias will be destroyed..Hahahaha..Tic-toc-tic-toc..Over to the hall in VR Mansion : Riddhima is walking. Tara : Riddhima beta, wait..Riddhima stops.Deep : Who’s your new friend?Riddhima : Abhi, Abhianshu MalhotraDeep : What?Vansh : See Dad, I told you..Riddhima : Why are you getting shocked?Deep : Listen, he’s not a..Riddhima : Good guy, I know!Arohi : Then, too?Riddhima : He thinks he is trapping me but I’m doing this..She smirks. Deep : Really my Riddhima is becoming serious and using her brain..Riddhima : Dad…Do you think I was crazy and a fool?Deep : Of Course..Riddhima : OK bye!!!She goes making a cute pout. In Arohi-Deep-Tara room : Tara : Deep, don’t you think Vansh and Riddhima are more than friends?Deep : What are they?Arohi : More than friends.Deep : And what made you think this??Arohi : You see..Deep : OK, I’ve an idea..ShhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhpshhhshhhspppsshhTara : Woah! Great..Arohi : Will implement tomorrow morning..Deep nods. Next morning, This is the hall and Vansh and Riddhima are separately on different staircases. Arohi goes to Vansh while Tara to Riddhima.Tara : Wait Riddhima..Riddhima : Yes?Tara : Dear, Arohi, Deep and I’ve decided to fix your marriage..Riddhima : Whatt? How could  you? No,I’m not gonna marry, so bye..Tara : But-Riddhima goes to her room. Vansh’s side : Arohi : Vansh, Deep and Tara are fixing your marriage with-Vansh : What? Marriage? Where is Dad? Dad..Dad..Deep : Yes?Vansh : Have you fixed my wedding?Deep : Going to..Vansh : No Dad, I reject the proposal..Deep : But you didn’t even saw-Vansh : I don’t want either to-He leaves with an angry face. Deep : Tara, what about Riddhima?Tara : Same..The trio giggles. Arohi : But this is also possible, they’re in love with someone else..Deep : Maybe, anyway, inform them, there’s a party today, business party.Before the party in Riddhima’s room : Doll, I mean Riddhima is getting ready., when Vansh knocks at the door. Riddhima : Come in..Vansh comes in, and remains stunned while seeing her beauty..Pehle toh kabhi yun mujhko na aisa kuch huaDeewani lehron ko jaise saahil mila…O… Ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa lagaEk ladki ko dekha toh aisa lagaRiddhima : What?Vansh : N..nothing, Dad is calling you..Riddhima nods and they both go in the hall..Their clothes : (This time, their dresses with photos, because I think you’ve forgotten who is who by face)Vansh and Riddhima(Collected this for Love from the Heaven, being lazy not finding any other)Arohi, Deep and Tara : As Riddhima enters the hall, each boy starts looking at her with bad intentions, noticed well by Vansh. The reporters gather around Deep. R : Mr. Deep Rai Singhania, we’ve heard that Vansh is not your own blood?R2 : Then, who is he?Deep : That’s our personal matter..R3 : No, Mr. Deep, the whole Mumbai wants to know..Deep : Fine..Listen..(tells the truth)The reporters start gossiping.Deep : Stop gossiping!!! What’s the problem in that?R : Sorry sir..R5 : Why have you organised this party?Deep : To..Precap : How DARE you?               Love..yes…it’s love..               Are you sick?                Yes, I’ve a disease called “LOVE” , the most beautiful disease ever..             That’s all for the episode! Crossed 1500 words, my hands are brutally paining, and I’ve to write Love from heaven too..So, yaa, now guess, why this party is organised? Keep supporting and stay safe!! Stay at home!! Bbyee                         

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