Falling for an alien episode 7 by attractiveuser-vansh catches riddhima

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After a long crying session,I just want to say we have to move on! The show is not going to come back! But this was so unfair to all of us💔! Every show’s off air news comes 1 or 2 month earlier! But here we get less than 2 days🙂. Most of the shows get extension and I thought ours too will get but then I got to know the reason and yesterday immj2 cast had bid farewell to each other💔.
We got such a less time to cope up with the news🙂!Move on guys! Just keep supporting our idols🙂! I promise I will not stop writing! I will always keep my riansh in my fanfictions and os❤️❤️.But it really hurts when the trp was high, ratings were high, everything was high just that reason 💔.  It was not just a show but an emotion for us but we have to move on from the show ❤️!Episode starts:Riddhima reaches her room and sleeps.At VR mansion Vansh goes to aryan’s room.Aryan: yes bhai!Vansh: do you even know what you did yesterday!!(stern)Aryan(fear): what I did!Vansh: you went to that café all drunk. You were even not in your senses.Aryan tries to remember. He remembers that he was with Riddhima.Aryan: bhai I want you to allow a girl to stay here in this mansion.Vansh: are you serious?Aryan: yes bhai she is a very good friend of mine and she doesn’t deserve to live there! In a café as a delivery girl.Vansh thinks about Riddhima.Vansh: who is that girl.Aryan: come with me!They both drive to the café. Vansh was shocked to see the same café. Now he had a strong feeling that she is Riddhima. Aryan calls riddhima out. Vansh was shocked to see her.Aryan: bhai she is Riddhima! My good friend! Riddhima he is my brother.Riddhima was shocked to see vansh.Vansh: Riddhima from now on you will stay in VR Mansion. Leave this job.Riddhima: but..Aryan: please!!Riddhima: ok.She packed her stuff and left with them. When Riddhima entered the mansion she was shocked. It was a very big and beautiful mansion covered with crafts and pictures. Vansh guided her to her room. The room was very beautiful and big room. She had never seen a room like this. Vansh left and she locked the door.Riddhima: mrini see this room and house.Mrini: this is too beautiful!Riddhima: yes.Suddenly her device started beeping.Riddhima: why is it beeping continuasly!She thinks.Riddhima (excited): this means that my button is in this mansion! I have to find it!Mrini: yes I will help you!She moved to a nearby shelf and started searching. During searching she messed up the shelf and all the things were on the floor. She heard some footsteps so she hid behind the shelf. Vansh came and saw the shelf messed up. His anger reached the peak.Vansh(angry): who the hell did this!! I will not leave that person.Riddhima fears. He goes to call a servant but he feels some moment so he hides behind the wall. Riddhima comes out from behind. He was shocked. She used her magical powers and was keeping the books in the shelf with her powers. Vansh was shocked. He came from behind and held her from back.Vansh: finally! I caught you red handed! I knew you do some magic!Riddhima(fear): vohh..His grip on her tightened.Hope you all like it. I will definitely try to bring funny scenes in my ffs so that I keep you all entertained in such a time❤️! Just move on guys the show is not gonna return❤️! And thankyou my insta group of TU(angel,amyra and everyone) to make me laugh so much..I forgot everything and stopped crying. I was laughing hard😍😍! Love you all.

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